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The Road: Viggo At The End Of The World

There has been a ton of buzz about "The Road" and it wasn't until this morning that I was able to see the trailer.  From the author that brought you "No Country For Old Men", a new post apocalyptic thriller is coming.

The trailer doesn't give away too much, but we know at it's core that "The Road" is a movie about survival and protecting one's family.  Viggo Mortensen looks like a creepy homeless man who hasn't showered in a while in search of food and shelter for his family.  He wanders around an "I Am Legend" type vacant cityscape.

In this future post apocalyptic world, it is by no means a safe place.  Viggo is packin' a revolver to protect his family from the creepy "others" who live in the jungle on the island people still roam the Earth looking to kill the survivors. I'm really quite excited for this film, and I'm a big fan of Viggo. 

You can expect to see this in theaters around October of this year.