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Dom Raso Visits Daniel Defense

If you are looking for a quality rifle, Daniel Defense is a great choice.  While I wish the price wasn't so high, they really do make great rifles.  Check out this factory tour taken NRA's favorite SEAL, Dom Raso:

Pretty cool stuff.  Do any of you guys have a Daniel Defense rifle?  What do you think?

h/t gunwire


AB1964: Assemblyman Dickinson Lies About Guns & Safety

I've talked before about how we have a list of "approved handguns" here in CA.  These handguns aren't any safer but the DOJ has deemed them appropriate after shaking down the manufactures for some money.  Ultimately this list isn't at all about safety, rather limiting which handguns can be purchased here.  As that list has been cut off for new models through the microstamping legislation, Californians are getting creative.

One of the ways around this list was through an exemption written into the law for single shot handguns.  Most of the time people think of single shot handguns as some strange caliber or something that is strictly used in competitive shooting.  The law also defines single shot handguns as those that were once semi autos but have been converted through a magazine plug or other device.

Much like the bullet buttons found on AR15s the good people of California went to their local gun store and sought out handguns that weren't on the list and had them "converted" to single shot before they were purchased.  The gun stores would do so and sell them as single shot versions.  Then, once the handguns were purchased, the gun store would make the modifications to turn the handguns back in to fully functioning state.  All in compliance of the law (Disclaimer: I'm not a layer, nor do I pretend to be one on this blog), although the conversation process could set you back an extra $50 or $100.

The liberal politicians would never own up to a flaw/mistaken written into their law, so they simply refer to folks using a loophole.  Make no mistake, this is not a loophole; this is an example of people abiding by the law and working under the choking unconstitutional gun laws that plague this state.  The liberals have realized their flaw that they wrote into this law and are now working to pass a bill modify the definition of a single shot handgun.

According to AB 1964, single shot pistols would now need to be either a breach action or a bolt action gun.  This bill is sponsored by Democratic Assemblyman Roger Dickinson who said the following about this bill:

By limiting the guns available for sale we can further protect our families and our communities from gun violence.

WTF.  Dickinson is clearly missing the mark on this one, and telling a huge lie to the public.  The folks that are going to be hurt by his bill aren't criminals; it is the law abiding people of California who will be punished.  Limiting gun models available to CA residents does not limit crime.  This is the same tired lie told by liberals for years: trade your freedom for safety.  This bill won't make anyone's family safer, or make communities better places to life. 

AB1964 passed in committee and will go through a long and boring legislative process.  Ultimately, I don't think this bill will become law, and if it does it is more fuel for the NRA and other pro gun groups to sue the state.  I'll keep you posted on the progress of AB 1964, but in the meantime say vigilant and contact your local legislature.



Dom Raso: Assault Weapons Aren't Really Used by Criminals

Assault weapons?  Do you mean defense rifle?  The media has long chosen to put the evils of the world on the shoulders of semi automatic rifles in the hopes of getting them banned forever.  Truth be told, assault weapons aren't really the choice for criminals.  Dom Rasso (Navy SEAL and NRA poster boy) interviews a SWAT officer about his thoughts on assault weapons and how often they are used in crimes:

Is it just me or does it seem like that SWAT dudes eyes were small and really close together?  Anyway, not a big surprise that he doesn't run into AKs and ARs on a daily basis.  Law abiding gun owners have known for a long time that the media makes a big deal about assault weapons, but by in large all the Chicago murders committed with blunt objects and crappy handguns don't seem to get reported.  Remember folks, just because the news reports something doesn't mean it isn't biased.


Dom Raso On Background Checks

The NRA recently released a video featuring former Navy SEAL Dom Raso speaking about background checks.  The shocking conclusion is that criminals are not big fans of background checks and typically don't go through that process to purchase weapons.  In fact, all that paperwork process you go through when purchasing a handgun or rifle is you saying that you are legally authorized to purchase a weapon and lying on this form is a felony.  Now why would criminals avoid this process?  Check out Dom's vid below:


Cook County Gun Seizures

Remember when I was talking about CA gun confiscations through the APPS program?  Well, guns are also being confiscated in Cook County Illinois.  Sheriff Tom Dart is leading this charge, and his team has seized about 160 guns.  I hate brag about anything in California, but bro, your numbers are super low compared to the about of warrant-less searches we do in CA; just sayin'.  There are still another 5k worth of names on the list of people who are owning firearms but shouldn't have them in Cook County. 

The clip below shows an NRA representative on a CBS news report.  The news anchor asks a lot of the questions that all the media is concerned with like background checks, confiscation, and assault weapons.  Pretty interesting stuff, and although I don't see the government knocking on doors to seize guns from law abiding Americans on a large scale, hearing about California's APPS program and Dart's confiscations in Illinois really don't sit well with me. 

h/t and suntimes