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Glock vs. Rubik's Cube

It is 2016, and I'm not entirely sure why Rubik's cubes are still around...  I mean we've got tablets and cell phones that are far superior to a child's puzzle toy that was never that much fun to play with anyway.  That being said, instead of learning how to quickly crack a Rubik's cube, it is probably wiser to spend some time with your firearm of choice.  Check out the vid:

GLOCK vs Rubik'sGlock always wins.

Posted by Alexander and Nicholas Shooting Siblings on Friday, February 12, 2016

Well, I won't judge these parents to harshly for letting their kids use a Glock...  I mean they should be trained up on the 1911 platform, but I suppose that is there choice.  Lol, good stuff, and damn those kids were fast!


Polish Ladies Going Full Tactical

I guess Poland doesn't have Magpul training videos so that had to make their own.  I think this training class was focused on ladies, and the instructors certainly didn't hold back.  You can go a head skip to about 1:10 to catch the action.

Those ladies did well!  Btw, what was up with that dude drawing and shooting behind his back?

h/t TFB


Larry Vickers Goes To Glock Town

Let's just clear the air and say that 1911's are far better that Glocks.  That being said, Glocks still have their place and I do admire their cameo appearances in food torture tests.  Larry Vickers went to Glock town and got a chance to do some training on their fancy range.

Wow, lots of good training tips in there.  Don't get so focused on the paper that you forget to look around.  When the zombies come, the won't all be standing in a straight line in front of you.  What did you guys think?


Hot Casing Vs. Low Cut Top

Wearing the proper clothing at the range is important.  I typically wear t-shirts and leave my low cut tops at home.  Casings can be a little hot and if they goe down your shirt, it can get your attention pretty quick.  Watch this chick take on a hot casing from a Glock... Be warned there is a little bit of swearing and the action doesn't happen until about 30 seconds in.

She actually handled that pretty well, and didn't muzzle sweep anyone too badly. 


Worst Glock Mag Holder Ever

Yes, you love your Glock; we all know.  You've been talking about how great it is for years, and all the cool things you need to do make it functional for engaging zombies.  A problem many Glock owners have been struggling with is where they can put extra mags.  Yes, belts and pants are an option, but what if you want to keep it a little closer to the gun?

As you can see pictured above GIS Tactical has created a mag holder in a place where you really wouldn't want the mag... ever.  Lol, if you were to reload using this weird brace, you'd have to take it eject it and the spin the whole thing 180 degrees.  I guess part of the allure is that you could use it as a forward grip, but the angle looks way the hell to low.  Using it as an additional grip would cause you to pull the gun down or some other strange angle.

Glock fans help me understand... Why would anyone even spend R&D on a project like this?

h/t aftermath