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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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How To Be Tacticool (Kinda NSFW)

You know Matt Best?  He did all those videos with bikini snaps and tactical workout parody videos and what not.  He is a pretty funny guy, and his latest vid doesn't disappoint.  Just a little head's up, there is some swearing and girls wearing American Flag bikinis.  Might be best not watch this at the office...

I think I laughed hardest during all the shenanigans on the range.  His imitation of gun internet celebrities was hilarious! 



Costa Map System

Chris Costa has had several lines of tactical gear manufacturers in the past ranging from silly looking to ridiculously expensive.  Costa's latest system looks to be fairly priced and pretty cool looking.  Check out the vid below:

I really like the whole setup!  The modular design keeps things separate and easy to pack depending on if you are going on an extended zombie hunt or just a quick afternoon at the range.  All the products are made by LBX Tactical and come in a few different colors including that super bad ass wolf grey color (grey is the new mutlicam).  The prices are very fair with the rifle bag at $275, plate carrier at $200, and a whole bunch of smaller accessories.  Head over to LBX to view the whole collection.

h/t SSD


Chris Costa PI

I would say the Magnum PI theme song may have been one of the best theme songs to come out of the 80's.  Somebody took the time to mashup clips of Chris Costa and the Magnum PI theme song.  It is pretty awesome and you should watch it right now:

As an added Friday bonus and slightly related note, check out the Star Wars version of the Magnum PI theme song treatment:

h/t gunnuts


Chris Costa Flashlight Ring: The Switchback

The bearded Costa is at it again with a brand new product that I'm sure will sell out it record time.  It is called the SwitchBack and is basically a ring that attaches to your flashlight and frees up your hands for fighting zombies.  Check out the vid, and I'll commence with the snark:

I kind of like this idea... I've shot whilst holding a flashlight and it kinda sucks.  You can be as mall ninja as a professional airsoft player, but it is damn near impossible to quickly reload with a flashlight in your hands.  If your gun has a tactical rail on it add 10 cool guy operator points to your scorecard you can throw on a light, but that means you need to get a bigger holster for handguns, or mount it in a really cool way on your rifle. Either way, it is inconvient.

The SwitchBack seems to offer a pretty good solution for keeping your hands free and allowing you to shine a light on your plastic zombie targets.  Here is what Thyrm (that's a terrible name) has to say about their magic flashlight rings:

SwitchBack allows the user to rapidly deploy the flashlight for searching or single-hand shooting techniques, but then reorient the flashlight for use with a two-handed grip just like a weapon-light. We also made sure users could perform reloads and clear malfunctions without having to stow or hang the light.

The SwitchBack fits between the flashlight’s body and the tail cap, making it secure regardless of impact, moisture or heat/cold changes.

SwitchBack Large is compatible with:
SureFire G2X, P2X, P3X, 6PX, Z2X, G2ZX.

Lol, I'm about 90% sure people are going to buy these because they want a cool way to twirl an expensive flashlight.  At only $19, I'm not really sure how you can turn this product down.  It has been blessed by the Costa and will allow you to spin the most expensive flashlights right into your own eyes. There are two models, medium which is a little smaller, and the large which has a pocket clip.  As a nice bonus both size rings have a knuckle spike which is great for close range zombie defense.

h/t SSD


What The Hell Is Costa Media Group's Easy Day?

Everyone seems to be talking about Chris Costa's latest project, Easy Day via Costa Media Group.  It is partially a short film and also partially a gear show off video.  I'm not entirely sure what to make of this, but check out the video and I'll bring on the snark.

What the hell is this thing?  It isn't a training film, and as a short film the acting, editing, and dialogue are weak.  Yes the cinematic quality was amazing, but the rest of the film fell pretty flat.  I guess Costa has reached a point where he can do fun little passion projects that look cool.

I've got lots of questions...  Who cast that dude as a villain?  That little hipster kid does not look like an evil drug dealer by any means, and the guy speaking with him on the phone is friggin awful.  Did he really need to get shot in the dick?  Was having that chick in the film necessary?  She catches bullets and starts crying within first minute of the film. It kind of reminded me of when Samuel L. Jackson was killed off early in Deep Blue Sea (yes that was a deep pull, and don't like you haven't seen that movie).  Bonus points for the drug dealer with the big beard. 

Check out the behind the scenes video above, which is about twice as long as the actual short and more interesting.  You can visit Costa's facebook page to stay on top of the action and learn more about his new short films with bad actors media group via his official website.