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Senator Barbara Boxer Is Throwing In The Towel

Crack that bottle of Champaign open, Senator Barbara Boxer is calling it quits.  Why would she be leaving?  She recorded a really camp video with her chubby grandson because a non-controlled interview wouldn't let her dodge the obvious question.  Watch the video if you want, but it really isn't that good...

The real reason she is leaving?  This is part of some bigger master plan by the libs to get some fresh blood in and move a few people around.  Chances are good her spot will be filled by Kamala Harris or Gavin Newsom (if you want to see Newsom fail all over himself, check out his interview with Adam Carolla) and they both want to remove your Second Amendment rights.  Whoever doesn't get that job will be looking to take the CA governor spot after Moonbeam's term is over. 

Although Boxer is calling it quits, she still has two years in office.  Maybe Feinstein will also follow her into retirement and they can take up new careers as Walmart greeters.



Another Step Toward Shall Issue Concealed Carry Permits In CA

California had a big win today.  CCWs have been a sore subject here in CA, and I actually talk quite about this in my recent book California's Gun Problem.  The 9th Circuit Court denied Kamala Harris from her efforts in limiting the recent ruling for CCWs in the golden state.  She really didn't have a dog in this fight (legally speaking) but as a democrat she had to play her part and make this move for the liberals who voted for her.  This was always posturing from the start, but it also served to delay some counties from issuing concealed carry permits to law abiding residents since the Peruta case.

Everyone is waving a big flag of victory, but isn't over yet.  The wheels of justice turn slowly and if you live in one of the stubborn counties here in CA, don't expect your local sheriff to get a sudden change of heart.  All this court decision means is that things are moving in the right direction, but this could still take some time and potentially go to the Supreme Court. 

If you want to read the long boring court docs associated with this case, feel free to visit this site.  You can learn more by visiting the NRA site, and I'll keep you updated as this court case moves ahead.


CA Gun Store Suing Kamala Harris Over Handgun Advertisements

The gun blogosphere can't stop talking about the latest lawsuit against California's Attorney General Kamala Harris.  What is all the fuss about?  A law that has been on the books since 1923 about gun stores advertising the sale of handguns.  Yes, you read that correctly, and you are right in your assumption that this is hardly news.

Tracy Rifle & Pistol is a gun store about an hour outside of San Francisco that was cited by the DOJ for violating PC 26820 because they had three handgun ads visible through the window which was in violation of the law which states:

26820.  No handgun or imitation handgun, or placard advertising the
sale or other transfer thereof, shall be displayed in any part of the
premises where it can readily be seen from the outside.

I'm still scratching my head wondering why this is even a law and why it only applies to handguns not rifles, shotguns, or baseball bats.  That is the same case that is being made for the gun store, saying it is a violation of their First Amendment rights.  If you want to see the pictures that they were cited for check out this non-embeddable local news video.

I pretty much see this as a slam dunk for the 2A community, and I'm quite certain the courts will side in our favor.  Learn more at the CalGuns Foundation.


CalGuns Is Suing Kamala Harris

Buying two handguns at the same time in California is illegal.  Why?  Well, like most things made illegal by the liberals, it was all in the name of safety for the masses.  The irony is that criminals don't go to gun stores and pass background checks, but that point was lost when the law was created. 

You have to wait 30 days between handgun purchases and you also have to pay all the DROS fees again.  You could buy multiple rifles or shotguns all on the same DROS fee but handguns are subject to different rules for no apparent reason.  Might I also add that the state is making some additional cash because you can't lump more than one handgun into a background check and must pay more money.

The Calguns Foundation and the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees are suing California's Attorney General Kamala Harris over this law.  The argument is that the 30 days between handgun purchases is in fact more for her political gains and motives and not for safety.  Additionally so, this law infringes upon our rights. 

I'd say this a bold move, and I actually think there is a very good chance of Kamala Harris losing this fight.  Keep up the good work Calguns Foundation!  Click here to donate to the Calguns Foundation, and you can read the official press release here.


Brady Campaign: Fear & Lies To Promote Their Agenda

Things are continuing to heat up here in CA over the changing laws regarding the issuing of concealed weapons permits.  In addition to Kamala Harris filing for an appeal, several other organizations (Brady Campaign, California Police Chiefs Association, and the Peace Officers Association)  are coming out of the wood work to let their opinions be heard.  By in large these are all posturing moves and political plays that won't actually have any bearing on the court case.

With the court decision as it stands the only folks who can actually appeal are those involved in the case.  The law stipulates that under certain unique conditions other groups can file for a means to be added to the case, and for a different set of judges to weigh in on the decision.  I'll save you all the long and complicated details, but what this means is that these appeals have very little chance of actually succeeding, and are more of a public declaration to the fact that these groups don't agree with the ruling.

The Brady campaign has been particularly vocal about this case and they too are asking to appeal the case.  The Truth About Guns posted many of the statements from the Brady Campaign and the amount of rhetoric, fear, and ignorance that is being vomited from this group is astounding.  Reading what they had to say reminded me of Senator de Leon speech, as so many comments were centered outside of reality and common sense.  Here are a few quotes:

11. I am very worried about the implications of the recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit overturning San Diego’s policy on the concealed carry of weapons. This decision and the likely increase in the number of concealed, loaded firearms that will be present in public areas as a result increases my risk of once again personally experiencing gun violence.

12. I frequently visit parks and other public places in San Diego, such as beaches, health clubs, and grocery stores. This change in the law will change where and when I visit these places. I will no longer go to some places because of my fear for my personal safety from those who will now be permitted to carry loaded and concealed weapons due to the recent court decision.

13. I am highly concerned that with an increased number of concealed firearms in public, there will be an increase in altercations that escalate to gunfire in which my family either myself, my husband or my 7 year old daughter-will be harmed. I will be extremely reluctant to engage in public activities because there will be a greater likelihood that I will encounter a person carrying a concealed weapon.

14. I am afraid that I will be personally harmed by gun violence committed by a person with a concealed weapons permit as a result of the Court’s decision.

15. I am deeply concerned about the carrying of guns by untrained individuals, which will increase as a result of the Court’s decision. The resultant change in the law makes it much more likely that someone will carry a weapon without proper knowledge of safety procedures and commit an accidental shooting of which I am a victim.

What makes these statements even more interesting is that they were from two people were at the movie theaters during the Aurora shooting, and they are both former Marines.  Clearly Brady is attempting to paint a picture of people who carry concealed weapons as dangerous, violent, and unpredictable.  The big meta connection, read between the lines stuff is that CCW holders aren't much different than movie theater shooter.  It is also shocking how much of the above text is all related to fear; if these people are that afraid they should never leave the house....

The verbiage coming from these statements leads me to believe they were written by the Brady Campaign and the couple that is claiming to have said them is simply along for the ride.  I find it astounding that the general public would even consider these statements factual, and I find it disturbing that the Brady Campaign has no quams with lying to promote its agenda.  A little Googling will tell even the most uneducated liberal that concealed weapons holders are by in large law abiding and tax paying citizens; not folks looking to strike fear in the hearts of the general public.  I'd even go as far as to say if there some type of dangerous situation, a CCW holder would step up and risk his/her life for those around them.  Carrying a concealed weapon comes with a heightened responsibility to protect yourself and those around you.

The political BS that is surrounding this whole CCW thing is leaving a bad taste in mouth, but I'm quite confident that more CCWs will be coming into the state of California despite the massive backlogs.  What are your guys thoughts on this?  Do you think the sheeple will buy into the Kamala Harris and Brady Campaign rhetoric?