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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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Dom Raso: Best Defense Against Terror

The Orlando massacre has not been a missed opportunity for politicians to remind us of their stance on guns.  It is a lot of lie and spin, and every time I scroll through my Facebook feed I get angry.  That being said, there are few folks who are still speaking the truth.  Check out this great video from Dom Raso about what he thinks is one of the best defenses against terror.


Instructor Zero Takes On Dom Raso's Rambo Claims

I've posted a few of Dom Raso's Media Lab episodes where he breaks down what happens in Hollywood and tries to recreate it in real life.  One of the most recent episodes took a Rambo action sequence where he puts down 5 bad guys with 6 shots in less than two seconds.  Raso concluded it probably wasn't possible and Instructor Zero took on the challenge.  Check out the video below, and you can fast forward to 2:30 to see where the action happens.

Instructor Zero's vids have been more show boating than anything, but I like this vid for some reason.  It was pretty impressive that he was able to make it happen several times, and with some accuracy in less than two seconds.  This vid felt a little more realistic and focused on skill compared to trying to shoot with a plastic bag over your head which seems to be the market Instructor Zero is looking to corner.  Hopefully Zero will make more vids like this...

h/t gunwire


Dom Raso Breaks Down The Movie Collateral

I've been watching Dom Raso's latest show Media Lab in which he breaks down the actions that happen in big Hollywood blockbusters.  The episodes have been kind of hit or miss, and I haven't been terribly impressed thus far.  That being said, the Collateral break down isn't half bad.  Go ahead and fast forward to 2:42 for the Collateral portion.

I like the little intro about how to get out of zip ties; that was a nice bonus.  Tom Cruise took down those thugs like a boss, and Dom Raso looked like he was a long way from cool with those BCG safety glasses.  Lol, safety first with those sim rounds. The down side to this vid there wasn't really much to fix, because Tom Cruise trained his ass off beforehand.  Check out the original clip below:



Dom Raso Visits Daniel Defense

If you are looking for a quality rifle, Daniel Defense is a great choice.  While I wish the price wasn't so high, they really do make great rifles.  Check out this factory tour taken NRA's favorite SEAL, Dom Raso:

Pretty cool stuff.  Do any of you guys have a Daniel Defense rifle?  What do you think?

h/t gunwire


Dom Raso: Assault Weapons Aren't Really Used by Criminals

Assault weapons?  Do you mean defense rifle?  The media has long chosen to put the evils of the world on the shoulders of semi automatic rifles in the hopes of getting them banned forever.  Truth be told, assault weapons aren't really the choice for criminals.  Dom Rasso (Navy SEAL and NRA poster boy) interviews a SWAT officer about his thoughts on assault weapons and how often they are used in crimes:

Is it just me or does it seem like that SWAT dudes eyes were small and really close together?  Anyway, not a big surprise that he doesn't run into AKs and ARs on a daily basis.  Law abiding gun owners have known for a long time that the media makes a big deal about assault weapons, but by in large all the Chicago murders committed with blunt objects and crappy handguns don't seem to get reported.  Remember folks, just because the news reports something doesn't mean it isn't biased.