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Larry Vickers Goes Full Collateral

Have I mentioned I love the movie Collateral?  It is a great film wtih some epic gun sequences.  Larry Vickers decided to a break down of the famous "Yo homie, is that my briefcase?" scene.  Check it out:

Well, I guess that was a little better than the Dom Raso version, yet I still found the break down pretty entertaining.  What did you guys think?


Dom Raso Breaks Down The Movie Collateral

I've been watching Dom Raso's latest show Media Lab in which he breaks down the actions that happen in big Hollywood blockbusters.  The episodes have been kind of hit or miss, and I haven't been terribly impressed thus far.  That being said, the Collateral break down isn't half bad.  Go ahead and fast forward to 2:42 for the Collateral portion.

I like the little intro about how to get out of zip ties; that was a nice bonus.  Tom Cruise took down those thugs like a boss, and Dom Raso looked like he was a long way from cool with those BCG safety glasses.  Lol, safety first with those sim rounds. The down side to this vid there wasn't really much to fix, because Tom Cruise trained his ass off beforehand.  Check out the original clip below:



Gunny's New Glock Commercial: Wrong Taxi

Glock may not make my personal choice for handguns, but they put together some pretty quality ads.  Their latest ad is pretty good and features a taxi ride that goes sour.  Check it out below:

Did anyone else find it strange that the guy robbing the cab driver was well dressed middle aged white guy?  Seriously, do you think that dude is going to take a blade to a cabbie for less than $100 cash in small bills?  I saw Collateral, and I know how this works...  Gunny had a nice cameo but his hit looked pretty cheesy.  What do you guys think, does this make you want to buy a Glock?

h/t gunmart


Mythbusters: Knife to a Gun Fight

I hate when people say "never bring a knife to a gun fight".  It is such a tired phrase the implies the obvious which you should already know.  Anyway the Mythbusters crew decided to see how close a knife wielding d-bag could get to a gun wielding d-bag.  Check out the vid and I'll continue to crack wise.

Why wasn't his gat ready to go?  If zombies or dudes in berets are within butcher knife distance, you can feel free to carry with one in the chamber, mmkay?  I would guess if his weapon was actually ready to roll he could probably have dropped that distance by even more.  It is interesting to think that even if the beret got capped he could still probably stumble a few steps and plunge the knife into the other geek.  I would argue, that this would be a great case for point shooting like Tom Cruise does in the vid below.  With a hard charging beret you almost have to shoot from the hip.  Overall an interesting study that concludes the cast of Mythbusters doesn't know a terrible lot about shooting...




Public Enemies: Badass

Michael Mann is, hands down, my favorite director.  Mann has done such films as Heat, Collateral, Ali, and Miami Vice, and most recently Public Enemies (which has all the potential for epicness).  Thompsons, gangsters, and bank robberies return the audience to an era when crime was a respectable profession.

Public Enemies is based upon the true story of John Dillinger, a bank robber from the 1930's, played by Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp.  Dillinger had a rep of being a robin hood type hero, and established bank robbing as a fashionable career during the Depression.

Depp's foil is played by Batman Christian Bale, who is the FBI agent leading the case.  The FBI was established shortly before this era to combat smugglers and bootleggers during the time of prohibition.  When the crime waves of the 1930's hit the FBI was dispatched to quell such thieves.

Mann has always been a fanstic director and knows how to properly utilize firearms in film.  Mick Gould has been the weapons advisor for a ton of Mann's films (Heat, Collateral, Miami Vice) and luckily he is also behind Public Enemies.  Gould retired from a 10 year career with the British SAS and you can see a clip of him above conducting training for the movie Collateral.  The weapons handling is phenomenal and I have no doubts the weapons will look fantastic in Public Enemies.

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this film.  A great story, amazing actors, and bad ass weapons will make this film awesome.