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    Magpul MBUS PRO Steel Sight Set MAG275 & MAG276 BLACK

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    California's Gun Problem
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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Sights

If you see sights perched at a strange angle on a rifle it isn't for "thug life" style shooting.  Angled sites, or back up iron sights, provide a great back up for that knock off optic you picked up at the gun show.  Those cheapo optics can run out of juice, break, or be simply decide they won't work when you need them most.  The backup sights let you stay in the fight and take out those slow moving zombies that are headed your direction.  Magpul has created their own version of sights and they actually look pretty cool.  Check out this video that could use a more excited narrator and a little bit of music:

The front site is about $84 and the rear sight is $105.  Like everything Magpul makes it is rock solid and light weight.  What do you guys think, would you put this on your rifle?

h/t JTT


Magpul Time Lapse AR15 Build

Why is Magpul so amazing?  Rather than just give you another exploding pumpkin vid, I thought I'd share Magpul's latest time lapse AR15 build.  This vid is not only well made but also shows off some of Magupul's new armorers tools.  Enjoy!


Check out the tools at Magpul's site.


Maghack: Poor Man's High Cap Magazine

Everyone wants higher capacity magazines, and if there was only a better way to get HIGHER capacity magazines without having to drop lots of cash...  There is another way, and it is called the Maghack.  It works by taking two Magpul mags and making them one giant magazine.  All you have to do is take out the floor plates and attach them using Mag Hack's pieces.  Check out the vid and I'll complain about the product below.

Just a word to the amateur zombie hunter out there, this giant mag will be heavy, and I'm willing to bet it might be a little prone to jamming.  While this might be fun for some sweet facebook shots, I don't think I recommend using this magazine as your primary go to mag in your home protection rifle.  I think the product looks fairly durable, but I can't picture this thing taking a lot of abuse by kicking it out of your rifle is a sweet tacticool move before moving on to that next watermelon and or zombie antelope target and loading in a fresh mag.

At about $10 I'm guessing your going to get what you paid for...  While I wouldn't recommend this for anything but fun, it is kind of a cool novelty.  Learn more at


Shot Show 2014 Day 1: Slide Fire Sled, Full Auto Trigger, Personalized AR Handguards

Shot Show 2014 is here!  I'll be posting updates everyday in the evening, and it looks this year is off to a pretty good start.

Slide Fire Bump Fire Sled

As you can see in the video above, Slide Fire has developed a bump fire sled.  It works much in the same way their stocks use the recoil of the weapon to fire the next shot giving it a full auto like effect.  The rifle sits upside down and is slightly reminiscent to the old school British Bren guns of WWII.  The bump sled is a prototype and no word on if it will ever reach mass production levels or what the cost will be.  I'm assuming if they do make it that far, Slide Fire will figure out a way to give that stock and pistol grip of a smaller profile, and maybe they can add some under mounted sights or something. 


Tac Con Trigger

I talked about the Tac-Con 3MR trigger a few weeks ago and it has now come to market.  The consensus seems to be that this is a fun trigger, but doesn't quite offer that same false full auto goodness found with other devices.  Yes it is still a light trigger and the fact that you can rock and roll it the third position instantly makes you feel cooler.  Visit Tac Con's website for more info, and check this vid that shows a little bit more about how it works:

Unique ARs

Standing out in a crowded AR15 world is difficult.  Everybody has Magpul furniture and it is hard to look taci-cool when you all have the same kit.  Unique ARs has a cool solution in which you can custom design your own free floating handguard.  A 7" handguard will set you back about $225, but it will certainly be original.  Check out their website for all the details, and here is a little bit of what they have to planned for 2014:

“We are expanding our 2014 product line” says Corbett, “that will include more custom color options, AR-10 .308, full upper assemblies, suppressors and complete guns with the option to customize lower receivers. We will also emphasize clean looking stock designs that fit the tactical aesthetic and functional accessories such as QD’s and KEYMOD. These will be available in stores soon.”

That's it for today folks, but stay tuned for more great Shot Show coverage tomorrow evening.

h/t: Slide Fire Sled: gun holsters and gear Tac Con Trigger: predator blog Unique ARs: SSD


Costa Interview & Promo

Chris Costa has a few new vids up that I thought I'd share with you guys.  The first vid is a promo for Costa Ludus training.  The current price of class is $665 (not counting ammo or anything else), so it might be a little while before my change jar hits that capacity.  Looks like a lot of fun and it is definitely on my wish list. 

The next vid is a great interview where Costa talks about his background as a Coast Guard.  I really like the end of the vid where Costa mentions the "sh*tty assignments" that give you experience, character and are a stepping stone what is next in life.

 HT Soldier Systems