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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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Arnold's Over The Top Trailer: Tanks For Nothing

So I'm sure you saw that headline and thought this trailer was for just another Arnold movie, but it isn't.  I've loved Arnold's films for years, and when he became the Govenator I lost a lot of respect for him and his .50 cal ban across the state.  While I still think that was a waste of time and money to go after something like that, I've since read his book and found that I admire his work ethic and drive. 

All that aside, Arnold held a contest that allowed one lucky winner to cruise around his tank.  This was all for charity and looked like it was a lot of fun.  Check out the video:



EPIC: Arnold Schwarzenegger Christmas Video

It seems like Christmas has snuck up on me again this year!  It is hard to fathom that it is just a few days away.  I wanted to give a special thanks to all of you guys who visit and read my blog everyday.  You all mean the world to me, and watching the traffic on this site continue to grow is a huge encouragment.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and I hope Santa leaves something tactical under your trees :)  I'm gonna take a few days off to relax and celebrate but I'll be back next week a few special posts including my top ten films of 2012 as well as an epic post on how to not suck in 2013.

I leave you with this epic 80's Christmas video featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tyson, and DeVito.  Enjoy, and again Merry Christmas!


Total Recall Trailer

You know what, we should start remaking all of Arnold's movies from the 80's.  Hell, a Running Man reboot would be amazing as long as that operatic singer stayed.  Anywho, Colin Farrel is in the new Total Recall, as is Kate Beckinsale.  While it doesn't look terrible, I'm not entirely sure it will be amazing either.  Enjoy the pre-trailer.

Total Recall by teasertrailer


Expendables 2 Trailer: EPIC!!!!

I enjoyed the first Expendables movie because my expectations were met.  I knew I was going to get an over the top action movie and Sly delivered.  The only thing the movie lacked was Steven Segal Chuck Norris.  Expendables 2 has stepped up their game and got Chuck Norris and the crappiest governor to grace to Kalifornia, Arnold.  Wait there is more... VAN DAMME!


Fighting Against California's Ammo Bill

I previously wrote about the failure of California's dictators leaders in creation of AB962, which would ban online ammunition sales and keep a record of ammo purchases at brick and mortar stores.  This bill was signed into law and the spineless Govenator decided this bill would go live well after he had left office.  Convenient isn't it?

Hope is not lost and Assemblymember Hagman has taken up the cause against the ammo registration bill and created AB740 to repel AB962.  Here is a letter I received from him:

Dear Friends,

I first want to thank you.  My office has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for the repeal of the AB 962. This bill requires ammunition registration and infringes upon the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Californians. 

I am truly humbled by the attention and time you have taken to let me know your opinion on such an important issue.  You have heeded the call to action and it is my hope my fellow state legislators whom represent you will hear you and lend their support for repealing this legislation. 

The first piece of news I have to share with you is the repeal bill will be AB 740.  Due to some technical difficulties with legislation and the rules governing certain amendments I was unable to use AB 373 as a vehicle for our legislation. 

Rest assured a change in number in no way changes the intent of the bill.  I am working with the National Rifle Association on a daily basis to ensure this bill is heard in the Assembly Public Safety committee during their first hearing on January 12.  There is no time to waste. 


Curt Hagman

Assemblyman, District 60


Keep up the good fight my friends.  California is a sinking ship but can still be saved!