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AR15 Coke Can Launcher Update

Shooting bullets is cool, but shooting 12 ounce beverages is cooler... sorta.  Remember that Coke Can AR15 launcher I mentioned a while back? It is now going to be very shortly.  Check out this video of the new AR15 upper that everyone will want for Christmas:

As you can see in the vid a small ported and plugged barrel is the key to the magic of launching a beverage 105 yards.  No word on if you'll be able to shoot tall boy cans or how accurate they will be... At a  suggested retail price of about $400 I think this is a bit of an expensive novelty, but it is still pretty cool.  I think the hot ticket would be to make a version of the "Can Cannon" that was mounted underneath like a 203, but maybe that is a little too much keyboard commando.  Head over to XProducts to reserve yours, and they are expected to be ready in the next month or so.



AR15 Upper That Launches Coke Cans

The AR15 is one of the most versatile weapons ever made.  With a few simple part swaps you can change calibers, barrel lengths and add all sorts of tacti-cool stuff that will weigh down your rifle.  Now there is a means to turn your rifle up to "11" by launching cans of your favorite beverage (Natty Ice or Diet Coke presumably).

This by far cooler than those modified 203's that shoot chalk marking rounds.  This product is still in development but it will be released by X Products in the near future.  It is a dedicated upper that uses blanks to launch Coke cans (or other 12 ounce beverages) down range.  No word on price, but I'm guessing it will be an expensive novelty.  If they could figure out a way to mount this under the barrel it would really take my zombie slaying skills to the next level. 

h/t TFB


Crowd Funded AR15 Upper: Northwest Precision Arms

Rocket Hub is at it again with new crowd funded uppers from North West Custom Precision.  This upper is a nice pairing for that DIY, no serial number, 80% AR15 lower you may have completed.  The completed stripped lowers are made from 7075 aluminum and have a flat top picatinny rail.  Unlike completed (and more expensive uppers), you'll have to do a little gun smithing to get this baby sending lead down range.  This is totally doable, and there are lots of good tutorials on the interwebs.  You'll also need a handful of tools, most of which you or your middle aged zombie fighting buddies probably already have in the garage, and the rest you can order online.  Check out this video from ITS Tactical to give you a peak of what is require to build an upper from scratch:

At $40 this is a great deal for those looking to save some cash and have a fun weekend project.  North West Custom Precision has a real website, facebook page, and phone number to call so I'm under the assumption the deal is legit.  They are also selling some pretty affordable priced jigs too.  Here is what North West Custom Precision had to say:

About NWP- At NorthWest Precision we believe in quality parts at low prices. We strive to help those who believe in the freedoms of the United States Constitution. There are many places to find 80% lowers but finding quality, affordable upper receivers is hard to find. So at NWP we want to help fill that need and at a price everyone can afford.

Upper Details- The uppers are made from forged 7075-T6 aluminum and finished on a 5 axis CNC machine. They will have a flat top and M4 feed ramps. Forward assist and dust cover not included. Upper will be hard coat Type III anodized.

Jig Details- Also made from 7075 and hard coat anodized.

Delivery of Uppers- Delivery will begin shipping within 30-45 days from funding close. ALL orders will be fulfilled no later than 60 days from Funding close date. Our goal will be to get them to you sooner. But it is always better to under promise and over deliver. Shipping within the US is included. Excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Please email us first so we can give you actual shipping cost. Thanks

Legal Jargon- UPPER Receivers are NOT regulated by the ATF or any other agency for that matter. YOU can build a firearm without the approval of the ATF, but as I stated before UPPER RECEIVERS are NOT firearms!

Finishing- All you will need to do is install the forward assist and the ejection port cover on the AR-15 Upper to complete your upper.

What if we don't get fully funded?- NorthWest Precision will be purchasing a bulk order of forges regardless of the success of this campaign. So even if we are partially funded our customers (YOU) will receive your product on time and at the same cost as we have promised. This campaign is allowing the general public to have access to pricing that otherwise wouldn't be available. By supporting us and being part of this revolutionary movement you are helping us grow and buying a quality product at an unbelievable price. And again we thank all of you for your support in this en-devour.

  Check out the RocketHub page for all the details.



Palmetto State Armory

AR15 parts are slowly coming back on the market, and with a little hunting on the interwebs you can find some almost reasonably priced stuff.  I've been hearing lots of good things about Palmetto State Armory lately because they seem to consistently have uppers, lower parts kits, and mags in stock and they ship fast.  They've recently put together a nice vid showing how durable their rifles are; check it out:

For my next build I plan on picking up either a 16" OR 18" Palmetto upper.  Any of you had experience with PSA?  Sound off in the comments below.