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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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Flashlight Zip Gun: Epic Fail

Have you heard of zip guns?  No, I'm not talking about that atrociously designed .22, I'm talking about those homemade style guns made by gang members who also happen to know how to use a lathe.  In West Virginia a fella happened to find a zip gun made out of a small flash light, and then shot himself in the hand.  Check out the vid:

Something smells fishy to me...  This dude just happened to find the zip gun outside of a Wendy's in the gutter and then shot himself in the hand.  Hmm... that seems super odd, and I wonder if perhaps the man who shot himself was also the designer of said weapon.  Looks like the .22 didn't do too much damage, and I'm sure he can go back to his exciting life any day now.

h/t TTAG


Gun Buy Backs: Even The Media Admits They Do Nothing

One of the things that really gets me fired up is gun buy backs.  I've talked about these buy backs before, and they are nothing more than a waste of tax payer dollars and a big political show.  I recently saw this news clip that was so full of liberal rhetoric I could only watch it on the left side of monitor (yea that joke was weak):

"You can't complain about the problem of violence unless you are physically going to do something."  That is what the reporter said, and her definition of doing something means trading your 2A rights and family heirloom for a $50 grocery store gift card.  How is surrendering your weapons part of being engaged in the community?  I can't believe how casually this woman is telling people to forgo their freedoms in the name of "action."

They two women make it clear that turning in weapons won't actually stop or lower crime, but quickly switch the topic back to turning over your guns at a buy back.  The whole report goes off the rails and talks about gun accidents which have basically nothing to do with buy backs.  I can't believe this stuff is consider news.

h/t TTAG


AB1964: Assemblyman Dickinson Lies About Guns & Safety

I've talked before about how we have a list of "approved handguns" here in CA.  These handguns aren't any safer but the DOJ has deemed them appropriate after shaking down the manufactures for some money.  Ultimately this list isn't at all about safety, rather limiting which handguns can be purchased here.  As that list has been cut off for new models through the microstamping legislation, Californians are getting creative.

One of the ways around this list was through an exemption written into the law for single shot handguns.  Most of the time people think of single shot handguns as some strange caliber or something that is strictly used in competitive shooting.  The law also defines single shot handguns as those that were once semi autos but have been converted through a magazine plug or other device.

Much like the bullet buttons found on AR15s the good people of California went to their local gun store and sought out handguns that weren't on the list and had them "converted" to single shot before they were purchased.  The gun stores would do so and sell them as single shot versions.  Then, once the handguns were purchased, the gun store would make the modifications to turn the handguns back in to fully functioning state.  All in compliance of the law (Disclaimer: I'm not a layer, nor do I pretend to be one on this blog), although the conversation process could set you back an extra $50 or $100.

The liberal politicians would never own up to a flaw/mistaken written into their law, so they simply refer to folks using a loophole.  Make no mistake, this is not a loophole; this is an example of people abiding by the law and working under the choking unconstitutional gun laws that plague this state.  The liberals have realized their flaw that they wrote into this law and are now working to pass a bill modify the definition of a single shot handgun.

According to AB 1964, single shot pistols would now need to be either a breach action or a bolt action gun.  This bill is sponsored by Democratic Assemblyman Roger Dickinson who said the following about this bill:

By limiting the guns available for sale we can further protect our families and our communities from gun violence.

WTF.  Dickinson is clearly missing the mark on this one, and telling a huge lie to the public.  The folks that are going to be hurt by his bill aren't criminals; it is the law abiding people of California who will be punished.  Limiting gun models available to CA residents does not limit crime.  This is the same tired lie told by liberals for years: trade your freedom for safety.  This bill won't make anyone's family safer, or make communities better places to life. 

AB1964 passed in committee and will go through a long and boring legislative process.  Ultimately, I don't think this bill will become law, and if it does it is more fuel for the NRA and other pro gun groups to sue the state.  I'll keep you posted on the progress of AB 1964, but in the meantime say vigilant and contact your local legislature.



Brush Your Teeth With An Airsoft Glock

I played with a few airsoft guns over the years.  They strike me as pretty expensive and not terribly accurate.  I guess if you want to get a little trigger time in your back yard it might work in a pinch.  This kid has found an interesting use for his full auto airsoft Glock and it might help prevent cavities:

Does everybody use that much toothpaste?  I though you only needed a little bit.  Well, apparently all you have to do to become internet famous these days is tape a toothbrush to a Glock.  Just wait, it will only be a matter of time before someone makes a rail attachment for a toothbrush...


MSNBC Host Fumbles Through Larry Pratt Interview

Larry Pratt is a good dude, and I like that he is able to keep calm, cool, and collected during an interview.  As many of you know, the big NRA show was last week and the news has been been giving it lots of coverage.  MSNBC loves to set up these mini panel debates where they have members from either side of the gun control issue and a "neutral" host.  Pratt did a great job on this one, and although it is a little long it is definitely worth watching.

What was up with that host?  He was fumbling all over his words!  The anti 2A folks only have about two arguments and all of them center around trading freedom for "safety."  Well done Pratt; staying cool and fighting the good fight!