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The Fight For CCWs Moves To Riverside County

Ever since the appeals court changed it's stance on how concealed carry (CCW or CHL) are issued, things have been changing pretty quickly here in CA.  For years, the majority of counties in Southern California (that's how we issues the permits here, on a county level) required some type of good cause to be deemed worthy.  Good cause is pretty tricky, because it usually requires some kind of unique extenuating circumstance such as a threat on your life or you own a business that transfers large amounts of cash or jewelry.

Things are slowly changing here and Orange County has withdrawn the "good cause" portion of the CCW saying that you can list self defense as a justifiable reason for wanting to possess a CCW.  LA County is still on a lock down for CCWs, while Ventura County is operating like OC.  Another large county down here is Riverside and the residents are fed up with the lack of CCWs.

Sheriff Sniff of Riverside County has been contact by the CalGuns Foundation who is keeping up the good fight.  Here is a bit of the CGF had to say in their post:

Currently, the sheriff only issues “CCW” licenses to those who demonstrate a “heightened” good cause, with “[c]onvincing evidence of a clear and present danger to life, or of great bodily harm to the applicant, his/her spouse, or dependent child, which cannot be adequately dealt with by existing law enforcement resources.”

Wow that sounds bad! Visit the CGF website to learn more about how you can help and how they are working to restore our 2nd Amendment rights!


Kamala Harris Will Appeal Good Cause CCWs In CA

Sometimes you just want something to be true so bad... The news has been reporting a flood of CCW applications in Orange Country and other counties across the state.  I think we were excited that San Diego wasn't going to appeal the ruling for the "good cause" portion of the CCWs that was ruled unconstitutional. 

The problem is that this is CA, and when it comes to guns, things are never that simple.  Attorney General Kamala Harris came forward and said the she would be appealing the ruling.  It is hard for me to get a feeling on why she is doing this... I'm not sure if it is political posturing to keep Obama happy (he did say she was the most beautiful attorney generals) or if she actually thinks she'll win the case; perhaps some combination of the two. 

As it stands now, counties across CA are back logged with CCW applications, and if the ruling changes chances are good those applications could be revoked.  I'm not saying you shouldn't still apply; I'm just letting you know about a possible outcome.  There are several other law suits pending about CCW issuance, but I really don't see the Attorney General winning this one.  I think the ruling was a big step for CA, and it may take a few more steps to get CCWs locked in.  Stay vigilant folks, we are bringing freedoms back to this state.

h/t TTAG


Update On CCWs In CA

Ever since the news broke that the CA courts ruled that the "good cause" portion for CCWs was unconstitutional, lots of media outlets have been picking up the story.  The CalGuns foundation is modeling what CA could look like with about 3% of the population carrying concealed.  This number is model after what North Carolina's numbers look like.  I think this estimate is woefully low, and I'm expecting a lot of people to come out of the wood work requesting CCWs.

For those of you who aren't from CA, LA and Orange counties have been dark on CCWs for a long time.  Just the fact that it will soon be available means lots more people are going to want it; carrying concealed has much more significance in this state. 

In a somewhat some surprising move, San Diego county has come forward saying that they will comply with the new change in law and they are expecting a huge boom in permits.  Orange County also came forward saying that they are preemptively moving to allow CCW's without the good cause justification.  Here is a quote from Lt. Jeff Hallock (a representative for Sheriff Sandra Hutchens):

Before the court’s decision, good cause was something that was evaluated by the sheriff. What she considers good cause may not be same as Los Angeles, Riverside or San Diego as good cause. But in looking at the decision, some of the subjectiveness is taken out of it

To get a permit in Orange County you have to pay about $200, take a 16 hour class, an interview, and you pass a background check.  Here is a statement from the official OC Sheriffs' website:

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department will accept CCW applications which include, in the “Details of Reason for Applicant Desiring a CCW License” (on page 10 of 13 of the California Department of Justice Standard Initial and Renewal Application for License to Carry a Concealed Weapon), that the CCW license is needed for self-defense or personal safety. Applications which include other reasons showing “good cause” for the CCW License as set forth in the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s Policy 218, License to Carry a Concealed Firearm, will also be accepted.

So now the only downside is that damn pistol registry...  No news on the law suits yet, and unfortunately there aren't a wide selection cool compact carry guns for CA.  I can only hope that the damn list will be abolished, but I guess in the mean time I need to go shopping for some concealed holsters and submit my application for a CCW!

If you'd like more info on obtaining a CCW in CA, head over to the CalGuns Foundation for a really informative guide.


Law Suit For Lack Of Orange County CCW

This may come as a surprise to my readers who don't live in California, but we have major concealed carry issues in our state.  See in you gun friendly state you just take a class, fill out some paperwork, and pay some cash and you can carry concealed.  In California the issuance of a CCW is at the discretion of the county sheriff or chief of police.  So as you might expect, those super liberal counties (and those adjacent to them) don't really give out CCWs and more rural conservative places do.  So if you get a permit to carry concealed in a rural place you can carry anywhere in the state as well as a few other states California has reciprocity with.

The big reason most county sheriffs don't give them out is because there has to be a "good reason" for having the permit.  Self defense does not really count as a good reason in the eyes of the sheriff in liberal counties.  If you own a business where you transport a ton of cash or jewelry you might be able to make a case, but even that is no guarantee in places like Los Angeles or Orange County.

It is damned near impossible to get a CCW in LA or OC, and finally someone is suing the OC sheriff about this.  The case is claiming that no one gets CCW permits in OC and being that open carry is now illegal people are really only allowed to defend themselves with a firearm at home.  Every where else.... Well, you're on your own and hopefully you've got a nice knife. 

These types of law suits typically don't get too much traction but hell, even if it moves things in the right direction I'd be happy.  What these counties often overlook is that CCWs generate revenue for the state in the from of taxes on weapons, ammunition, and accessories as well as keep money in local economies through firearms classes and purchasing said items at local gun stores. 

Carrying concealed means lives saved and less crime; everybody but the criminals win.  I'm not going to rush out and buy a new handgun, but if a miracle did happen I might start shopping around for a S&W M&P.  You can read more about the court case here.


Free Chicken For Concealed Carry Holders

Some business realize that having concealed carry holders in their establishments is a good thing.  If potential robbers know that a store is full of gun toting patriots they are far more likely to move on to the next store down the road that prohibits firearms.  In Louisiana, Chicken Express offered a free meal to customers who had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.  Safest chicken restaurant in Louisiana, hands down., Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX Newsa