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WTF Gov. Brown...

::sigh:: When Arnold left office, the People's Republik of Kalifornia was happy to see him go.  He enacted some crap-tastic gun laws and did a whole lot of nothing for the PRK.  Gov. Brown took the reigns and I had heard he was a real sportsman who loved guns; I doubt it now!  He passed a bunch of bills, and I'll talk about a few of them.

Assembly Bill 809

Registering long guns?  WTF?  I'm sure this will help keep track of all those hunters criminals who purchase bolt action rifles to use in bank robberies.... This will cost the PRK a bunch of money and I genuinely feel this is not where our efforts should be focused. 

Assembly Bill 144

Open carry is now illegal.  I knew this was coming and it is kinda sad.  I was offended that a few PRK gun owners took it upon themselves to (represent all PRK gun owners) put this law to the test by rockin' their pistols in public.  Look, I understand that is "legal" but isn't exactly good for the liberal sheeple that live in this state.  By "drumming up awareness" you've now passed bill 144 based on your public statement of bringing your cheap ass .32 auto to the local Starbucks.

Dream Act

Another great place to put resources, the illegal aliens of the PRK!  WTF seriously?  I could do a whole post on this alone, but once again, is this the answer to PRK's problems?  Of course not.... You can read all the details about it here.

The NRA put together a list of firearms related bills:

Governor Jerry Brown Signs Three Anti-Gun Bills into Law
On Sunday, California gun owners and sportsmen were dealt another blow when Governor Jerry Brown signed into law three anti-gun bills (AB 809, SB 819 and AB 144) and vetoed a fourth (SB 427) only because there is a pending lawsuit, according to his veto message on the bill. The Governor did sign one pro-gun bill (SB 610) into law.
Below is a description of each of the bills Governor Brown signed into law. AB 144 and SB 819 will take effect on January 1, 2012. AB 809 will take effect on January 1, 2014.
Assembly Bill 809 will require the registration of any newly purchased long guns. Not only does AB 809 violate Second Amendment rights by expanding California’s gun registry to include rifles and shotguns, it is also a huge waste of taxpayer money at a time when California is drowning in debt. Gun control advocates estimate the cost of this registration at $400,000, a number that is almost certainly far less than it will actually cost to implement and enforce this registry if enacted. The only value of registration is to help governments confiscate firearms in the future. To view Governor Brown’s signing message click here.
Senate Bill 819 allows the Department of Justice to use the Dealer Record of Sales (DROS) funds to help pay for enforcement of California firearm possession laws in the Armed & Prohibited Persons Systems program. The DROS fund monies were originally collected from every firearm purchaser to pay for the administrative process for background checks. This new law will divert hundreds of thousands of dollars of DROS fee monies that YOU have paid for background checks. As a result, the DROS fund will run out of money and when it does, they will want another increase in the fees YOU PAY for FIREARM background checks in California.
Assembly Bill 144 bans the open carrying of an unloaded handgun. In reality, the open carrying of firearms by law-abiding citizens is caused by California’s unfair concealed carry laws, which allow citizens from one county to apply for and receive a permit while neighbors in the next county are denied that basic right in an arbitrary manner.
Senate Bill 427 was vetoed by the Governor. Unfortunately, the only reason he vetoed this bill was because of the pending lawsuit against its predecessor, AB 962. Not once did the Governor mention how this bill will negatively affect California gun owners, sportsmen or retailers.
This bill would have granted authority to law enforcement to collect sales records from ammunition retailers, required ammunition vendors to notify local law enforcement of their intention to engage in the business of selling ammunition AND includes a list of calibers which would have to be registered to purchasers at the point-of-purchase. This list contains ammunition popular among hunters and collectors. This point-of-sale registration of all ammunition purchases in the state would be available for inspection by the California Department of Justice at any time. To view Governor Brown’s veto message click here.
As noted above, Governor Brown did sign one pro-gun bill (SB 610) into law.
Senate Bill 610 standardizes the application process for a permit to carry a concealed handgun and removes the requirement that a CCW applicant obtain liability insurance as a condition of obtaining a CCW permit.


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