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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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The Legal Breakdown Of The Sig Arm Brace & ATF Madness

When the Sig Arm Brace first came around, the whole gun blogosphere went nuts.  People were saying that their dreams of owning a short barreled rifle had finally come true (in a legal sense) without having to go through all the paperwork and tax stamps.  I even saw a number of gun stores in Southern California selling them in 2014 (the law has since changed and AR pistols are a no-go for new purchase).  My gut told me this whole thing was too good to be true, and ATF recently changed their semi-formal opinion about the legality and usage of this brace. 

The bigger issue, is what does that mean when a group like the ATF can make and interpret laws and then quickly change their mind afterward.  Bearded youtube sensation "therealtrippleb" takes a stab at explaining this whole mess and the implications it has for future rulings.  This a long vid, but well worth your time to get some education:

Pretty interesting stuff.. What do you guys think about this whole Sig Arm Brace madness?

h/t ENDO


The Only Possible Outcome Of Gun Registration

It isn't just happening here in sunny California; gun registration is taking place across the country.  Make no mistake, nothing good will come from gun registration.  There won't be armored vehicles cruising down the streets rounding up the guns of innocent law abiding citizens.  Those are just lies that are based in fear.  The folks that write these kinds of laws are all about slow calculated moves.  The long gun registartion bill that was passed in California was signed over three years ago, and is just now taking effect.  I saw this interesting news piece out of a Canadian press site about the passing of these awful laws in the states. 

Wow, that clip from Obama at the beginning is awfully telling.  It is unfortunate that popular culture has give us incredibly short memory spans and people seem to forget and move on so quickly.  Stay vigilant folks...


EP Lowers Makes The News

We cover a lot of different firearms manufactures here, but one of our hands down favorites is EP Lowers.  The make 80% polymer lowers that don't require a jig.  They make great products and their customer service is top notch.  Our friends at EP lowers recently made the local news, and you can see a clip below (btw, it is about one minute into the broadcast):

See what the politicians that are trying to take your gun rights away don't tell you is that firearms are a great local business.  EP Lowers is a business based in California, which on its own is a massive headaches with lots of fees, and they pay taxes and employ people.  Yet, as I'm writing this there are several pending bills that could potentially close gun stores and manufacturers in California.  Less money for the state, less commerce, and pushing Californians to spend their money in other states.  Did I mention CA has some issues?  Anyway, hats off to our friends at EP Lowers for making the news!


NY Courts: Banning Big Drinks Is Unconstitutional 

I'm still amazed that our politicians think they can legislate the people into better health and safety.  I thought it was absurd that New York was going to ban large sodas at fast food restaurants, and I'm sure a great deal of time and money were wasted trying to pursue capping beverages at 16 ounces.  Why was 16 oz picked as the magic amount of liquid that is dangerous?  There wasn't some conclusive research study, rather it was simply a number picked by politicians for no apparent reason.

Do you see any parallels between gun laws and soda laws?  The government arbitrarily deciding how much of something is safe and what makes it dangerous.  A 12 oz can of soda is okay, but a 16 oz fountain drink is bad.  10 round mags 7 round mags are safe but anything above 10 is far too dangerous.  The court has deemed the soda regulations to be unconstitutional and with any luck maybe this same logic will trickle down to firearms owners in New York.

Like many firearms laws, most folks didn't actually want the soda laws either.  Why Bloomberg wastes his time on this legislation and not fact checking his "Mayor's Against Illegal Guns" stats is a mystery to me.  Btw, if you are not familiar with the MAIG screw up check out the video below:


My Thoughts On The Potential Ban Of CA Bullet Button

Well, the internet is all a buzz over the potential of banning the California gun owner's best friend, the bullet button.  For those of you not familiar, the really short answer is that the bullet allows Californians to own AR15s, AK47s, and various other evil looking weapons by changing the way mags are released from the rifle. 

California gun laws are very poorly written.  The state tried to ban assault weapons back in 2000, and ran into some issues.  First, CA legislators first made a list of assault weapons that were selected by make and model like a Colt AR15.  Then the firearms manufactures changed the models with new names like the "Colt Sporter" and basically worked the same way but were not illegal according to the law.  So the law makers answered back creating a certain criteria that declared a set of features that total up to equal an assault weapon.  For example the picture above shows an AR15 and a Mini 14.  They fire the same caliber, have about the same barrel length, take very similar magazines, and can both equally be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger.  According to the state of CA, the AR15 (the black rifle on top) had "features" that deemed it an assault rifle and the Mini 14 (brown rifle on the bottom) was all good.  Seem strange to you?  The two guns are equally as "dangerous" yet a piece of plastic makes one of them a felony.

As you can see in the video at the top the bullet button made a way to bring the AR15 to Californians.  What you won't see in the news video is that the flood of these LEGAL weapons into California has actually made this state money.  Jobs have been created as gun stores have expanded as well as the birthing of several CA based business that manufacture weapons accessories on CA soil.  Let's also not forgot the millions of dollars generated on tax revenue from CA residents purchasing AR15s and accessories, as well as the cash spent on background checks that the state also makes money on.  I've yet to see a host of criminals using bullet button equipped rifles to go on shooting sprees or rob banks.  It simply isn't happening folks....

The Calguns Foundation is full of intelligent and law abiding citizens who will fight this bill, and it won't become a law.  The state will waste more money chasing this "issue" down which has been prevalent for well over five years.  Rather than focus on fixing the CA economy, jobs, immigration problems, and the myriad of other problems this state faces, it will waste time and money in court trying to literally punish law abiding citizens.