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    California's Gun Problem
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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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The Suvival Slingshot Won't Save You From Zombies

I love over the top survival weapons.  They provide a crappy solutions to tons of problems that most people won't ever face in a lifetime.  I recently heard about the Survival Slingshot, and boy was I amazed!  Not only is it sling shot it also can shoot arrows (whisker biscuit), has a tactical light, compass, water tight compartment for peanut M&M storage, and compass so that you'll officially know that you are lost!  Check out some preppers video and I'll commence with the snark.

I guess the thought is that maybe you'll stash one of these bad boys in you 150 pound bug out bag, and it will provide you with a means of defense and a way to get food when all of society collapses.  Many of you are envisioning yourself as Legolas or Daryl taking down scores of attackers with your new slingshot and arrows.  The reality is you'll be able to miss targets much more easily with this device and your bug out bag clearly has no room for arrows.

 Lol, if you have $140 you should buy a rifle you can pick up a Survival Slingshot.  Honestly, just save your money and buy a regular slingshot for $11 and then purchase a rifle to protect your home from zombies.


Round Up: Miculek Proves de Leon Wrong, Stopping Bullet Wounds, Archery Trick Shot & Mini Kit

Miculek Proves Senator de Leon Wrong

Remember that media screw up Senator de Leon had a few weeks ago?  Well, Jerry Miculek decided it was time to respond.  He attempted to create the mythical magazine the Senator described as well as match the rates of fire the Senator presented as fact.  The results are utter proof the de Leon is full of crap.

Stopping Bullet Wounds With XStat

A new technology to help patch up bullet wounds recently went viral on the interwebs.  The trick to keeping folks alive who have been shot is to stop the bleeding, which can be tough if an artery is hit.  A new invention would inject a bunch of small coated sponges into the wound and stop/slow the bleeding.  This device is pocket size and has the potential to save a lot of lives.  Check out the article over at PopSci for more info.


Archery Trick Shot

I'm not really into archery because I have a gun, and men wearing tights fell out of fashion in the 80's.  I suppose I do appreciate a good trick shot, and this dude hit a floating ping pong ball at 20 yards.  I think it will take all of about 5 minutes before Kirsten Weiss will try the same thing with an .17 HMR.


Mini Kit

I love new tactical gear and if it has a space for a morale patch it has a special place in my heart.  A fella out of of California is working on a pretty cool Kick Starter campaign to create a small expandable kit that is perfect for holding those small items that get lost in your ruck.  The Mini Kit will be 5x5, made out of nylon, and can fit in a cargo pocket (provided you to stuff it full of peanut M&Ms).  This looks like a pretty sweet product and there are still handful of funding options available.  Check out Eric Bauer's Kickstarter page for more info.


CA APPS Program Wrongfully Seizes Guns Again

California has a unique program called APPS which is designed to keep weapons out of the hands of those with felonies, mentally ill, have restraining orders against them or other folks that aren't legally eligible to own a firearm.  On paper this sounds like a good idea to most folks, but in reality it falls within a gray area of the law.  See, this program doesn't give warrants to law enforcement officers to search for these weapons, and they use coercive methods to get into people's homes.  I've talked about the APPS program before and you can read more about it here and here.

The APPS program recently went after a Bakersfield man and once they were inside his house they wanted ALL of his guns.  The police claimed it was because the man got a felony for pot back in the 70s.  Check out the local news video:

Well, I'm glad to hear the DOJ has their priorities straight and going after old white guys who pay their taxes for felonies that no longer exist.  It turns out the DOJ made a tiny mistake and only hauled away this dudes entire collection.  Thankfully he got his weapons back, but I can promise more "mistakes" like this will continue to happen.  

Before you spout off in the comments section about how this is a "California problem," remember that the "problems" start here and migrate across the country.  The Assault Weapons Ban of the 90's started in CA and affected the entire nation (thankfully the ban only stuck around for a few presidential terms), the APPs program could certainly follow suit.  Lastly, how many man hours of tax payer dollars were wasted on this failed seizure? 

h/t bakersfield now via TTAG


Drive By Shooting Prank Goes Bad

I'm going to go on record and say that if you are thinking about pranking someone, involving firearms is always a bad idea.  I've talked about dangerous pranks before, and the potential for death or injry isn't usually worth it.  Roman Atwood is known for his pranking and he has taken things up to a new level by using a high quality car stereo that plays gunshot sounds.  He plays the sound as he passes victims walking down the street and they run in a panic thinking they are in the middle of a drive by shooting.  This provides a bit of a laugh until one guy doesn't quite see the humor in this gag...

Okay since this is the internet and I'm a snarky blogger, I'm required by the universe to call "FAKE!"  Truthfully, I do think the the dude at the end is most likely fake.  The last bit starts with a close up shot of the gunman from the back of a parked car on the street.  I feel like if this guy really did pull a gun it would be shown much more clearly from the parked car.  As for the muzzle flash and sparks on the ground, this seems like it could have been easily added in post production.  We don't actually see a weapon in either shot and the audio doesn't really seem to match either.  Also, there is a blue light flashing in the front of the car, which is supposed to make it look like an unmarked police car.  Do you really think some thug would quickly draw his gat and start shooting at what he thinks is the police?  I suppose it is possible, but remember this video coming from a guy who makes videos of people getting trolled.  

h/t TTAG


Follow Up: G2R R.I.P. Is All HYPE

Remember that crazy fragementing hollow point ammo I made fun of talked about?  It has garnered a huge amount of internet buzz, and it has been put to the test by Shooting The Bull using FBI methods with gelatin and big words.  Check out this long but informative vid and I'll commence with the snark:

So after all that hype you mean to tell me the R.I.P. isn't that much different than a .22 round?  That fat guy that hangs out at the gun range will love to tell you that .22's are the most dangerous round in the world because of the fragmenting and bouncing around of the rounds.  That guy usually comes off with an air of pretentiousness that can only be found a message board forum. That fat guy is now going to tell you .22s are more dangerous than the most expensive CNC machined 9mm rounds!

All that to be said, .22's are deadly but they don't have the same bad ass marketing that the R.I.P. ammo does.  It looks the R.I.P. doesn't really pack a lot of punch and seems to fizzle out pretty quick.  The R.I.P. loses most of its mass right from the get go and doesn't have a lot left to hit vital organs.  I'm guessing that if the zombies are within striking distance you are going to want a good old hollow point in your favorite pistol caliber (.45, .40, or 9mm), and not an over hyped $2 per round gimmick

h/t TFB