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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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iPhone 6S vs. PKM

Do you know what it takes to become an intenet firearms celebrity?  It is pretty easy and only requires that you have access to high speed slow mo cameras, really expensive machine guns, and absurd "first world" targets.  Richard Ryan has spared no expense this time around by shooting two iPhones with a PKM.  Check out the vid:

I get the formula for for this guys act, but why shoot an iPhone with a machine gun?  Isn't this more of a precision job?  I thought machine gun vids required shooting some kind of produce like watermelons, pumpkins, or honeydew...  I guess after you blow up a house and an F-150 it is hard to raise the bar any higher.  Sometimes it easier to just shoot an iPhone again.  Did he just jump the shark?


Home Destruction With Richard Ryan & FPS Russia

Damn...  Where do you get the budget to destroy a whole frigin house?  Seriously MGs and a track vehicle?  Richard Ryan and FPS Russia shoot the hell out of this house and it is pretty impressive.  The comedy bits are weak, but just fast forward a little bit and you'll be on to the next explosion...  Like a Michael Bay film.


RPG Tourism

Want to rent an RPG?  Despite Knob Creek's offerings of machine guns, it is far easier to simply rent an RPG in Cambodia.  I have no idea which pamphlet advertises this in the rack by the front desk in the hotel, but I'm guessing if you ask around you can find what you are looking for.  These fellas took a trip to Cambodia and let the RPGs and full auto MGs rip into a fake village filled with cooking stoves for explosive effect.  Check out the vid:

The comments in the vid said a typical RPG experience costs about $450.  Would you pay that much?


Machine Gun Night Shoot At Knob Creek

My shooting bucket list has some cool stuff on it, and one of those things is to do a machine gun shoot at Knob Creek.  Here is a little clip of their night shoot.  Be warned it is a little loud:



Walking Dead the Musical, Costa's Shotgun, & Knob Creek

A little bonus content for Saturday.  Like yesterday, lots of gems, with a little something for everyone.

Walking Dead the musical is great.  Seriously, you can't beat tap dancing Zombies!

This is a nice vid showing off Chris Costa's shotgun.  Benelli's are a lot of fun, albeit expensive.  Costa has a nice setup, although the extended mag tube looks a little strange.  Just ignore the crappy attempt at comedy in the intro and outro of the vid.

Last but not least is a clip from Knob Creek which is one of the biggest full auto shoots in the country.  Pony tail, man bag, super high cap mags, and a Mac 10... All ingredients of a boss shooter.