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    Magpul MBUS PRO Steel Sight Set MAG275 & MAG276 BLACK

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    California's Gun Problem
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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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Custom Art For Your AW Furniture & PMAGS

Custom paint job rifles almost always look cool, unless it is some My Little Bronies or Hello Kitty rifle.  ABreon Custom does some pretty slick heat transfer work.  The specialize in PMags but it also works on various other plastic rifle furniture.  Check out the pics of their work:

All their stuff looks bad ass, but there is a big banner right on their products page that says:


I'm assuming this is just because of the high cap mags, but what about the stocks and grips?  I had some concerns about how durable the art would be, and they made a really long and boring test video where the artwork gets roughed up.

HT Kitup


Costa Training: Carbine Employment

One of these days, I need to take a Chris Costa training class.  Here is some video from his recent carbine employment (good band name!) with the famed James Yeager.  Enjoy, and happy Monday!

HT Costa's FB


Costa Shooting Like A Boss

On the top of my firearms bucket list (maybe that should be called drum mag?) is to take a class with Chris Costa.  He worked with Magpul for years and recently started up his own project called Costa Ludus.  Here is a clip of him showing his students how to handle business!



Shotshow 2012 Round Up Part II

Some more gems from Shot Show 2012; enjoy!

5.11 Breaching Tool

This might be the ultimate zombie slaying device when the ammo runs out!  It looks like a bad ass defensive spear of sorts, but it is really meant for clearing out windows and raking out the glass.  Bonus points for the 'stache in the demo vid.  Hat Tip: Kit Up

Kel-Tec RFB

KelTec has a nice .308 bull pup rifle called the RFB.  With the mag in the rear, an 18 inch barrel translates to a 26 inch rifle.  The RFB takes standard FAL mags and comes with all the tacti-cool rails you could ever desire.  At $2130 (I'm guessing that is without any glass) it seems a bit steep for me.  Hat Tip RomeoTangoBravo.

New Magpul Products

Magpul is releasing some new products in 2012.  Most notable was a new set of Remington 870 furniture, (no love for Mossberg owners?) which looks pretty sporty.  I also really like the new MOE fixed stock.  I feel like it isn't over engineered, and a nice upgrade to the classic fixed stock.  Additionally, there is a good amount of storage space in the stock. Hat Tip ITS and TTAG

EOTech Zombie Optic

Do you have too much money and are not quite sure how to spend it on tacti-cool accessories?  Boy have I got an optic for you!  Yes, it is exactly what it looks like; EOTech has a bio hazard reticle.  Perfect for slaying zombies, or collecting dust in your safe this optic will show everyone on the range that you are an expert at PWNing n00bs! Hat Tip: Armory Blog

Modern Warfare 1887 T Series Shotgun

Speaking of slaying n00bs and zombies, the 1887 Shotgun was also at Shot Show.  You may remember the over powered n00b stopper from MW2, this is a pistol gripped lever action shotgun. Depending on the model this beast holds about 5 + 2 (yea I never heard of the +2 either...) and is probably quite uncomfortable to shoot.  I really don't know what the hell you would use the 1887 for, but I have to admit it does look kind of bad ass. Hat Tip:



Shotshow 2012 Round Up

I was not able to attend Shot Show this year, but I have scoured the internets to find the most epic and tacti-cool products.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Colt 1887 Bull Dog Gatling Gun

You may have witnessed this beast in the last season of Top Shot.  Those were relics left over from the Civil War (if I owned one I sure as hell wouldn't loan it out for a Top Shot challenge), but this is a genuine remake from Colt.  It weighs a scant 250 lbs, chambered in .45-70, and no word on pricing.  If you have a strong arm you can crank out about 800 rounds per minute.  This would make an epic edition to your ultra rich white guy gun and trophy room.  I wonder if this is Colt would be Cali legal...


Hat Tip: The Firearms Blog and Truth About Guns.


Tacti-cool Mossberg SPX

Is your cowboy lever action rifle looking a little to old school?  Not to worry, Mossberg is releasing a tactical version of their "classic" rifle.  Available in .22 or .30-30 Win, this urban cowboy rifle features the following: 6 position adjustable stock, flash suppressor/muzzle break, tri rail forend, and fiber optic sights.  Here is some copy from their official press release:

The SPX line combines the fast-handling, robust action of the 464 Lever-Action with many highly-desired features in two .22LR versions and two venerable .30-30 Win offerings. All four rifles have a 6-position, tactical-style adjustable synthetic stock; handy Picatinny tri-rail forend with rubber ladder rail covers; front and rear sling swivel studs; and durable matte blue metal finishes. The .22LR SPX rifle has a compact 18-inch barrel with rifle sights and a removable, ported muzzle brake version (thread protector included) is available. The receiver features dovetail-style mounts for ease of adding optics. With full-length mag tube, total capacity is 14. The centerfire version, chambered in .30-30 Win, features a compact 16 ¼-inch barrel with 1:10 twist rate; six-round total capacity; adjustable 3-dot fiber optic sights; and drilled/tapped receiver with scope rail included. Optional flash suppressor version is offered.

This would be an EPIC zombie hunting rifle.

Hat Tip: RomeoTangoBravo

Mad Hook Up

 Finally, a contender to Magpul's Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point!  Magpul's version had a super annoying and loud ring that went between the sling and the actual mount.  The MAD Hook Up looks like a great product and doesn't require the removal the of the carbine stock receiver plate for installation.  This will work with most slings including the Magpul Multi Mission Sling.  You can expect the MAD Hook UP soon, and it should be available directly from Mission Adapted Design

Hat Tip: The Firearm Blog.

The MagPod

Speaking of Magpul, there this a cool PMAG floorplate replacement called the Magpod.  It offers a different angle so that you can use your magazine floorplate as a monopod of sorts.  No tools required for installation and the stippled side panels look really grippy. I feel like this would be a great addition for a range bench, but I wonder how good it would be for zombies and other tactical endeavors...  For more info visit the official MagPod site. You can expect this to be available mid 2012.

Hat Tip: GearScout and Chris Costa.

I'll keep you all updated as more I get info on other cool Shot Show Products.  Later on this week I have a few gun reviews coming so stay tuned!