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    California's Gun Problem
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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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Suppressed Henry Lever Action

Remember Dustin Ellerman from Top Shot?  He is a good dude and I've been following him on YouTube since he was on the show.  Check out his modded Henry Lever Action with a sweet suppressor!


Will It Bend: Mythbusters Curved Barrel

Curving the bullet whilst shooting isn't just something invented by the Nazis nor is it part of a terrible action movie ("Wanted" Google it if you desire).  The guys from Mythbusters take on this challenge of bending a barrel and then firing.  Check out the vid:

Pretty cool science experiment.  Don't try it at home because you'll eff up your rifle and flirt with death.  If it were deemed safe, I'd like to shoot a rifle like this. I'm pretty sure this curved barrel will be worked into some horrible relay race on the next season of Top Shot.  Here is that original curved barrel I mentioned above:

h/t TFB



Suppressed AR15 Cooks Bacon

I eat bacon every day.  Why?  Because 'Merica & it is delicious.  I usually go for the microwave in the interest of time, but there are other ways to cook bacon.  What if I told you that your AR15 is good for more than just defending your home from zombies and shooting Coke Zero cans?  Dustin Ellerman from Top Shot knows...

You like your bacon with extra carbon?  I like the addition of the tin foil; better for cookin'.  I don't know if I'd actually eat that bacon, but I admire the way it was cooked.  Well done Dustin!

h/t IJR


EPIC: Gun Amusement Park

If you had to pick a state where a gun amusement park would reside, I'll bet the People's Republic of California would not be at the top of the list.  Remember that show Top Shot?  Yea, I quit watching too after all the chicks crapped out in the first few episodes, and the d-bag dudes (sweetened with artificial man drama) fought for the winners seat .  Anywho, Colby that guy yells throughout the entire episode the host of Top Shot, has opened his own gun themed amusement park called Texas Triggers.  Check out the trailer and I'll start continue cracking wise.

What?  You mean the gun amusement park isn't in Cali?  LOL... You are now only one flight and a few thousand rounds away from being a d-bag sweeted with man drama participating in the same style of Top Shot challenges.  In my opinion you could probably leave the crossbows and ".22 shooting small targets from far away" off the cool guy menu.  Hell, I can shoot Q-Tips at 15 feet in the PRK with my 10/22.  The "ma deuce" looks like a blast, as well as the long range .50 cal sniper stuff.  Did you find it strange that you didn't see explosions after the 37mm went off?  Those blue rounds are for practice, filled with chalk, and don't go boom.

No word on pricing, and the website is live yet.  My guess is the 3 day stay and the ranch is well over $3k.