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    California's Gun Problem
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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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Carbon Fiber M&P Series

Ah man, I saw that picture above I thought that gun looked pretty sweet.  What is that strange checker board pattern you are seeing?  It is a carbon fiber Smith and Wesson M&P series.  Check out this video that has a little bit of info about this new pistol.  Feel free to fast forward through that 20 second long intro.

I've had an M&P Shield in 9mm, and I really like it.  Had I known a carbon fiber model was around the corner I might have waited a little while.  Nonetheless, the M&P series are solid and I opted for the one with the additional thumb safety.  Unfortunately it doesn't sound like the thumb safety will be on the carbon fiber versions.   

I did some Googling and found that Champion Arms is selling the above pictured S&W M&P in 9mm for $510.  Pretty fairly priced if you ask me.  The carbon fiber should bring the weight down a little, but I can't imagine it matters too much compared to the polymer the M&P series typically comes in.  I'm also thinking you'll feel a little more recoil, but being that it is 9mm or .40 it probably ain't that big of a deal.  The dimensions and mags are still the same so no need to worry about finding new holsters or other accessories.

What do you guys think?  Would you rock a checkerboard pistol?

h/t GHG via GunFeed


This How Guns Are Made In Pakistan

I'm not sure if you guys have heard, but Pakistan is great this time of year.  Most of what I know about Pakistan comes from watching Homeland which is probably based on a true story or something.  Anyway, second and third world countries have really stepped up their game in the firearms production. 

You might think making a weapon is all about purchasing a 80% lower  or perhaps warming up the 3D printer.  Pakistan goes super old school by taking chunks of metal and cutting them down size in aworkshop with a dirt floor.  Check out this long video on how it all works:

In the wood shop of my high school we had a poster that was left over from the 70's hanging up on the wall.  It had a picture of a pretty brunette wearing big sunglasses and carrying one of those white canes that blind folks use.  It simply read "Mary didn't like to wear safety glasses... Now she doesn't have to."  I didn't see a single set of safety glasses or a pair of gloves in the whole vid...

I wouldn't say impressed is the right word, but I am intrigued that fully functional weaponss are made like this in the 3rd world.  Who knew pump shotguns with magazines were such a big hit?

h/t TFB


U.S. Government Allegedly Hid Key Details About Condors To Ban Lead Ammo

California's liberals have been waging war on the 2nd Amendment here in CA for generations.  I talked about it in the book that I recently published, but one of the more unique strategies was to ban lead ammunition.  Lead is quite common in ammo and it is far more affordable that bullets made with other metals.  Also worth noting is that those bullets made of other metals (or mixes of multiple metals)  make it more difficult to trace forensically.

The condor is a giant bird that eats carcasses of dead things.  They were really endangered here in CA for a while and I have no doubt millions of dollars went into programs to try to save the bird while CA's other real problems (traffic, immigration, jobs, etc) languished.  I've lived in California my whole life and been all over the state; I've yet never seen a condor nor do I understand why people think they are so important.

The liberals claimed that lead bullets used to kill animals hunted in CA were poisoning condors, and the media and anti 2A groups ate that right up.  Turkey vultures and other birds who ate carrion didn't seem to suffer the same effects, but we are talking bullets here so why would logic come into the equation.  Btw, condors die other ways too like being taken down by golden eagles, crashing into power lines, and other natural factors like sicknesses.

In 2007 lead was banned in the condor region so that meant if you were lucky enough to get some deer tags in the golden state you'd need to throw down some cash for expensive non-lead ammo.  Btw, that also applied to carrying a handgun in those regions; no lead across the board.

The Washington Times has posted an interesting article which alleges that key reports with lead data were withheld by the Fish and Wildlife Service in the hopes of advancing the lead ban.  This was discovered by some emails received through the Freedom of Information Act via the National Sports Shooting Foundation (NSSF).  Here is what the editor of the NSSF had to say about this:

[T]he email thread shows that they withheld that [information] from the public; they withheld it from the  legislature purposely. And why? Because the results show that despite the existing law and regulations that ban the use of traditional ammunition by hunters, it was not having an impact on condor blood-lead levels in California.

Wow.  I don't know if this case will actually go anywhere or the lead ban will be overturned.  My guess is that this story will fade away in the never ending news cycle and most of the general public simply won't care.  That being said, if the CalGuns Foundation gets behind this, it could be another slam dunk for them in court. 

h/t Washington Times image via wiki


Puppies With Guns Calendar

I'm sure most of you have been thinking about which 2015 calendar to get.  It is tough considering there are numerous companies that pose scantily clad women next to assault rifles.  But perhaps you are looking for something a little more family friendly.

Not to worry, a new project has launched on Kickstarter called "Puppies With Guns 2015."  Yes it is as simple as it sounds and features some adorable puppies and firearms.  That isn't a euphemism, this calendar is quite literally  dogs and guns.

Here is what the founders of the project had to say:

Our intent was to bridge the gap between two total extremes; puppies looking goofy and super cute and top-of-the-line and boutique firearms. Rarely do you see a Chinese Crested and a SPAS hanging out together in a tea room, and we thought that was wrong. Why shouldn’t cute little dogs and kick-ass guns be best friends?

I guess this would look cool in your man cave, or perhaps lead to some serious harassment from your bros.  Head over to kickstarter to learn more.

h/t TTAG


New Jersey Isn't Satisfied With The Smart Pistol

Smart pistols aren't just the subject of weak Bond plots, they are a product that is sort of a reality.  The idea is that the pistol can only be fired by the owner who is wearing a watch or other device that identifies them.  The liberals think these kinds of guns are the solution to all gun violence but we all know these weapons aren't reliable nor are the practical.  If the zombies are clawing at your door in the middle of the night you don't want to fuss with a smart watch which ensures your pistol fires...

New Jersey was trying to pass a law make all guns new to be smart guns, but it turns out these guns aren't smart enough as in the case of the Armatix smart pistol.  Check out this statement from the NJ AG:

After careful consideration of the iP1’s design, we have determined that it does not satisfy the statutory definition because, as a matter of design, the pistol may be fired by a person who is not an authorized or recognized user. That is, as long as the pistol is situated within 10 inches of the enabling wristwatch, it may be fired by anyone – the authorized user or any other person who is able to pull the trigger. While the system does incorporate a PIN code or a timer to disable the handgun, when the weapon is enabled, there is nothing in the technology which automatically limits its operational use so that it may only be fired by an authorized or recognized user (so long as the pistol is within a 10-inch proximity to the wristwatch component).

Wow, so you only need to be within 10 inches of the watch to fire the gun.  I'm not entirely sure who would buy a pistol like this, but make no mistake it was made solely to infringe upon your gun rights.  I'm thankful this gun is not up to snuff and hopefully it will discourage other manufacturers for attempting to make something similar.

h/t TTAG