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    California's Gun Problem
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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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RPG Tourism

Want to rent an RPG?  Despite Knob Creek's offerings of machine guns, it is far easier to simply rent an RPG in Cambodia.  I have no idea which pamphlet advertises this in the rack by the front desk in the hotel, but I'm guessing if you ask around you can find what you are looking for.  These fellas took a trip to Cambodia and let the RPGs and full auto MGs rip into a fake village filled with cooking stoves for explosive effect.  Check out the vid:

The comments in the vid said a typical RPG experience costs about $450.  Would you pay that much?


Will This Bulletproof Glass Stop an RPG?

I'm sure you've found yourself wondering if you could surround your zombie bunker with bullet proof glass and stay safe from an RPG.  Some reality show in Russia was thinking the same thing and tested the theory.  Enjoy the subtitles!

Wait that isn't FPS Russia?  Lol.  That RPG punched a fat hole through all those layers of glass.  I guess that explains why tanks don't have windows.  Maybe stick to steel plating for your zombie bunker...


Epic Homemade Water Bottle RPG Fail

This video is pure hilarity; I love the slow-mo and vocal commentary at the end.  Lol, I literally watched this vid like three times.  H/T Scott VB.

backup link just in case.


Marshmallow Bazooka

Marshmallow weaponry has been taken to a whole new level with the Mazooka.  It is basically a shoulder fired weapon that can launch a marshmallow over 40 feet.  It takes six AA batteries to achieve this feat, and you'll need to wait a bit between shots while the mini compressors recharges.  There is also a pretty cool flip out site that goes from red to green when the weapon is charged.  The Mazooka is made by Vat19 (remember the giant gummies?) and you can get one for $50 (currently out of stock). 

h/t TFB


Far Cry 3 Reviewed

I've been a fan of first person shooters for years, and upon recommendation from my friend and loyal reader Derek S., I picked up a copy of Far Cry 3 over the holidays.  I'm not quite sure why this game didn't make a bigger splash because it is pretty damned good.  Check out the trailer:

I played the previous two Far Crys; I don't quite remember the original and the second one felt kinda messy.  Number 2 was an open world FPS that takes place in Africa.  Lots of driving around and confusion about what the hell I was supposed to be doing on a mission.  FC3 has fixed all that and everything seems to work amazingly well.

FC3 gives you some freedom in how you play the game.  You can go for the all out frontal attack with RPGs, LMGs, and Molotovs, or you can go the super sneaky route.  The game employs a serious of take downs which get unlocked as the game progresses.  A take down consists of getting close to an enemy and then hitting the kill button.  You'll take out your machete and silently take down the bad guy.  With this also comes an alerting system.  If you make too much noise or are seen, other bad guys will know your position and may sound alarms.  The alarms bring more bad guys in cars and boats, and they are typically quite angry.

The story of the game is quite good, and very engaging.  You are rich kid who landed on a rough island with some friends after sky diving.  The island is teeming with bad guys who take your friends and family captive.  You narrowly escape, at great cost (ahem spoiler alert), and spend the game looking to rescue your pals.  You hook up with some good guy islanders who show you the ways of the wild, and how to pwn like a boss.

FC3 employs a pretty cool hunting aspect.  The islands are filled with animals ranging from bears, to wild boar, to sharks and you are required to "harvest" them.  Once you've killed an animal you can skin the beast and use it create accessories like slings, holsters, and pouches.  Some of these animals are hostile, and I had to lay the beat down on more than one Komodo dragon.

In addition to the main story line and missions there are a handful of other tasks to complete.  Radio towers dot the map and once you climb to the top you'll get to view more of the island as well as gain access to more weapons.  If I had one big complaint about the game it would be the damn towers.  Each one was a mini puzzle that often had me falling from the sky.  Truthfully I wanted to focus my efforts on machete use, not little puzzles.

There is also a handful of enemy camps that you can raid.  By taking over the camp you can use it as a fast travel location.  This was probably my favorite part of the game, as I would sneak up all stealthy and slowly take out all the bad guys.  After the camps were taken over other mini missions would be available like a Hunter's Quest (go find and kill an animal with a specific weapon) or an assassination (a specific target you had to kill with a knife).

This game was a lot of fun, and I ashamed to admit the amount of hours I spent playing.  The campaign is a ton of fun as are all the little missions that go with it.  The graphics are amazing, and the tropical environment looks epic.  This game very impressive on a variety of levels and I highly recommend you pick up a copy.