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Thoughts On Obama's Civilian Disarmament Speech

I sat in my office today and intently listened to the live audio feed of Obama's speech.  Truth be told there wasn't a lot of surprises, and I think we all saw that coming.  Obama may not be able to give a speech without a minimum of 50 "ums" but he is also no dummy.  I think he is bright enough to know that an executive order banning assault weapons or limiting magazine capacity would really divide the American people.  Listen, the recommendations he made for the assault weapons ban and mag capacity were said to keep people happy.  If he didn't say them today his party would be pissed, and he would look weak.  By simply mentioning them and not actually instantly putting them into law he can keep everyone happy... for now. Emphasising the background checks was also a nice neutral point everyone can agree upon.

Have you been to The Truth About Assault Weapons website?  Great stuff and I highly encourage you to share it with your liberal friends and your pals that let the news do the thinking for them.  The site above is full of great facts and figures.  People forget Columbine took place during the first assault weapons and those bastards used 10 round mags.  The Virginia Tech shooting was done with handguns and again, low cap mags.  Logically speaking banning mags or, ahem "military style assault weapons" will do nothing but punish law abiding gun owners.  I still hold fast that in a few months everything will be business as usual.  Until then, stay vigilant and help people understand that gun owners are good people who love this country.


Shot Show 2013 Part 3: Pistol Pillow, Silent Veclro, & Magpul Mossberg Furniture

If you'd like to catch up on my Shot Show coverage, check out Day 1 and Day 2.  Here are the goodies for today.

Concealment Pillow

I feel like you don't really need to look far for a place to hide a hand gun.  The concealment pillow provides ugly couch decoration and a places to unsafely store a handgun.  Great work guys.

H/T The Firearm Blog

Quiet Velcro

With the exception of colors and providing a shoe tying alternative to the young and elderly, Velcro really hasn't done much in the way of innovation.  The new quiet Velcro works by being really strong in one direction and super weak going the other way.  This will be great for mag pouches but no so much for morale patches.

H/T Military Times

Mossberg HS12 Over Under Tactical Shotgun

Do you need to look like a boss when busting clays at the range?  Or maybe you need to be extra stealthy when capping water foul.  Mossberg took the trusty over under and slapped some rails on it and painted it tactical black.   For $529 MSRP I think you can do a lot better...

H/T The Truth About Guns

Double Tap

Got $500 and a desire for a pocket pistol?  The Double Tap will supposedly be hitting stores in 60 days, and conceptually I think it is pretty cool.  I've seen pictures of this weapon teased for months, and it looks quite a bit bigger than I expected.  .45ACP is great for such a small weapon, but I'm not entirely sure it is worth the money.

H/T Romeo Tango Bravo

Magpul Mossberg Furniture

I've had my Mossberg 590 for years, and although it is a great shotgun, there aren't a lot of choices for accessories.  Magpul started out by making bad ass furniture for the 870, and has now made a version for the Mossberg.  It looks great and $30 for the forend and $110 for the stock seems pretty fair. 

H/T Outdoor Alley

That's it for today! 


Shot Show 2013 Part 2: Magpul Bus, Costa's Satchel, & Belt Fed AR

My coverage of Shot Show 2013 continues.  If you missed part one, be sure to check it out.  Without further ado...

Magpul Minibus & New Products

Wow, a mini bus with a mini gun!  Creative and shiny!  Magpul has a built a pretty cool mini bus and put it on display in their both.  Oh yea, I guess they released an assortment of new plastic furniture, mags, and AK products.  I've heard that they are playing catch up on on PMAGs, but when they get caught up they will be rolling out 10 and 25 round .308 mags.  The AK furniture looks pretty cool, but I feel like it doesn't take much to make an AK look pretty.

H/T Soldier Systems & Romeo Tango Bravo

Taurus Carbine

Ah cool more pistol carbines!  Taurus has a new line of carbines chambered in 9mm, .40SW, and .45 ACP.  There isn't a lot of information on these carbines, but they are rumored to take standard Taurus mags.  No word on price or availability.

H/T Guns Holsters and Gear

Slide Fire's Belt Fed Rifle

If I had a nickle for every time someone had a prototype belt fed AR upper I'd have about 35 cents.  All of these magical uppers seem to be press released, never sold, and vanish.  I'm hoping Slide Fire actually brings this product to market, but I'm not holding my breath.  No word on pricing or availability.  Btw, CA gun owners if you link more than 10 rounds it is still considered a high cap... Sorry :(

H/T The Firearm Blog

Chris Costa's Satchel

OMG Costa has a new backpack!!!  If it is like any other Costa product, it will be instantly out of stock.  The Hive Satchel is one of those single strap bags that doesn't look overtly tactical.  It is meant to discreetly carry a firearm, but it looks like it built to hold a bike helmet.  For the low price of $195, this Costa bag can be yours!

