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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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Concealed Carry For All

In many "free states" concealed carry is a way of life, and places like Texas are considerably safer than Southern California.  As it currently stands, California is divided by counties for getting approval for a CCW.  So if you live in a tiny county in Northern California that is far away from the population, you can get a CCW provided you have a clean background.  In counties like Los Angeles and Orange, you have to provide a reason to get a CCW and even then it isn't very likely.  I've heard that owning your own business in which you transport a lot of cash or jewelry you might have a shot.  Regular law abiding tax paying citizen?  Not a chance.  There is a glimmer of hope that may help Californians others who live in oppressively controlled states.

The Firearms Coalition Policy has rallied over 20 states and others to bring a case to the Supreme Court.  This essence of this suit is that concealed carry applies to all who are eligible to own a firearm.  Check out this little snippet from their site:

Importantly, this case is the first to reach the U.S. Supreme Court and ask the Court to confirm that the right to bear arms must and does mean that all Americans who are not otherwise prohibited from possessing firearms must not be denied a license to carry, and that the only “good cause” one needs is the existence of the right to self defense itself. Such an outcome would force all states and local governments, including local sheriffs, who issue such licenses to be de facto “shall-issue” and non-arbitrary. This case – and its sister cases like Richards v. Prieto out of California (currently pending a decision at the Ninth Circuit) – is a key program component for restoring the Constitution.

Well, the wheels of government turn slowly and I don't expect a speedy outcome to this case.  On the flip side I genuinely think this could be a land mark case that helps restore rights to many across the country.  I'll keep you posted with more information as it comes along.  In the mean time vist FPC for you'd like to read all the court docs.


Chris Kyle Funeral

Yesterday was Chris Kyle's service at Cowboy stadium in Dallas.  You can see a clip of the funeral in the youtube clip below:

If you haven't already done so, be sure to check out my post about how you can donate to the Kyle family.  There is a great write up at Cold Dead Heads that speaks about Kyle's life and the service.  Here's a little snippet:

There was a lot of emotion in the air, and there were thousands of people in attendance. Everyone there seemed surreal. There was a lot of respect, people standing when the family entered, being respectful during the prayer. I've seen family memorials with less respectful behavior, but not for this man. You could see all the military and Operators within the crowd, not just down in the two sections on the field but a whole multitude of them scattered amongst the civilians. You could sense the mutual respect they all held for Chief Kyle. They listened to the stories and you could see them thinking back to experiences with their own brothers.


His friends spoke well of him about his days in high school and how he stood up to a bully and of things they did together. His teammates spoke well of him and how he was inspiring and a patriot. His friend from Craft International spoke of how he was at work, or wasn't at work when he decided to spend time with his family and how he had earned that right. He said that Kyle had spent enough time away from them. One SEAL stood up and delivered a message from the parents, a powerful and moving message. I was not the only one who shed tears at the memorial, and I did so proudly.

You can read more about Chris Kyle through his book, American Sniper.


House of Cards Reviewed

Netflix has an end game of beating HBO... They want to develop their own original content that is high quality and has immediate streaming of the entire season (no more waiting a week for a fresh episode).  House of Cards is Netflix's second original series (Lilyhammer was their first), and I just finished watching all 13 episodes.  Check out the trailer and I'll get into the review.

After finishing the first episode I wasn't quite sure what to make of the show... A political thriller, and Kevin Spacey with a Southern accent trying to etch out a master plan.  I watched the second episode and I was hooked; Netflix has finally created a quality product.  What makes HOC of so damn good is Kevin Spacey pulling a lot of strings controlling a larger puppet show.  The writing is extremely well done, and I'd say HOC is on the level of an AMC or HBO quality.

The cast of HOC is also pretty damned good.  Robin Wright plays a great power hungry wife, and Kate Mara (you probably remember her from Shooter) plays a fantastically manipulative reporter.  There are quite a few other familiar faces, and just about all of them are top notch.  Netflix has really brought their "A Game" to the original series world.

I highly recommend you watch House of Cards.  Right now you can only find HOC on Netflix, but  you can watch the first episode for free.  Netflix is $7.99 per month for streaming, but Netflix also offers a free month trail.



Joe Biden Admits There Is Nothing He Can Do

Wow!  Good old country Joe Biden came to a strange realization; he knows his task force will do nothing to make people safer.  This vid is great, and I'm really surprised it aired on CNN!

H/T Alisha R.


AB231 Required Insurance For CA Gun Owners?

Not worry guys, California politicians have legislative solutions for all of our problems!  The latest stroke of genius has come by way of a bill that would require CA gun owners to purchase liability insurance for firearms.  Here is the political sound byte quote from Assemblyman Ting from liberal headquarters San Francisco:

There's basically a cost that is born by the taxpayers when accidents occur. ... I don't think that taxpayers should be footing those bills.

::faceplam:: This is really the best thing you have to offer?  Want to take a guess at any how many tax dollars and time were wasted while this bill was created?  It is really come down to racist behavior on the part of the legislation...  What I mean, is if you were to judge an entire group based on the actions of a few members of this group, it would be called racism and discrimination.  When the media and politicians take the actions of a few mentally deranged individuals who use guns, and apply the judgement to the rest of us law abiding, tax paying, citizens who are now all discriminated against.

There is no official text surrounding this bill yet, and I highly doubt it will get any traction.  I'll don my tin foil hat for a minute, and guess that this bill may have been intended as a means to track which firearms that you purchase as well as keep a record of their serial numbers.  Lol, I wonder if there will be an add in for this insurance for uninsured shooters. 

H/T Foxnews, TTAG, Guns