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San Jose Gun Buy Back

Let's be clear right from the start, the media wants to blame firearms for society's problems.  I actually talk in great lengths about this stance in the media in my book California's Gun Problem, but if you blame the guns then the goal is to eliminate them.  One of the softer ways to do this is through gun buy backs.  Yes these buy backs do get guns off the street but those guns are usually thugs and gang members looking to off load some weapons with "no questions asked."  As a nice bonus they get a gift card for groceries too!  Check out this clip from a buy back in San Jose:

That guy's name is really Johnny Gogo?  That sounds like a villain in the Austin Power's movie...  Want to know where all these weapons go? The state melts them down and uses them to make rebar.  Have you had a gun buy back in your city?

h/t TTAG image via wiki


Gun Buy Backs: Even The Media Admits They Do Nothing

One of the things that really gets me fired up is gun buy backs.  I've talked about these buy backs before, and they are nothing more than a waste of tax payer dollars and a big political show.  I recently saw this news clip that was so full of liberal rhetoric I could only watch it on the left side of monitor (yea that joke was weak):

"You can't complain about the problem of violence unless you are physically going to do something."  That is what the reporter said, and her definition of doing something means trading your 2A rights and family heirloom for a $50 grocery store gift card.  How is surrendering your weapons part of being engaged in the community?  I can't believe how casually this woman is telling people to forgo their freedoms in the name of "action."

They two women make it clear that turning in weapons won't actually stop or lower crime, but quickly switch the topic back to turning over your guns at a buy back.  The whole report goes off the rails and talks about gun accidents which have basically nothing to do with buy backs.  I can't believe this stuff is consider news.

h/t TTAG


Gun Buy Back Now Includes Violent Video Games

Does your state host gun buy backs?  I've complained on multiple occasions about how gun buy backs could be a huge cash cow, but cities prefer to waste money.  Gun buy backs are becoming increasingly comical, and Stamford, Connecticut is upping the ante.  Check out this posting on what they will be taking at their gun buy back:

Police will issue gift cards, up to $150.00, for operational firearms. Police will also accept non-operational firearms, deadly weapons, ammunition and violent computer software, violent movies and violent video games.

What the hell is violent computer software?  If I have old copy Red Alert 2 could I trade that in for a gift card? Also worth noting is the language here; "deadly weapons" what exactly are we talking about here?  I've got a a rusty hammer with a busted handle and some dull kitchen knives, will you take that?

h/t gunfeed


Assault Weapons Traded For Long Boards

Lol, only in my beloved Southern California would weapons be traded in for skateboards.  There is a brand of skateboards called "Longboarding for tearing up other people's property" "Longboarding for Peace" and they worked with LAPD to offer up their boards to those morons surrendering their weapons.  Rest assured, the scene was thoroughly checked for Call of Duty characters and the LAPD avoided another long and embarrassing stand off with a plastic villain.

An article in Transworld detailed the event by saying that skate boards were traded for "fully automatic weapons" which I can't seem to locate in the picture; another great fact checking mission accomplished by the media.  An Uzi is cited in the article (I'm sure it was the only one they could easily identify) and I highly doubt was full auto.  Lol, I was reading the comments and one fella from Texas who pointed out that if it was a real true full auto weapon it could be worth well over $10k, and some turd traded it for a $100 grocery store gift card or a long board with a lame logo in it. 

In case you were wondering, weapons on these buybacks are melted down and used as rebar for future city construction projects.  Why would the city of LA melt down something that is potentially worth over $10k and make it worth next nothing?  That's just how politics works over here...

h/t Gunwire


LA's Gun Buy Back: Rocket Lauchers & 50 Round Clips

A rocket launcher is only worth a $200 gift card if you live in LA; is that a good deal?  For those of you who live in free states, gun buy backs are where sheeple bring there unwanted firearms and swap them out for a gift card from Ralphs or Visa.  The going rate is about $100 for handguns, shotguns and rifles and $200 for assault rifles.  So the real question is how much would you get for a Mini 14 or a Bullet Button equipped AR, $100 or $200?  I'd love to meet the guy on scene who is judging which weapons were in fact "assault weapons"....

Overall 1,673 weapons were collected which comprised of 791 handguns, 527 rifles, 302 shotguns, and 53 "assault rifles". I read several news stories about this buy back program, and one of my favorite lines was in reference to a "50 round clip and silencer".  Wow that "clip" must be one really long piece of metal!  Lol, you can see the said weapon in the above photo. The above pictured rocket launcher was also turned in (I'm guessing it fit under the "assault weapons" category) sans rocket. 

As I've mentioned before, I'm sure all these weapons will get melted down and thrown away.  Could these weapons (the legal ones) be auctioned off to the public?  Property and vehicles are auctioned off all the time.  Just another chance for our cash strapped state to miss out on some revenue. 

Sources: LA Times, CBS, KPCC

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