H/T Military Times

That's it for today, come back tomorrow night for more!


Shot Show 2013 Part 1: Sig Submachine Gun, Zip Gun, & Magic 12 Gauge

Well, it looks like the 2013 Shot Show is well underway with lots of great toys.  Without further ado I'll get into some cool products that have appeared at the show.


I've always been a fan of the Sig; high quality weapon with a great design.  Sig has released a new line of assault pistols personal defense weapons sub machine guns that remind me of an MP5.  Apparently there will be a civilian version, but I don't anticipate them coming to the People's Republic of Kalifornia any time soon.  All around pretty bad ass, and there are several options for barrel length and caliber.  From the vid below, this weapon looks like quite the work horse.

H/T Guns Holsters And Gear

Winchester TrAAcker Ammo

Winchester has come up with a pretty cool product to see where you firing your shotgun rounds.  Instead of the traditional wading, Winchester has built a new fangled wadding that shows you were your shot went.  The wadding has some cool finds that follows directly behind where your shot went.  This tracker ammo is meant for new shooters, and to help you improve your shotgun skills. 

H/T Romeo Tango Bravo

USFA .22 Zip Gun

The zip gun is an interesting concept, but horribly ugly.  It is basically a pistol hand held version of the guts of a Ruger 10/22.  The zip gun is designed to be either fired by hand or mounted underneath your AR.  Why would you need a .22 under your AR?  I don't think anyone has a good answer.  The folks at Predator blog had a chance to fire the zip gun and it offered a very lack luster performance.  Here is what they had to say about it:

Lets say they had several failures to eject among other difficulties in shooting in general. Nonetheless, even if fully operational, there are some factors that are just plain awkward. From sticking your middle finger into the bottom loop for a good part of your grip, to loading the pistol by pushing a rod practically flush with the barrel. Attaching and dropping the magazine seemed like a task all on its own.

I wouldn't rush out and buy one, but an interesting concept I suppose. 

H/T Predator Blog

Snake Hound AK47s

The gun blogosphere seems to be extremely excited about the new Snake Hound AKs.  They are super expensive and don't seem to offer anything  magical... I always thought the beauty of the AK was the fact it was super cheap!  Anywho if you have an extra $3230 sitting around you can pick up the AK Ultimate Battle Rifle.  Check out the specs:

  • Snake Hound Machine Receiver
  • Snake Hound Machine  Combat Trigger
  • 14.75” SHM Barrel
  • Pinned and welded Ares Armor Effin-A compensator
  • Nickel chrome plated axis pins, American made chrome silicon overpowered springs and buffer assembly, Hand fitted bolt and bolt carrier, Hand polished internals, Precision headspaced chamber, Oversized milled trigger guard
  • Tromix Extended Charging Handle
  • Enhanced Safety with BHO
  • Vltor AK Stock Adaptor
  • Mission First Battlelink Stock and Riser
  • Mission First EPG47 Grip
  • Custom Titanium Cerakote
  • Damage Industries Modular Forearm Assembly
  • Samson MFG Fixed AR Sights
  • Snake Hound Machine Beryl Rail
H/T KitUp
Caracal Carbine
I've always thought pistol carbines were cool.  Caracal has a new one, that has a slight resemblance to the Beretta Storm.  Lol, maybe they will consider making a bullet button approved version for CA!
That's it for day one folks.  I'll be posting again tomorrow night with more Shot Show 2013 coverage!

Shot Show 2013

It's that time of year again, Shot Show!  For those of you who have been living off the grid for the last 20 years, Shot Show is a big firearms expo in Las Vegas.  Much of the cool new firearms and accessories are debuted at Shot Show.  I wasn't able to attend this year, but I definitely plan to be there in 2014.  Not to worry, I'll be carefully combing the interwebs to bring you all the best coverage of Shot Show, which will start this evening.  If you'd like a little taste, here are some of my posts from Shot Show 2012.

Giant Bullets

Tacti-cool Lever Action

Zombie Optics and Video Game Guns

Chainsaw attachement for your rifle

So hang tight kids, I'll have your Show Show coverage by the end of the day!