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California's Microstamping Law Is An Outright Gun Ban

California's approved handgun list is shaky at best, and is all guised behind the list of safety.  This list has been changing greatly over the past few months, all centered around some BS legislation that handguns must be equipped the microstamp in two places.  Microstamping would show the gun's serial number and manufacturer on the casing, via the firing pin and somewhere else on the round (which the law doesn't specifically detail).

Microstamping is weak on paper and damn near useless in real life.  Microstamping can be defeated with a little sandpaper paper and elbow grease on the firing pin, or by simply replacing the firing pin altogether.  Despite that fact, microstamping simply doesn't work that well anyway.  Casings are made out a variety of different metals under different conditions and the firing pin can't always produce the exact same result of a clear stamp.  Furthermore microstamping legislation doesn't apply to revolvers or firearms issued to law enforcement. 

Check out this great NRA report that shows the incredible short comings of microstamping; it is a little bit long but well worth your time.

Although microstamping was pitched as a means of keeping people safe and tracking down murders who left spent casings at the scene of the crime, it is all about limiting the handguns that can be purchased in this state.  The microstamping bill has literally created an impossible set of standards (that the state hasn't tested, yet deemed effective in crime prevention) that can't be met.  I like seeing that Ruger tried to comply and showed how much this technology simply doesn't work. 

Stay vigilant folks, this law is a complete joke and it is only a matter of time before it is defeated in court. 

h/t modernarms


Handgun Manufacturers Suing The State Of California Over Microstamping & Handgun Roster

Californians are starting to feel the squeeze the microstamping bill that recently went into effect.  For those of you not familiar, CA has an approved handgun list.  This list limits which pistols can legally be purchased in the state of California, and as to be expected, this list is all about "perceived safety."  The state charges gun manufacturers a ton of money to get on this list and then makes them submit the weapons for a drop test (btw, the weapons don't get returned). 

Ultimately the point of this list is to slow the flow of handguns in to this state.  Remember the left is a patient group of folks and part of their plans include making small changes to the law now, and seeing the ripples years down the line.  CA's handgun roster list has now incorporated a new clause which requires that any pistol added to the list must be equipped with microstamping capabilities. 

Microstamping basically means that the handguns must be equipped with a special firing pin that marks the primer with the gun's serial number.  Currently no one makes a pistol that does this, and thus no new pistols are being added to CA's magic list.  Don't be confused, this was part of the left's plan right from the start.  28 pistols have been removed CA's list in 2014 and there aren't any plans to add new models either.

The problem is that microstamping easily defeat by replacing the firing pin or simply filing down the pin.  Ruger and Smith and Wesson have made official statements that will are basically being squeezed out of California and can no longer sell new models to CA.  Well, instead of just sitting on their laurels, the gun manufacturers are joining forces to make an epic blend of 1911 and Glock just kidding sue that state of California over this issue.  The CalGuns Foundataion recently shared that these gun manufactures are looking to overturn CA's gun roster altogether with the law suit.  While I'm happy that legal action is being taken against CA's BS roster, I'm wary that the whole list will be overturned over this case and that it will happen anytime soon.  I see the left retreating a bit and probably removing the microstamping portion, but I don't see them letting go of the whole list. 

I'm hoping for the best, and I'll keep you posted on this lawsuit.


Shot Show 2014 Day 4: Ruger Gives Up on CA, Knuckle Duster Grip, Ergo J Frame, Palm Pistol

Catch up on my 2014 Shot Show Coverage:Day 1, Day 2, & Day 3

Ruger Is Giving Up On California

I get that it is tough for firearms manufacturers to get behind the liberal curtain that is California.  Our laws suck and you have to submit pistols for a drop test and pay a bunch of money to get them on CA's approved pistol list.  Ruger's CEO got on camera and said he is throwing in the towel for handguns and blamed California's laws.  It feels like the buck is being passed, and Ruger is giving up...

Knuckle Duster AR Foregrip

Do you remember yesterday when I was talking about all the crazy things like "knife guns" and ninja stars that are felonies in CA?  Brass knuckles are on that list too, and I'm pretty sure the above grip would make a bullet button AR15 into a super felony.  This looks like a prop out of Walking Dead, and I honestly think it would be better if it had a bottle opener on the end.  I guess maybe if you ran out of ammo you could quickly detach this grip and get into a 1940's bar fight.  You can find out more info at Survival Grips.

Ergonomic J Frame Grip

I like wheel guns, and they are my preferred home defense weapon; they don't jam and pack a mean punch.  There have been a lot of improvements in grips over the years, but I've never seen grips like this before.  Sporting a very "ergonomic" style, they almost look futuristic.  At only $20 for the grip how could you not get one?  I'm still looking for more info the manufacturer and I'll post a link as soon as I get it.

Bondhus Arms Odd Shaped Palm Pistol

I think there is a strange subset of really rich guys that secretly wanted to be villains in the 70's era Bond movies.  These are the kind of guys that buy those weird old sports cars and have strange props in their mansions.  For that class of folks there is a new palm pistol that looks like it could have been used by a former Bond villain.  The Bondhus CL380 is double barrel .380 with a laser sight.  It costs about $800 and probably sucks as a pistol.  In all honesty this is one of those guns that is a lot cooler to show off to your buddies than it is to shoot. 

h/t: Ruger CEO vid:, Knuckle Duster: Military Times, Ergo J Frame: TFB, Bondhus: TFB


Mandatroy Microstamping In California

Arnold's ghost is still haunting the state of California.  Besides being a crappy governor he enacted several gun laws such as the ban on .50 cal rifles.  One of the bills Arnold signed into to law was based on microstamping, which would used a modified firing pin that would stamp the primer on spent casings with a unique identifiable number.  The microstamping bill was signed into law in 2007, but the technology wasn't yet available so it didn't really matter.

The state has now determined that microstamping must be mandatory on all new semi automatic handguns to be purchased in this state.  Currently CA has a list of "approved handguns" which gun manufactures have to submit the state for testing, and this testing cost $30k.  That doesn't sound like a shake down to you?  To the best of my knowledge, no gun manufacturers are offering a microstamping option for CA.

Politicians love to do things like this because it fits within the bigger lie that all these laws are based on safety and protecting the people.  The irony is that most crimes committed with a handgun use revolvers which don't eject the spent shells the same way semi autos do.  This law does nothing to make people safer; it punishes law abiding citizens. 

The real point of this law is to squeeze out handguns from the state.  By making impossible requirements for handguns, this will drive away manufacturers and make it damn near impossible to get any new handguns.  Furthermore the firing pins that are used for microstamping wear out quite quickly.  They can easily be grinded down or modified to remove the "unique marker" and they can easily be swapped out for a non microstamped firing pin.  Do you honestly think criminals will use these guns in crimes? 

People, it is time to start contacting your local legislators and the govenor.  This law is BS, and will do nothing to slow or stop crime.  CalGuns Foundation is already it work, but they could also use your financial support.