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    California's Gun Problem
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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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Looper Reviewed

I've been looking forward to Looper for a long time.  As previously mentioned I'm a big JGL fan, and this movie looked great just from the trailer.

Looper takes place about 30 years in the future.  It isn't an over the top view of the future, rather a more realistic and plausible outcome.  The cars have been retrofitted with some type of hoses and look to not use gasoline.  The downtown life is a little more tech centric, but overall it is kinda dirty.  The drug of the future is some kind of weird eye drop thing that some folks are addicted to.  Time travel is illegal and only used by crime syndicates.  People from the future get sent back to 2044 to get assassinated and disposed of by people called Loopers.  Because of the nature of the Loopers' job, their career ends when they eventually have to kill their future-selves thus closing the loop.  If for some reason they fail in closing their loop, bad things can and will happen.

JGL plays a fantastic young Bruce Willis, they look quite a bit a like in the film.  Much of the film is JGL hunting Willis (his future self) while trying to put together some fuzzy details about the future and close his loop.  There is a very cool seen when JGL and Willis have a tense meal in diner, then ends in a shoot out.  You can see some of this scene in the trailer at the top of the review.

Looper is a futuristic style Western.  Yea, I know that sounds a little strange, but you can really see it in the choice of weapons.  Loopers use a pistol gripped shotgun style weapon (think more t-shirt cannon than 870) for their assassination duties, affectionately called the blunderbuss.  The gangsters use wheel guns that look like a modern take on a Ruger Vaquero.  The revolvers sit in cross draw holsters and are  surrounded by black duster coats.  Also worth noting is a pretty epic duel wield p90 scene by Bruce Willis.  As strange is sounds, the lack of futuristic guns really adds to the film.  Lasers and thermal vision could have easily been added but the iron sights of pistols and shotguns added some extra suspension of disbelief in other areas.

Overall this is a great film, and definitely has a spot in my 2012 top ten films list.  Looper has a fantastic story with the right amount of action, gun fights, twists, and just the a little sprinkling of sci fi that works incredibly well.  The acting is great from Willis, JBL, and Emily Blunt.  Oh, I almost forgot Jeff Daniels, who feels slightly reminiscent of "The Dude" from Lebowski, plays a futuristic mob boss.  Anyway, I highly recommend you see Looper in theaters.  Btw, check out this very epic fan made Looper trailer.


You Should Be Watching Newsroom

Newsroom is one of the best shows I've seen since The Wire.  I watched the first three episodes with Mrs. Foxtrot this weekend and we loved every minute.  Check out the trailer:

I watched several trailers on youtube to find one that does this show justice, but none of them conveyed the greatness of Newsroom.  In fact, the first episode of Newsroom is the BEST pilot I've ever seen.  By the end of the episode I knew the temperaments, emotions, and motives of all the characters and I knew what the show was all about.  In stark contrast, The Wire pilot is muddy, introduces a ton of characters that don't connect (in the pilot), and took me a few watches to actually enjoy the show. 

This is Jeff Daniel's finest hour, and it is hard for me to picture him driving around in a van that looks like a shaggy dog.  He plays the douchey, yet intelligent, newscaster, who is revamping his cable evening news show.  You'll see a few other faces like Slumdog Millionaire and Olivia Munn.  The acting is top notch all around and is bolstered by Sorkin's writing which is witty, fast paced, and tells a great story without any extra fluff.

I still think The Wire is the best television show ever made, but Newsroom might be a contender in my book.  After finishing the first three episodes I questioned why so many people waste time watching anything on the CW... HBO continues on making quality TV, and I highly recommend you check out Newsroom.