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Lawless: Review

I love a good prohibition film, and often times find them more enjoyable than actual moonshine.  Have you ever had moon shine?  It tastes like burning and rubbing alcohol.  Check out the trailer and I'll get into the review.

I had high hopes for Lawless.  I was excited to see a backwoods prohibition movie versus the typically big city stuff Hollywood often focuses on.  As seen in the the trailer, Lawless is about three brothers who run a bootlegging operation in the backwoods of Virginia.  The big city thugs move into the countryside to collect a little cash from the little guys producing booze. 

Lawless feels like a rough cut of a movie that was supposed to be good.  There are long moments of "story telling" which is more like code for stuff that doesn't really matter surrounding thin characters.  At the end of the movie I asked Mrs. Foxtrot about a dozen or so things that appeared in the film but didn't pay off later.  Gary Oldman plays a big time gangster (who is very over emphasised) and it feels like his character is setup for something big later on in the film, but it never happens.  There is also a very strange church scene equipped with lots of loud hymn singing, feet washing, and Amish beards.

Shia plays the same role he does in every movie...  The mild underdog who somehow finds the means (within himself) to over come a difficult task with impossible odds.  Bane Tom Hardy has some decent comedic moments, but his Billy Bob Thorton-esce grunt is overplayed.  Jason Clarke (the other brother and best know for the cookie cutter cop drama Chicago Code) is alright, although he drinks moonshine like it is literally water.  I could be wrong, but I think even the most hardcore alcoholic isn't putting down the moonshine as if it were Crystal Light...  Guy Pearce plays the big city corrupt agent, with a hair part that is far too wide; he feels a little over the top (see photo below).

This film isn't bad, but it also seems to fall short of what it could have been.  Lawless would make a great DVD rental or on demand/pay per view movie when you are too lazy to do anything else.  Boardwalk Empire is far better watch, as is Public Enemies or Road to Perdition.  I wouldn't recommend you see Lawless in theaters.



Shia Lebouf is a Bootlegging Gangster: Lawless

Partially because the full auto Thompson submachine gun was available to the common man, and partially because dudes dressed like bosses; the bootlegging era is one of my favorites.  The movies about this era are kinda hit or miss, and I always see them.  Shia is taking a crack at bootlegging with his new movie Lawless.  Despite the title, Zena Warrior princess will not be making a cameo.  Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.