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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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Do You Even Conceal Bro?

Look I'm all for concealed carry, but you gotta be realistic about what you take with you.  Try tying your shoes with an appendix carry 1911!  Forget about it!  This guy is up to the challenge of serious concealment...

Fumbled mag changes FTL :(  Lol, not realistic, but entertaining I guess.


Concealed Weapons Holders Put To The Test

The old saying goes "When seconds count, police are only minutes away."  If you can get a concealed carry  permit it your state, by all means do it.  A Texas ABC affiliate put together a great active shooter scenario in which actual concealed carry holders got to put their skills to the test.  Check out the video:

Well, it looks like a few of those folks could use a little more practice, and open carry might not always be the best choice.  What did you guys think?



Holster With A Hook

I picked up a waved Emerson knife not that long ago and I really like it.  It is well made and the opening feature out of the pocket is pretty sweet.  I guess that same thought is being applied to holsters too; check out the vid:



I checked out Peter's Custom Holsters and it looks like they don't have anything up on their site yet, but I"ll keep you posted when I get more info.

h/t TFB


Bad Idea: The Handgun Sling

There are lots of ways to carry concealed...  Some guys like to carry a murse with a full size handgun, and other folks prefer to use one of the 85 holsters they have in that drawer at home.  Either way, no one has invented the perfect way to carry a handgun.  The handgun sling was an attempt to solve this problem and it fails horribly.  Watch the video:

As one of the eloquent youtube commenters pointed out, you get an obstructed barrel and no way to guard the trigger.  I also think that extra loop around the top is going to get caught in everything when your aderline is flowing and the zombies are within gnawing distance.

Visit the site if you want, but I'm still not entirely convinced this whole thing isn't a prank...  $15 for a piece of string and metal disc?  This is a joke right? 


Good Cause Portion Of CCW Ruled Unconstitutional In CA

I got the news yesterday afternoon and I've been smiling ever since.  CA courts made a major step in the right direction for gun owners.  You see, in order to carry a concealed handgun in Los Angeles or Orange county (or the rest of this damn state) you need to have a compelling reason which is referred to as "good cause" to get a permit.  The good cause is defined as:

Convincing evidence of a clear and present danger to life, or of great bodily harm to the applicant, his/her spouse, or dependent child, which cannot be adequately dealt with by existing law enforcement resources, and which danger cannot be reasonably avoided by alternative measures, and which danger would be significantly mitigated by the applicant's carrying of a concealed firearm.

The problem is that in LA & OC it was damn near impossible to get a CCW.  Orange county hasn't issued any in years, and LA county really only gave them to a few district attorneys and political figures.  All of that is going to change very soon, as the 9th Circuit Court has ruled the "good cause" restriction to be unconstitutional!  Here is a quote from the court room:

[I]f self-defense outside the home is part of the core right to “bear arms” and the California regulatory scheme prohibits the exercise of that right, no amount of interest-balancing under a heightened form of means-ends scrutiny can justify San Diego’s policy . . .

A law effecting a “destruction of the right” rather than merely burdening it is, after all, an infringement under any light….

Open carry was made illegal not that long ago and since concealed carry wasn't an option, us law abiding citizens were left with no options except law suit.  Okay so what is the practicality behind all this?  Well I'm not going to tell you to rush and and buy a bunch of sub compact weapons and concealable holsters just yet.  This is definitely a big step in the right direction but it isn't necessarily final, and nothing moves fast with the government.  

If I had to guess, I'd expect to see the application process open up to folks some time in 2015.  A huge backlog is to be expected as thousands of Californians will want to get their freedom back. Also, the state won't really know how to handle all of this... Right now CCWs need to go through the country sheriff but perhaps this could be moved to a state level process like many of the surrounding states.  Nonetheless, I'm really excited about this news, and I'm hoping that by the time CCW system is up and running the CA handgun roster will also be struck down too.  It doesn't hurt to dream :)  

h/t TTAG