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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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In Soviet Russia Bomb Proof Suit Tests You

From the land of the AK-47 comes a brand new bomb proof suit.  This suit will allegedly give you the power to withstand explosions while still swinging your arms in a very merry fashion.  Check it out:

Are propaganda videos still a thing?


You'll Never Be As Cool As This Guy & His Long Gun

When I see those tactical guys online doing some epic reloads a pinhead size groups while sprinting, I think that with lots of lots of practice I could maybe get that good.  Then I see Soviet Operators rock and roll a long gun, I think I might never look as cool as the guy in this vid:

Wait, huh, but why?  I guess he didn't reload so he isn't that tacticool.  Btw, I have no idea what the hell this guy is doing.  If you have any insights, please share in the comments below.

h/t TFB


In Soviet Russia Bullet Proof Vest Fails YOU!!!!

I don't care how much vodka your comrade has consumed, if he asks you if you want to test out your bullet proof vest you tell him "No way Vladimir!"  These guys aren't actually Russian, they are Ukrainian separatists.  If there is a Yakov Smirnoff equivalent please sound off in the comments, but until then just enjoy the crappy headline. 

These two soldiers thought it might be a good idea to test out their government issued body armor.  Unfortunately it doesn't quite go as planned.  The video feels a lot like a found footage film (think Cloverfield), but the action happens in the beginning and then the dude is in the hospital at the 2 minute mark. Check it out:

Now I'm not saying this vid is fake, but the edits between the shots seem just a little too clean.  I also can't quite see the shot that went in; it seems to be cutting around it.  Something about this vid just doesn't seem right.  That being said the wound looks real, and boy that must have been embarrassing to explain to the superior officer and the medical staff.

What do you guys think, is this vid legit?

h/t funker530


In Soviet Russia Operator Edition

I'm never really sure what to make of Russia...  I'm know that politically they are wacky, but they do have some impressive exports of firearms and vodka.  Larry Vickers recently took a trip to Russia to see how their operators do things.  These guys push dangerous to a whole new level all for the sake of "training."  Check out the vid:

Wait a "trust exercise" consists of donning a vest, taking three or four rounds to the chest whilst remaining completely still, and finishing the exercise by putting a tight group about six inches from the head of the dude who shot you?  WTF!?! 

Comparatively speaking, the other gun drills seemed relatively tame.  So I looked in the youtube comments and had to watch the vid a few times, but I think the shot fired at 3:48 was intentional.  I'm not entirely sure of the reason why, but it look as though it was a calculated move and not a negligent discharge.  What do you think?

h/t TFB