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    California's Gun Problem
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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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The People Speak: Fighting For CCWs in Southern California

CCWs in Southern California are a sticky issue all centered around having "good cause."  Before you go on a rant about the 2A and the Constitution, remember that this is the current state of affairs in the not so great state of California.  Good cause is essentially a reason why you should have a CCW, and in the past this was seen as being victim of a previous violent crime or transporting large amounts of cash or valuables (think business owners).  Protecting your family is not something that is defined as good cause by local law enforcement. 

The battle has been raging in this state for years and there was a bit of traction or a year or so ago with several places like Orange, Ventura, and San Bernardino started issuing concealed carry permits to law abiding citizens.  If you live in Los Angeles County, which borders many of the counties that issue CCWs, you don't have a snowball's chance of getting one.  Check out the people of West Covina (part of LA County) and their words to the Police Chief who is refusing to issue concealed carry permits:

That is great!  I hope the people of West Covina get some traction with this vid.  Stay vigilant folks, be sure to abide by all your local laws and contact your legislators.


Concealed Weapons Holders Put To The Test

The old saying goes "When seconds count, police are only minutes away."  If you can get a concealed carry  permit it your state, by all means do it.  A Texas ABC affiliate put together a great active shooter scenario in which actual concealed carry holders got to put their skills to the test.  Check out the video:

Well, it looks like a few of those folks could use a little more practice, and open carry might not always be the best choice.  What did you guys think?



How To Survive An Active Shooter

I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see PSA vids on how to survive an active shooter.  As far as these kinds of videos go, this one isn't awful, and I like that they encourage fighting back (if you can't run of course) and tips for CCW owners.

In the common era of slim line TVs good luck on using that 32" flat panel to barricade the door...  Lol how about the epic man ponytail on the shooter?  Jokes aside, be safe and be vigilant.  What did you think of the vid?

h/t TTAG


Another Step Toward Shall Issue Concealed Carry Permits In CA

California had a big win today.  CCWs have been a sore subject here in CA, and I actually talk quite about this in my recent book California's Gun Problem.  The 9th Circuit Court denied Kamala Harris from her efforts in limiting the recent ruling for CCWs in the golden state.  She really didn't have a dog in this fight (legally speaking) but as a democrat she had to play her part and make this move for the liberals who voted for her.  This was always posturing from the start, but it also served to delay some counties from issuing concealed carry permits to law abiding residents since the Peruta case.

Everyone is waving a big flag of victory, but isn't over yet.  The wheels of justice turn slowly and if you live in one of the stubborn counties here in CA, don't expect your local sheriff to get a sudden change of heart.  All this court decision means is that things are moving in the right direction, but this could still take some time and potentially go to the Supreme Court. 

If you want to read the long boring court docs associated with this case, feel free to visit this site.  You can learn more by visiting the NRA site, and I'll keep you updated as this court case moves ahead.


Colion Noir: Concealed Carry Whilst Pooping

Concealed carry hasn't quite translated to the masses here in SoCal (the waiting list is pretty darn long), but when it does I'm sure many of us here will be stuck with a serious problem.  I never really considered going number two while supporting the number two amendment might pose some serious challenges.  Colion Noir talks poop and guns in his latest vid, check it out:

Sound off in the comments below if you have some good ideas for concealed carry whilst pooping.