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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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CMMG Mutant Machine Gun With FPS Russia

What if you took that tacticool stylings of a AR style rifle and paired it with the7.62 magic of an AK47?  CMMG took the two rifles and married them up in a strange sort rifle that takes AK mags and has a DI AR style gas system.  FPS Russia managed to get his hands on this rifle, and it looks pretty cool.

Red neck wind chimes or what most folks would call toilet shooting!  Lol, I kind of like this rifle, although I don't know if captures the best of the AR & AK rifles.  Btw, what was up with that woodland creature at the end?

What do you guys think?  Would you own a rifle like this?


FPS Russia Takes A Spin In an M4 Sherman Tank

Ride around in a tank for day?  Hells yeah.  That sounds like fun and could probably make for a really sweet album to share with your friends on Facebook.  FPS Russia managed to play with one of these M4 Sherman Tanks for the day.  Check out the vid:

That is really cool that they help out vets and they have those awesome all terrain track chairs.  For such amazing weapons they picked pretty crappy targets though.  Seriously I've seen more reaction out of paper targets than those generic 2 liter bottles of cola and pineapples.  What did you guys think?



M60 FPS Russia Edition

Cool stuff doesn't make you look like a bad ass... That is unless you are carrying an M60, then you really do look like a bad ass.  FPS Russia takes this belt fed beast to full auto; check it out:

h/t predator


FPS Russia & The Kriss Vector

If you would have told me all it took was a crappy Russian accent to get my hands on some epic firearms I would have done it years ago.  I'm sure you are well familiar with FPS Russia by now and this time he takes on the Kriss Vector.

Wow, watching that ballistics gel wasn't exciting at all.  I suppose that was until I saw the backside of it!  Damn that RIP ammo looked pretty gross, although I'm surprised they didn't exit out of the back.  The exploding targets were pretty cool too.  Beer keg seemed like kind of a fail...

Have you guys handled a Kriss Vector?  What did you think?

h/t TTAG image via wiki


FPS Russia & The Modern Day BAR

If I were to make a list of cool guns that don't have a lot of practical usage, I'd put the Ohio Ordinance HCAR at the top of the list.  I've actually talked about this gun before, and it is basically a BAR that has been modernized with all sorts of things that make it look cool and have less recoil.  FPS Russia got his hands on one of these, and it looks like he had a ton of fun:

I'm jealous.  The HCAR can be yours for the low, low price of $4700.  It comes with a few goodies (see pic above) and can't be shipped to CA, NY, CT, MD, NJ, & Chicago.  Visit Ohio Ordiance Works for more info.