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    Sig Sauer Black SigTac SB15 Stabilizing Brace for Pistols

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  • California's Gun Problem
    California's Gun Problem
    by Dan Finkelstein

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  • Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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Reload A Shotgun Like A Boss

When the zombies are stumbling down your street you won't reach for that Glock with the 30 round mag, you'll grab a shotgun loaded with 00 buck and slugs.  Shotgun reloading is a bit of an art, and I'm not talking about a fresh mag in the Saiga.  In the vid below you can see a few great methods on how to quickly slam a few more rounds in the shotgun.  I really like the "ice pick" method, and I think I'll have to look into getting the appropriate shell holster attached to my zombie fighting gear.

h/t TTAG


Crowd Funded AR15 Quad Rail and Bipod

I love hearing about crowd funded gun projects!  Saffle Industries has created a quad rail for AR15s with an integrated bipod. I like that this design is simple and works well.  I've seen a myriad of crappy bipods at every gun show, and most of them just add extra weight and don't really give you much support.  Saffle Industries has created a product that is easily stowed on the rifle with out a bunch of extra weight and headache.  As a nice bonus the legs are also individually adjustable for shooting on uneven surfaces.  Here is some info straight from the horse's mouth:

Saffle Industries is offering the brand new SI-RIP (Saffle Industries- Rail Integrated Pod) for the AR-15. The SI-RIP replaces the AR-15 plastic handguards with a patented drop in quad rail forend that contains a fully adjustable internal Bi-pod.

The purpose of this campaign is to raise capital to acquire materials and tooling to outfit our production located in Reno, NV. We will enter into production with SI-RIP’s forend to mil-spec tolerances.  The first SI-RIP will be for the AR-15 with the carbine length forend. As business grows we will expand our product line and will offer the SI-RIP for a wide variety of weapon platforms and sizes. 

This project is being funded via Rocket Hub and your pledge of $149 will put you on the list for the Saffle Industries Rail Integrated Pod.


Important CA Gun Bills Being Heard Today

There are a bunch of bills being heard in California today.  Our state legislators are ill informed, and the majority of these bills will do nothing to curb crime but rather punish law abiding California businesses, manufacturers, and citizens. Please call and write the state committee members to let them know you oppose these useless bills.

You can click here to see the full list of bills, but the two that are the most absurd are:

SB 47 (Yee D) Firearms: assault weapons. OPPOSE. Proposes a ban on semi-auto firearms equipped with bullet buttons.

SB 374 (Steinberg D) Firearms: assault weapons. OPPOSE. Proposes to ban the sale of all semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines or fixed magazines over 10 rounds.

Yee, just can't see to leave CA firearms owners alone.  If the bullet buttons were to be banned, you'd have a ton of AR15s that can't be registered as what the state would refer to as an "assault weapon" (detachable magazine plus cosmetic features like a pistol grip, collapsible stock, etc.) and can't have a means to comply with the current CA law for off list lowers.  Just a pleasant reminder that the bullet button was developed by Californians to comply with the poorly written law. 

The magazine bill is also absurd, and has proved to do absolutely nothing to lower crime or prevent murders.  This bill is targeted at off list lowers, which thousands of California gun owners have used safely and within the confusing laws of CA.

It isn't all doom and gloom, there is two bills that are actually useful:

AB 249 (Donnelly R) Firearms: open carry prohibitions. SUPPORT. Proposes to repeal the ban on open carry of firearms.

AB 871 (Jones R) Concealed weapons. SUPPORT. Proposes to define self-defense as good cause for issuance of a license to carry a concealed handgun.

Please spread the word on facebook and twitter and help defend our 2nd Amendment rights as CA citizens.  Contact committee memebers and let them know where you stand on these terrible bills.


Free Chicken For Concealed Carry Holders

Some business realize that having concealed carry holders in their establishments is a good thing.  If potential robbers know that a store is full of gun toting patriots they are far more likely to move on to the next store down the road that prohibits firearms.  In Louisiana, Chicken Express offered a free meal to customers who had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.  Safest chicken restaurant in Louisiana, hands down., Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX Newsa


Epic Gun Fail Compilation

It is Friday and it is time for an epic gun fail compilation!  There are some oldies in this mix, but also a few new ones I hadn't seen.  Have a great weekend!