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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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Some of you might remember Tyler from GORUCK; he used to do their firearms stuff. He has started a new project called GREYMAN which actually looks pretty sweet. Check out the vid below:


GORUCK Firearms Gear

As many of you may know I'm a big fan of all things GORUCK (check about my ebook about my GORUCK Challenge here), and I was pretty excited that their new line of firearms gear is here!  As with anything GORUCK, this stuff is made in the USA and with the utmost quality.  Check out the vid with the three products being offered:

GORUCK Firearms Overview from GORUCK on Vimeo.


This gear looks amazing, and each of the three products comes with lots of options for organizing gear.  Each one has magazine holders, pouches for ammo boxes, tourniquet holder, and generic storage (for tools, pens, bore lights, etc).  There are also options for medium and large caliber setups depending on what you like to shoot.  As you might suspect with anything made in the USA, this stuff isn't cheap. 

The budget option is the Pistol Rug (pictured at the top) which is $185.  This rug just holds the essentials like your gat, some mags, a box of ammo, multi tool, and a few other goodies.  The next option is the Pistol Case which will set you back $325 and offers significantly more storage for lots of ammo and other goodies.  Lastly, there is the Rifle Case (pictured above) which will cost $365 and hold an AR15 style of rifle that is broken down in two pieces.  All of these cases are pretty discreet, and the Velcro on the inside allows you to set it up based on your preferences.

Btw, if you are feeling really epic you can get a combo pack (pictured above) of all three items for the low price of $895.  Do all those prices feel a little high?  Here is what Jason McCarthy the founder of GORUCK had to say:

The cost and the price was about 1.5x what I expected/hoped for (and we’ve been at this a while meaning we’re tougher to surprise), and while I understand these prices are high, they’re actually the lowest they’ll ever be. If we are not able to increase our operational efficiencies, these prices will go up significantly in the future.

We have plans to build more gear and offer other varieties. My best guess, though, at this point is that this is the only way (aka bundled) that we’ll be offering the gear for a long while. To be even more clear, we have no plans to separate out the individual items before Christmas of 2014.

Everything is currently on pre-order and you can get more info here.  The pre-order is only available for another 5 days, so if you want anything you'd better order soon.  Gear is expected to ship 8 weeks after the pre-sale ends.  I'll leave you with this video from Cadre Tyler who designed the new GORUCK firearms line:

Cadre Tyler and The Best Firearms Gear Money Can Buy from GORUCK on Vimeo.




Four Bricks

It is an exciting day friends!  After much hard work, editing, and all sorts of other challenges, my book is finally up on Amazon!  It is about the GoRuck Challenge I did last summer, and  lessons I learned while pushing myself farther than I ever thought was possible.  You can pick up a copy here.


Post GORUCK Challege Gear Review

Well, last weekend I accomplished one of the most physically challenging things I've ever done, the GoRuck Challenge.  My challenge was about 12 hours long and we covered somewhere between 12 - 15 miles.  It was an incredibly rewarding experience and truly worth it in the end.  Since my challenge took place at Newport Beach, all my gear got covered in sand and salt water, and I really can't think of a better way to test gear to it's fullest extent.

I'll start with the clothing I picked for the event.  I wore a long sleeve Adidas Climacool top and TAD Gear Force 10 AC Cargo Pant.  The Climacool top was great; it dried really fast and was very durable.  Even though the shirt was covered with sand inside and out it remained as comfortable as a sandy shirt could be.  I've been a big fan of TAD Gear for years, and their stuff is on par with the quality of GoRuck.  Like my shirt, the pants dried really fast and even after all the hard work on concrete, sand, and other surfaces, I saw no damage to the pants at all.  Although the pockets had drain holes, I was literally pulling out hand fulls of sand from every pocket when the challenge was over.  I don't blame TAD for this, just something worth noting.  The zipper filled with sand and was pretty much jammed; it wouldn't budge.  After the challenge I washed the pants and the zipper returned to its proper working condition.

I wore a GoRuck Hat and a sweatband for the first hour or so of the challenge.  I love both, but I felt like it just kept getting in the way and I was worried about it falling off in the ocean.  After they were soaking wet and covered with sand, I had a buddy stuff them in my ruck.  Honestly I didn't think about either of them for the rest of the challenge.  I wore Ex Officio Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs and they performed phenomenally.  If these were a little cheaper I'd buy like 20 pairs and wear them every day.  The Ex Officios were quick drying, and didn't ride up at all; this might be the best $16 I've ever spent!

As for footwear I wore the Vivobarefoot The One, which is a minimalist footwear option.  I've been wearing minimalist shoes for a few years, and the Vivobarefoot brand fits me the best.  These shoes are primarily meant for running on the street but actually worked quite well for the challenge.  They seemed to take in a whole lot of sand, yet it felt like the water drained and dried quickly.  I had zero issues with these shoes throughout the whole challenge, and they cleaned up quite well after a trip through the washing machine post challenge.  I paired the shoes with the Darn Tough Merino Wool Dress Sock as I prefer thinner socks.  There was one point in the challenge when we were doing a bunch of tasks in our socks in the sand.  The socks got sandy, but were no means damaged or torn.  Best of all I walked away from the challenge blister free!

