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    California's Gun Problem
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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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AR500 Armor vs. 50 Slugs

I've talked about AR500 armor before, and for those of you not familiar, it is basically a steel plate coated in a specialized PAXCON line-x, and will fit in all your cool guy armor carriers.  It is heavy but it is significantly more affordable than other plates.  It is also pretty tough.  Demolition Ranch took these plates to task with 50 slugs.  Feel free to fast forward a few minutes, and then skip ahead through the vid if you want (it can get a bit repetitive):

So the good news is that that none of the slugs penetrated the steel.  That is pretty damned impressive, and all the steel had show for it was some bends and dents.  The bad news is that the coating fell off pretty quickly.  What the coating does is help against fragmentation and spall, which is what incoming rounds do against metal armor (you could see all the lead on the ground in the vid).  The armor could stop a round from penetrating your chest, but if it showers your face and neck with lead chunks in is useless.  I was surprised to see that coating split so quick, but I suppose if it were in that overly tactical armor carrier you picked up at the gun show, you'd probably be okay.

All that to be said, AR500 is still a solid value with level III plates starting at $60.  Visit AR500 for more info.

h/t TFB


Belt Fed AR15 From Slide Fire

I've been talking about belt fed AR15s for years... Everybody wants one, yet there always seems to be some story why they prototype hasn't come to market yet.  It looks like things are about to change as Slide Fire finally has these beasts for sale.  Check out the vid:

The BFR-556A (that's the best you could find for a name?) comes with some good and bad news, and the bad news is the price.  It is only sold as a kit for $4,595.95 and includes the following:

(1) Customized Colt 6920 .556 rifle
(1) Belt fed module (100) standard links
(1) All weather tactical case with custom foam
(2) 30 round polymer magazines
(1) Magpul® BUS flip up rear sights
(1) SSAR-15® SBS rapid fire stock.

So for under $5k you can basically have a full auto machine gun without the tax stamp.  Of course it isn't the same thing as one of those fancy Class III MGs, but these are certainly much easier to come by.  For my fellow Californians wondering if this rifle could be had, you already know the answer :( sorry guys. 

This rifle really looks like a lot of fun to shoot, and you could totally mount it to the top of your old Suzuki Samurai when the zombie apocalypse happens.  Visit the Slide Fire website for all the details.


Bidirectional Trigger: The New Way To Bump Fire

With the price of ammo continuing to rise, there is no greater time for technology to emerge that will allow you to put more inaccurate shots down range.  Slide Fire Stocks and bump fire trigger systems are all the rage right now because they will allow you to put together those sweet mag dump videos to share on YouTube.  There is a new contender to the rapid fire game and it is the "Liberator" from Liberty Gun Works.  Check the out vid and I'll commence with the snark.

So you basically get two rounds per trigger pull while still being within the law (claims the manufacturer).  This feels a bit unsafe to me, and there doesn't appear to be a way to quickly switch back to single fire mode.  So you've basically got a one trick bullet wasting pony (write that down; solid band name), that can only fire two shots at a time.

I perused the Liberty Gun Works website, and it is a bit, ahem, "lacking" to say the least.  This appears to be a trigger assembly that is doing all the work, but said assembly isn't available on the site.  They offer complete rifles which start at $2300 and come with the bi directional trigger assembly.  That seems like a helluva lot for a rifle that is pretty much designed to burn through ammo.  Also, I'm still not entirely convinced this gun is legal...

What do you guys think?  Would you purchase a rifle like this?



Windshield Can't Stop a .22

In case you were curious windshield don't stop bullets.  I think a lot of folks are under the impression that the angle of the windshield might at least deflect a bullet, but I wouldn't count on it.  Check out how easily this suppressed .22 goes right though a windshield.

Truth be told, I thought the windshield would do something, but that .22 punched through it and still managed to do some damage in the ballistic gel.  Also worth noting is that the windshield does change the direction of the bullet just a bit. 

h/t TFB


Great Interview With Gene Hoffman From The CalGuns Foundation

I'm a big fan of the CalGuns Foundation, and they have been leading the charge against California's awful gun laws for the past few years.  They have a lot of legal expertise and have been suing the state for unconstitutional laws that should have never been written in the first place.  Check out this great interview with Gene Hoffman who co-founded the CGF.

Pretty good stuff, and thanks for the hard work Gene.