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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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Fireworks & Flamethrower

Its early on Monday and I'm already putting out metaphorical fires before I've left the house...  I hope you guys make this a kick ass week, and this vid will remind you not to do anything stupid with fireworks as Matt Best and Richard Ryan take a flamethrower to a stack of fireworks.


XM42: The World's First Commercially Available Handheld Flamethrower

Forget what I said about the chainsaw or the shotgun, flamethrower wins for close quarters zombie defense.  Give it another season, Walking Dead will be all over the fire breathing on the walkers.  Perhaps you've always wanted a flamethrower, and now your opportunity awaits.

The XM42 is "the world's first commercially available handheld flamethrower."  Seriously, do we need to call it that?  It is like those big warehouses that say "OPEN TO THE PUBLIC" even though the public is the only who shops there.  How does XM42 work?  It breathes frickin' fire, what more do you need to know!?!

Laughable as it sounds, this is actually going to be an indegogo campaign that launches next week.  Flamethrowers are legal in all states except for one.  If you guessed California, you're right :(  Yea, it is a misdemeanor.  For the rest of you, you'll be able to shoot flames 20-25 feet and it runs on 87 octane.

I'll keep you posted when this drops, and I honestly think it would be a ton of fun to play with.  Visit XM42 website for more info until the crowd funding campaign launches.  Prices start at $699.


This Chick Doesn't Understand Flamethrowers

You saw the headline and you were looking for a sexist debate... My apologies but you won't find one here.  I'm sure you and your significant other may disagree on which firearms and accessories you "need" (because we all need another gun, no matter the time of year nor what is in the checking account) or however you phrase it to her.  The flamethrower?  Well, don't come looking to me to try to justify to your spouse why you need one.  I'd sure love to play with one, but they look a little on the dangerous side if you know what I mean.  Check out this fella's experience with a flame thrower and his old lady.  FYI there is a little bit of swearing in the vid:

- Watch More Funny VideosThis Chick Just Don’t Get Flamethrowers

It is hard to tell from the vid, but I'm pretty sure this is a homemade rig.  Lol, I like the casual smoking of cigarette the whole time.  Do you think your wife/girlfriend/other would let you own a DIY flamethrower?


Flamethrower Powered By Rabbit Poop

I'm all about a little recycling and re-purposing of waste, but I feel like there is a line that needs to be drawn.  One of those crazy prepper people used some rabbit crap to power his flame thrower.  Check out the vid and I'll commence with the snark:

I really hope that blender wasn't used for making margaritas the following evening...  Sure using rabbit poo to power a flamethrower is creative, but a flamethrower as a defensive weapon seems questionable.  It is bulky and fragile, and I don't think it is very effective against any bad guy who has a projectile hurling device like a bow and arrow, sling shot, or atlatl. I also don't think it would be too easy to mount that shop vac, fuel tank, and a rabbit to that old ALICE pack frame...

I would highly advise against any DIY type flamethrowers and I feel like a little bit of safety gear would go a long ways... I'm not sure how effective sweaty cotton shirts are against a fireball of weaponized rabbit dung, but maybe some safety glasses or gloves might be a good starting point.