I have a bulky 3L CamelBak I bought years ago, and decided to upgrade to a Low Profile Source Hydration Bladder.  I threw this in the back pouch of my GR1 and fed the hose down to my right shoulder.  I bought a cool magnet attachment the attaches the tube to the ruck, which worked okay even when it was covered in sand.  Unfortunately the little clip that attaches one of the magnets to the ruck fell off at some point in the challenge.  At $12, this magnet is overpriced I don't really recommend it for a GRC, but I assume it would probably work great for day hike.  I read several reviews online that recommended swapping out the standard mouthpiece for Helix Valve Kit.  The standard one has a push pull release whereas the Helix requires a twisting motion to open.  Overall I like the Helix but found that the dummy cord that holds the cap on was a little to short.  I had to make sure the Helix was all the way twisted shut to get the cap off which was a little bit of a challenging task when covered with sand. I also didn't like that I needed to use my hands to untwist the Helix, because they were almost always dirty and covered in sand.  Lastly, I purchased a Universal Tube Refill Adapter which will allow a bladder fill straight from a tap or water bottle.  I used this during a quick bathroom break for a fast fill up at the sink.  The tube adapter is worth it makes for an easy fill up without taking the bladder out of your ruck.

I used Aloksaks and an Otter box to keep my valuables dry.  The 4 pack of various sized Alosaks performed okay...  I had used one of the larger bags to keep an extra pair of socks, and that broke open at some point during the challenge leaving me soggy extra socks (which I never wore).  The other bags worked fine with a strong zipper and no damage to the bags.  I also kept my cell phone, license, and credit cards in a small bag which was placed inside my Otterbox container as a double back up.  The Otterbox had sand on the outside but everything on the inside was bone dry. 

My Mechanix gloves were used for a total of about five minutes... Once they were filled with sand they were very uncomfortable to wear and the Velcro closures on the outside were clogged with sand.  We did a little bit of bear crawls and other rough things on the concrete and my hands only got a few small scrapes.  I also bought some Leukotape in case of blisters which I didn't use at all.  Even during our 10 minute break I think it would have been hard to clean a blister, apply the tape, and put on fresh socks.  It is great quality tape, and it will probably come with me on future hiking trips. I had a headlamp, but it fell out in the sand at hour number two; I probably should have adjusted the head strap before I started and not during the challenge :(

Lastly, was my GR1 pack... I love this ruck, and it performed amazingly well!  No damage to the pack despite all the punishment it took over the 12 hour challenge.  Cleaning out all the sand post challenge was a pain in the ass, and I found the Velcro also held a small hidden beach when I took off the morale patch.  I'm pretty confident the GR1 will be by go to bag for all future vacations and weekend trips, and I've got a ton of great memories with the pack. 

In conclusion I highly recommend the GR1 and the GoRuck Challenge


GORUCK Challenge Load Out

Although I don't really talk about it much here, I'm really into physical fitness.  I attend a Crossfit style gym three to four times a week, and try go running at least once a week.  I eat Paleo (think no carbs or sugar; lots of protein and veggies) 6 days a week, and binge eat one day per week; I"ll save the details about that for another post.  Although I've enjoyed training, I really needed something that would push me and challenge me and I stumbled upon the GoRuck Challenge.  For those of you who aren't familiar, it is basically an all night challenge where you carry a bunch of bricks around in a ruck sack.  Check out this video for more info:

The GORUCK Challenge Official Video from GORUCK on Vimeo.

When I first saw this event I was intrigued... I wasn't sure if I could do it and found all sorts of excuses why I couldn't/shouldn't.  Eventually, I decided it was time to man up and sign up and I'll be attending my first ever GoRuck Challenge on Friday night.  I've been training for this for this for months, and I'm incredibly excited.  Here are some pics of my load out:


Here is what I'm bringing in terms of food and snacks: Peanut M&Ms (for sharing of course) (2), ProBar meal replacement bars (2), Apple sauce packs (2), 42g vial of protein (1), Cliff Shot blocks (1), Target brand 5 hour energy (1), GU packs (4), and Oreos.  I have no idea if I'll need all this but it isnt' too heavy and I'd rather not starve over my 8-10 hour trek.


I'll be donning my GoRuck hat with "Like A Boss" morale patch, Petzel headlamp, Mechanix gloves (original version), sweat head band, and some cloth tape (I'll be bringing only a foot or so of that massive roll) in case of blisters.


I opted for the GR1 with GoRuck reflective flag patch and added a carabineer.  My four bricks are wrapped in duct tape and then covered in red bubble wrap for a little bit of cushion.  I'm using a 3 liter source hydration bladder and I upgraded the mouth piece to the to Helix valve which works a little better than the standard mouth piece.  Although it isn't shown in the photo, I also picked up a universal tap adapter which allows you to fill up the bladder via a sink or bottle of water.  Lastly, I'll be bringing a small otter box for my cell phone keys and wallet. 

I can't believe this event is almost here, and I'm excited just thinking about it.  I'll be sure to provide you all with an after action report next week letting you know how everything went.  Does the GoRuck Challenge sound like something you'd be interested in?  Check out the GoRuck website for more info.  I'll leave you with just one more vid to spark your interest :)

GORUCK Good Livin' from GORUCK on Vimeo.