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California: Ammunition Registration 

The internet was blowing up yesterday about California's attempt to waste tax payer time and money with an ammunition registration bill.  This bill is nothing new, but it got passed in the Senate yesterday.  Before you pack your bags and curse California, let's remember that this isn't law yet.  I've talked about this process and several other bad CA gun bills in this post if you want to get caught up. 

Kevin De Leon is the author of SB 53, which would require a permit to purchase ammunition.  This permit could only be obtained after a criminal and mental health background check was passed (I'm guessing this is basically like the DROS process).  Although, it isn't specifically mentioned, I'm sure the state will quietly start keeping track of all the ammo you are purchasing.  Check out this audio clip from De Leon's radio interview, where he goes full derp.

"Ammunition is the fuel that feeds the violence in California." 

De Leon is backing this up with what research exactly?  Last time I checked far more people died from fists and blunt objects than they did from bullets.  This law wouldn't just punish folks that like to shoot common calibers, it would also make it an even bigger pain in the ass to purchase lead free rounds (that are rarely ever used for crimes) to go hunting in this state.

Many of you are concerned and fearful of a bill like this and the implications it could have if passed.  We both know this bill will do nothing to stop or slow crime, and for some reason or state legislature is hell bent on attacking our freedoms.  As I've said it before, but I'm quite confident this bill won't pass.  Past ammunition bills making it illegal to purchase ammo via the internet were ruled unconstitutional, and if this bill did get that much traction, I'm sure it would share the same fate.

Stay vigilant, and I'll keep you posted on this bill and the others in the future.


California Gun Seizures Part III

It's no secret that California is trying to lead the nation in freeway graffitii gun seizures.  If you want to get caught up, be sure to check out Part I and Part II of my CA gun seizure coverage.  Apparently the golden state has collected a massive amount of data on gun owners and is looking to take back guns from people that shouldn't have them like felons and the mentally ill.  The unfortunate part is that much of the confiscation is not via a warrant but by means of the DOJ talking their way through the door.  Check this informative vid:

Yikes, 10,000 guns seized and more than 40,000 more that still need to be, ahem, reclaimed.  As I've said many times in the past, these guns should be resold to the public.  Instead of the state selling these guns back to the public in a legal manner, they are melted down and formed into rebar for future building projects.  Hypothetically speaking, if those 50k guns sold for an average of $250 each (which is a very low estimate) the state could net an additional $12.5 million dollars.   The money is literally being burned; way to go CA...

All those figures aside the most disturbing part of the video comes through the form of the lack of search warrants.  At 3:45 the video states:

"The agents usually don't have the probable cause needed to obtain a search warrant; so they use persuasion to gain access.  If firearms are discovered that are registered to the person, an arrest can be made."

Lol, what do you think they will do with firearms that are found not belonging to the person in question?  I smell confiscation and legal fees folks!  Listen, I get that these people shouldn't legally have firearms, but obtaining them this way is a joke.  Stay vigilant folks; a warrant or probable cause is needed according to the bill of rights.

 h/t gunwire


California Gun Seizures 

Did I mention the many great perks that come along with living in the golden state?  The legislators of California think we are so awesome that we should be a model for how other states and the entire nation should act.  Lol, maybe we can teach other states how to have horrible traffic, raise taxes to a painful level, and push successful businesses (both big and small) to other states.  I guess CA is now conducting gun seizures; not to worry, your bullet button AR rifle is safe.  The seizures have more to with those who purchased weapons legally but now cannot have access to them because they are felons or have mental illness.  Check out the CNN vid:

The part that seems most disheartening is the fact that no warrant was issued to obtain these weapons.  Law enforcement had to sweet talk their way into the residence and then somehow claim the weapons afterward.  I'm also a little disappointed the best source CNN could get was a TV judge who keeps staying "statue" and her leading credit was "emmy nominated judge."  Nonetheless something stinks about this whole thing. 

h/t gunwire


Feinstein Carries A Gun For Protection?

I once told an uber Democratic liberal friend of mine that Feinstein and Boxer have had a  "good run" and retirement would be a solid choice being that they are both like 150 years old.  Maybe there is a nice Walmart greeter position they could transition to?  Anyway, the good people over at Fire Clean posted this video from 1995 on their facebook page showing a very candide interview with Feinstein in front of the senate.  Turns out, like most Americans, she SIMPLY WANTED TO PROTECT HERSELF.  Shocking isn't it?  Here are her exact words:

"I know the sense of helplessness that people feel. I know the urge to arm yourself because that's what I did. I was trained in firearms. I walked to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon and I made the determination if somebody was going to try and take me out, I was going to take them with me."

Hell, do you know how hard it is to get a CCW (concealed weapons carry permit) in the state of California?  If you live in LA, OC, or SF county it is damned near impossible to get a carry permit.  Oddly enough, most people simply want the permit to protect themselves and their families.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by hypocrisy in politics...

H/T Fire Clean and MRC



SB249 Bullet Button Update (Part IV)

This damn SB249 bill won't die...  I thought we were passed this, and Yee was going to go back to not worrying about the rest of the problems that plague California.  You can catch up on this whole story with parts one, two, and three.  My inbox has been inundated with emails from NRA, Crossroads, and a few others about SB249.  Here is what the NRA said:

SB 249, as amended, would make a small but profound change to the definition of what constitutes a detachable magazine for a semiautomatic firearm.  By doing so, hundreds of thousands of semi-automatic rifles, which were legally sold in California over the last decade, would become illegal on July 1, 2013. SB 249 also has no provisions to allow permitting, licensing or reimbursement for the loss of valuable property.  Worse yet, the bill doesn’t require a public notice program to advise owners of this change in state law. Thousands of owners could be arrested for inadvertent violations.  If you own an affected firearm, your only choices would be to destroy it, surrender it to a law enforcement agency, sell it out of state or have it confiscated at the time of your arrest!  SB 249 is a pure anti-gun bill and MUST BE DEFEATED.

Calguns posted a link to the vid below regarding what would be permitted if this bill passes.  I'm still convinced this bill won't pass, or if for some reason it does, it will be amended later.  Remember the ammo bill that would make it illegal to purchase ammo on the interwebs?  It was passed and then ruled unconstitutional before it actually went live. 

I wish people on youtube would simply get to the damn point instead of dragging their feet for an extra few minutes.  I understand what your getting at, but 30 rounds would've conveyed the message much faster than 60; just sayin'.  You can visit ten percent firearms for more information on how to "prepare your rifle" if the bill passes, and coincidently they just happen to sell all the accessories you need.  That monster man grip (pictured above where the pistol grip should be) is ugly, uncomfortable, and still not "proven legal in court" FYI.

Don't fret folks, Calguns has a great legal team, and i'm convinced this bill won't make it.