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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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SPARtool: Zombie Slaying Multitoool Shovel

I've seen a number zombie slaying devices cleverly disguised as shovels.  The SPARtool looks like an interesting edition to this category.  Check out the vid:

While I like the small design I almost wonder if that is a "jack of all trades, master of none" type product.  It doesn't really do any one thing great, but a whole lot of little tasks sub par.  I do like that it is made in America, and I think this could probably be something to throw in your BOB.  Check it out on kickstarter.  What do you guys think?


Warm Bodies Reviewed

Another zombie movie?  Yea, I wasn't sure about Warm Bodies, but the high rotten tomatoes rating brought me to the local cineplex.  Check out the trailer:

The trailer is actually pretty damn good.  Unfortunately, it is way too revealing; seriously all the major plot points happen in the trailer.  What the trailer doesn't fully showcase is all the comedic moments.  There is really quite a bit to laugh at, and Warm Bodies really makes fun of the zombie genre. 

The acting and special effects are pretty decent.  The main zombie kid has good narration, but his zombie voice gets a little old.  Both the female leads are decent, and John Malkovitch also has a good performance.  The "boneys" are passable and their movements look creepy.

If you are looking for a good entertaining movie that won't change your life, Warm Bodies is a good choice.  There isn't any surprises, twists, or major depth, but you will get an entertaining story with some good zombie humor.  I'd say this is probably worth a watch in theaters at a matinee price.


Flamethrowers & Full Auto Shoot via Red Bull

It really pays to be a Red Bull sponsored pro snow border.  Red Bull put out quite the spread for Louie Vito with flame throwers, full autos, and .50 cals on a really sweet looking range.  Enjoy the vid!



Knife to Skull Penetration Test via Fat Guy

Ah Cold Steel; great knives and crazy fat guy testing vids!  This vid was inspired by the famous Zombie show Walking Dead, since the characters are always stabbing deep into zombie skulls.  A few pig and cow were used simulate human skulls and check penetration levels.  How do you prepare for such a testing vid? Don your nicest Hawaiian shirt, grab a fresh pair of old white guy "above the knee shorts", and opt of the nicest looking male nurse shoes you can find.  Wipe off that upper lip sweat, it's time to stab some skulls!

Not that surprisingly the various folding knives don't penetrate that deep into the skull.  Despite fatty's "uncommonly strong hands" (I bet he put that on his eHarmony profile too), it looks as thought the blade maybe went an inch into the thick barnyard animals' skulls.  As he demonstrates in the vids, it is much easier to kill a zombie pig via stabbing the eye versus trying to go through the dome. 

The axe and bowie really did some damage.  I guess when the zombies come, you are a better off saving that folding blade for cutting steak, and going for the tomahawk for cracking skulls.


Pink Mist: Make Your Targets Bleed

Are you tired of shooting paper targets?  Do you wish all your targets could bleed like $80 zombie targets after you shoot them with official zombie ammo?  There is a poor man's solution called Pink Mist.  It is a little pouch of reddish liquid that you tape to the back of your target.  As you might suspect, when it gets hit it bleeds.  That old adage goes "If it bleeds, we can kill it!"

::sigh:: I feel like you could accomplish the same thing with some Kool Aid or ketchup but I guess for $3 it is kind of a cool idea.  The marketing video was a bit much and I'm willing to bet money that chick has never fired a gun.