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    California's Gun Problem
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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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Targabot: Epic Robot Target

Shooting at paper tends to get a little boring even if you have some really cool printed zombie targets.  Moving targets are what all the cool kids use, but there aren't a lot of companies making them.  The Targabot is a newcomer to the moving target market, and they have a pretty sweet product.  Check out the vid:

Lol, I should have known it would be a "call for pricing" item.  I like the kind of randomness that comes with the arm and that it is a smaller moving target.  I thought it was pretty funny that that the guy who designed the target drilled the hostage on the first shot.  Bonus points for using the AR steel to protect this whole thing. 

Here is some more info from Targamite, the creator of Targabot:

Targabots Offer Trainers & Shooters:

• A new dimension of challenge and training engagement through user-programmable robotics

• Reduction of time allocated to operator marksmanship and small arms skills development

• Enhancement of live-fire predictive engagement and marksmanship capabilities

• Produces dramatic improvement in critical rapid target acquisition effectiveness

• Random movement sequencing that more closely reflects unpredictable “field” conditions

• Random switching between “good guy” / “bad guy” / “hostage” targets

• Improvement of the operator’s ability to discern and react to enemy vs. non-combatants

• Complex, variable movement sequencing within a small footprint

• User programmability and simulation (via an easy graphic-oriented computer interface)

• Wireless remote control options (real-time sequencing by the user or trainer)

• Adaptability to accommodate different training requirements



Drawstring Causes Glock Accidental Discharge (VIDEO)

Carrying concealed is serious business, and should not be taken lightly.  Accidental discharges (or ADs) make the news pretty often and most of the time they are caused by some type of carelessness. 

There is an additional cause of accidental discharges that you might not be aware of, the sweater drawstring.  Many jackets, fleeces, hoodies and other pieces of clothing are equipped with a drawstring around the waist of the jacket.  The drawstring has one of those little plastic things on it so you can cinch down the elastic draw string l. A police chief in Indiana recently went to reholster his Glock when the plastic on the drawstring got stuck in the trigger and led to an AD.  Check out this news story which shows the gun store footage where the whole thing went down.

I feel bad for the police chief this happened to especially because he was being careful.  Lesson learned, if you're going to be carrying concealed be sure to cut that silly waist cord (which no one ever uses anyway). This fella was really lucky, and it looked like the wound wasn't too bad.  Bonus points for owning to your mistake on television.

I had heard about this kind of AD before, but I was surprised that it was so common.  Did anyone else find it interesting that the cop in the video had an AD in the hand prior to this shot through the leg?

h/t Indychannel via TTAG


Jerry Miculek: Ghetto Pillow Silencer

I'm a big fan of ghetto improvised silencers, and I was excited to see that good old Grandpa Jerry Miculek gave it a try on the range.  Check out the vid and I'll give you my thoughts; btw you only need to watch about the first two minutes of this vid to get the point.

Jerry, this feels like a damned Hornady comerical and did the vid really need to be almost 9 minutes long?  All that aside, I always figured the pillow was a Hollywood myth used by thugs to commit murders quietly.  Jerry shows that it works pretty well, although I'm quite certain the bottle full of water may have done some work in dampening the sound.  It kind of reminds me of that water balloon silencer I talked about awhile ago...

I wouldn't recommend trying this at home, but if you do, make sure that you have the proper NFA paperwork and that your pillow has a tax stamp. 

h/t Gunmart


Explosives Dropped From Helicopter: Man Made Avalanche

If your job involves doing something cool out of a helicopter, I'd say you're probably a bad ass.  In the Stevens Pass area of Washington, there can be some issues with avalanches and the best way to handle them is to use explosives.  The easiest way to do this?  Fly up in a helicopter, light some fuses, and drop a 50 pound charge on to the mountain.  Check out the vid:

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I know they said that fuse has plenty of time, but it seems crazy that these guys are lighting the fuse and then sitting on it for a bit before chucking it out of the side of the chopper.  Pretty cool gig, and it was amazing to see those trees get plucked off the side of the mountain like toothpicks.


LA Gang Members Fighting In Syria?

I know all sorts of people come out of the wood work to fight over seas for various political battles, but when I heard of a few LA gang members heading to Syria to fight I wasn't sure if I was mad or impressed.  I'm pretty sure there isn't a direct flight from LA to Syria, and tattoos repping your set don't typically give you a first class upgrade.  How or why the hell these made it to Syria is a mystery to me.  Check out the vid below, and be warned there is some swearing in the vid (h/t ENDO):

Lol, I like all of the shout outs the guy gives.  Is this the new gangsta thing?  Go fight in a 3rd world country and be sure to let your crew know you haven't forgotten about them?  I'm glad to hear these thugs have adopted the local shooting style by holding the rifles high and dumping rounds.  Thoughts on this?