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  • Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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Game Of Thrones Princess Bride Mashup

I love Game of Thrones; great story and epic CG.  I've read the first two books, and I assume I'll probably read the third book after I watch season three which comes out at the end of the month!  In the mean time I've got two great vids to hold you over, and the first is a nice mashup of The Princes Bride and seasons one and two (mild spoilers).

The next vid is called School of Thrones, and is basically Game of Thrones in High School. 


California Gun Seizures 

Did I mention the many great perks that come along with living in the golden state?  The legislators of California think we are so awesome that we should be a model for how other states and the entire nation should act.  Lol, maybe we can teach other states how to have horrible traffic, raise taxes to a painful level, and push successful businesses (both big and small) to other states.  I guess CA is now conducting gun seizures; not to worry, your bullet button AR rifle is safe.  The seizures have more to with those who purchased weapons legally but now cannot have access to them because they are felons or have mental illness.  Check out the CNN vid:

The part that seems most disheartening is the fact that no warrant was issued to obtain these weapons.  Law enforcement had to sweet talk their way into the residence and then somehow claim the weapons afterward.  I'm also a little disappointed the best source CNN could get was a TV judge who keeps staying "statue" and her leading credit was "emmy nominated judge."  Nonetheless something stinks about this whole thing. 

h/t gunwire


Bullet Proof Vest Test Ends In Massive Welt

I'm thinking you have to be pretty drunk/high to want to test out a vest on your buddy.  My best guess is this .380 pistol and standard level II or IIIa vest.  Despite the fact that this whole test is horribly dangerous, the big take away is to see the size of the welt left behind afterwards.  Btw, there is some ahem, "strong language" in the vid, so it might not be the best thing to watch if you work at a children's day care office or have sensitive cat lady coworkers.

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If you only watch two vids today...

These two vids might be some of the best pro firearms vids I've see in a while.  First off we have the Virtual State of the Union.  The logical arguments in this vid are very well constructed and I think even a liberal could probably get it.  I really enjoyed the analogy about the wild animals hunting. 

The second vid totally breaks down all arguments behind "Demand A Plan" which was that vid where a bunch of celebrities condemn guns on camera.  I'm not sure why it looks like a modern day version of an AHA vid, but despite that it is worth watching the full vid.

h/t ENDO & RTB


ARAK Piston AR15 Upper

If an AR15 and an AK47 had a baby it would would probably look something like the ARAK upper by Fazon firearms.  The ARAK still sits on a standard AR15 lower, and the upper works like an AK.  The whole thing moves on the AK style rails and uses a gas piston system.  The ARAK is available in black, red, blue, silver, and green, and should be shipping in a month or so.

Yea the vid is terribly bush league, but there is a bit of the "he sure seems like a nice, hard workin', American businessman" aspect to it too.  I'm also a little disappointed that there doesn't seem to be any videos of the ARAK actually firing.  Hey Faxon, if you guys need a hand in the video department, I can probably help ya out.  Drop me line and we'll make something happen.

The price seems really damn affordable on the ARAK starting out at $1200 for a standard .223 configuration.  If you want an additional barrel or alternate .300 blackout configuration, that will cost you extra. 

There is a whole lot to like about ARAK; you are getting all the benefits of an AR on an almost AK style platform.  As a nice little bonus you can easily add a folding stock!  Here are some more features straight from the horse's mouth:

  • The upper receiver is fully machined from an aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum billet in a one piece design that incorporates a full length picatinny rail (Mil-STD-1913) on the top and three additional rails on the muzzle end of the receiver, making it a full M4 style quad rail upper.  The top picatinny rail is laser engraved for optic placement.  There are also half-length picatinny rails available.
  • BAU’s are available in both the 5.56 and 300 AAC blackout (7.62x35mm) in 16” and 18” lengths.  There are two profiles to choose from.  Medium and heavy.  The BAU’s can be interchanged in less than 3 minutes with the removal of six (6) allen screws using one allen wrench and with no loose pieces.
  • Long stroke variable setting gas piston system.  There are three options for gas flow, and one for no gas flow.  This allows for single shot operation.  There is also a clean out port for the gas block between the gas cylinder, and the barrel.
  • Charging handle is ambidextrous, non-re-circulating, foldable and spring returned and is easily removed without tools.
  • Model “39” Eight (8) lug bolt design with involute profile for both right and left hand versions.  The extractor is positioned at 3 o’clock.  This allows for a left hand version to use the same bolt by simply removing the cam pin and rotating 180 degrees and reinstalling the cam pin.
  • Self-contained firing pin retention system enclosed in a rectangular bolt carrier that no longer requires a cotter pin.
  • Bolted in hardened steel rail system for the bolt carrier to ride on.  This allows a metal on metal wear surface for better wear characteristics and a much smoother operation.
  • The ARAK-21system allows for a folding stock to be added, as our recoil system does not extend beyond the upper receiver to fully operate.  This eliminates the noise and feel of the buffer tube cycling back and forth.