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NRA Interview: America's Pro Gun Youth

Remember that video of that 15 year old girl who eloquently spoke about gun control in Maryland?  Well, her name is Sarah Merkle and the NRA has done a great interview with her.  I really hope this girl gets a shooting scholarship.

h/t TTAG


Enough of Jim Carrey

They gun blogosphere seems to be blowing up about Jim Carrey; I feel like even mentioning it is throwing gas on a fire.  Jim's had a bit of a downward spiral on his career, and taking a stance against God given rights is usually a way back into the limelight.  I doubt Carrey's poor attempt at humor will land him his next failed franchise, but he hasn't had this many people talk about him since he was literally talking out of his ass.  Check out Colion's response:


Another LA Gun Buyback

LA couldn't find enough ways to for the city to throw away money so they decided another "gun buy back" was in order.  For those of you not familiar with the left coast, weapons are traded in for Ralphs  (a grocery store chain) gift cards.  An assault weapon will net a $200 grocery gift card and pistols, rifles, and shotguns are worth about a $100 grocery gift card.  The weapons are received "no questions asked" and are promptly lined up for a photo shoot to show how much "good" is being done.  Meh.

Where do all these evil weapons go?  The city melts them down into rebar.  Even though these weapons could be sold for tens of thousands of dollars, LA feels the money could be better wasted somewhere else.  LA's mayor, Tony Villar (yes he actually changed his name to sound more Mexican, ahem Villaraigosa), wouldn't miss out on an opportunity to show his face and complain about the NRA.  Thanks Tony, I'm glad the rest of LA's problems are handled and you can focus on collecting old hunting rifles. 

LA Weekly has a nice collection of photos including several light anti tank weapons that were turned in.  It seriously breaks my heart to see all these weapons melted down :(



NRA vs. OC Sheriff For CCW Shall Issue

NRA and the CRPA are taking Orange County Sheriff to task for the lack of CCW issuance.  In most free states you can simply apply for a concealed weapon permit, pay Uncle Sam some cash, and take a class.  After that you are good to go!  In California (mainly OC, LA, and SF counties), you need to provide good cause for CCW permit.  Good cause usually means something like you own a business that deals in large amounts of cash that you have to transfer to the bank on your own.  Good cause does not include, personal protection for most people. Here some info on the law suit via NRA/CRPA and OC Sheriff.

September 13, 2012 – In response to continuing complaints from Orange County firearms owners and Second Amendment civil rights activists, attorneys for the National Rifle Association and the CRPA Foundation have filed a lawsuit against Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens in U. S. District Court.

Orange County citizens should be able to exercise their fundamental right to bear arms, but they are precluded from doing so because they do not have what Sheriff Hutchens uniquely considers “good cause” for a license to carry a firearm in public.

The lawsuit seeks to compel her to issue those licenses, and asks the Court to enjoin Sheriff Hutchens from requiring license applicants to prove they have a special need, beyond the general need to defend themselves and their loved ones, for a license to carry before she will issue them one.

Just days after having filed the Complaint, plaintiffs filed a motion for preliminary injunction asking the Court to order Sheriff Hutchens to cease withholding permits. A copy of the Complaint and Motion for Preliminary Injunction is available here News will keep everyone updated on the progress of this case. Subscribe to e-bulletins to be kept informed.

I'll keep posted on the results, but I don't think this will be a quick decision.  H/T CRPA


WTF: Is this really being taught in schools?

I could not believe what was happening in this classroom...  Listen, as a freedom loving American, I'm all about you having the freedom to believe what you want.  If you don't like guns, that is your deal, and frankly I'm okay with that.  I believe the 2nd amendment is one of this country's greatest freedoms and I love shooting guns like this great nation's founding fathers did. To see lies being spouted in this class room makes me absolutely livid.

To take some misinformation about a large group of people (with absolutely no proof), and claim it as fact as a sweeping generalization over said people group is discrimination.  Am I talking about a race issue?  NOPE!  I'm talking about this teacher's view of the NRA.  Her statements were based on what exactly?  As most NRA members know, the NRA is a HUGE proponent of gun safety.  In fact, they have created a program for firearm safety just for children. Funny how that didn't come up in this classroom discussion...

Jones College Prep (where this vid takes place) in Chicago was voted one of the top 100 US schools according US News and World Report.  It is one of those selective enrollment schools for only the brightest minds.  I was happy to hear one kid perk up and say that if guns were illegal, only criminals and law enforcement would have guns.  Unfortunately his kid was quickly bowled over by destructive teachers.

Thoughts on the vid?  Let me hear you in the comments section below.