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Entries in racism (7)


Key & Peele Take On Racism & Aliens With AR15s 

Ah Key & Peele...  I like these guys and they have done some really funny comedy sketches.  This time around they take on aliens in some type of end of the world scenario.  They are trying to figure out who is an alien imposter and who is a racist who is not.  Check it out.

Lol what are your thoughts on the police?  I laughed several times throughout the vid.  Good stuff.

h/t awesomer


Daily Show Takes Cracks At Gun Owners

It looks like David Letterman isn't the only evening talk show host who has some thoughts on firearms, John Stewart and the Daily Show are also taking aim (did you see what I did there with the pun!?!).  Get ready for some weak sketch comedy and racism...

Lol, that guy holds that prop AR15 like a guitar!  He looks like he is ready to rock to the solo of November Rain or something.  Yea the jokes were about as weak as that plastic prop rifle which broke at the end.  I feel like John Stewart could do a little better than this... What do you think?

h/t ENDO


Gun Ownership & Racism

I hate hearing about another "racism" study in society.  I feel like racism died a long time ago, and I've yet to meet anyone that was turned down for a job because of their skin color.  Racism is now something that media likes to throw around and accuse people with when they disagree with popular opinion.  Check out this video on Fox News about gun ownership and racism:

This is absurd... I wonder how the research for this study was even funded.



Bad Lip Reading & Racist Walking Dead

Well kids, it is a special two for the price of one blog today.  I'll start things out with a great vid from the good people at Bad Lip Reading who have pwnd a host of artsy films.

SNL did a pretty funny spoof of The Walking Dead complete with awkward racist humor.  Btw, the vid is at an angle because youtube and SNL don't play well together and this bypasses some of their auto security stuff.  If for some reason the vid doesn't work (or you don't want to watch it at an angle), you can view it at HULU with a 30 second ad.  Enjoy.

h/t ENDO


WTF: Is this really being taught in schools?

I could not believe what was happening in this classroom...  Listen, as a freedom loving American, I'm all about you having the freedom to believe what you want.  If you don't like guns, that is your deal, and frankly I'm okay with that.  I believe the 2nd amendment is one of this country's greatest freedoms and I love shooting guns like this great nation's founding fathers did. To see lies being spouted in this class room makes me absolutely livid.

To take some misinformation about a large group of people (with absolutely no proof), and claim it as fact as a sweeping generalization over said people group is discrimination.  Am I talking about a race issue?  NOPE!  I'm talking about this teacher's view of the NRA.  Her statements were based on what exactly?  As most NRA members know, the NRA is a HUGE proponent of gun safety.  In fact, they have created a program for firearm safety just for children. Funny how that didn't come up in this classroom discussion...

Jones College Prep (where this vid takes place) in Chicago was voted one of the top 100 US schools according US News and World Report.  It is one of those selective enrollment schools for only the brightest minds.  I was happy to hear one kid perk up and say that if guns were illegal, only criminals and law enforcement would have guns.  Unfortunately his kid was quickly bowled over by destructive teachers.

Thoughts on the vid?  Let me hear you in the comments section below.