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    California's Gun Problem
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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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Best Shotgun Round For Home Defense

Do you keep a shotgun close by for home defense?  Many folks do, and I think the standard round for protecting your home against zombies is buck shot or slugs.  Both of those rounds come with the stopping power to take down even the largest zombies, but have you considered bird shot?  Yes, the cost savings is nice but the bigger issue is over penetration.  If you live in place that shares walls with your neighbors (apartment, condo, town home, etc) or you have several people living under your roof, you should be concerned about over penetration.  See, those rounds you are wildly firing at the zombies outside your door can cut through drywall like a hot knife through butter (because you always heat your knife before buttering your bread). 

So the alternative would be to use bird shot because it won't be going through multiple layers of drywall or whatever your double wide walls are made of.  Doves and quail are not nearly the same as a  large zombie, but at close range the bird shot is still going to do some damage. Check out the vid below for more information.

h/t gunwire


Slow-Mo Mag Dump By Silencerco

I love watching bad ass slow-mo videos of machine guns; adding silencers makes things even better.  Silencerco makes some epic silencers, and if the laws permitted in California, I'd probably have a several of them.  The MP5 featured in this video is a Dakota Tactical Prepped MP5K with an Octane 9 HD Suppressor, and if you look close enough you can see the rounds coming out of the barrel!  Enjoy the vid.


Mental Health & Deadly Weapons

Remember the APPS program that was instituted by the state of California to take guns away from people without a warrant?  Well, it turns out the Phillips family (featured in the NRA video below) actually got their weapons back after they were confiscated.  The thing about California is that there is always some type of catch.  The catch with this poor couple is that the state doesn't return ammo.  They claim that it is because they don't want folks loading up in the parking lot with their recently returned guns and ammo and doing something awful. 

While I understand the worries of the state, the ammo doesn't ever really get returned.  The Phillips family had about $400 worth of ammo that will cost far more than that to recover in legal fees.  Even getting their firearms back was a lengthy process with a lot of waiting and paperwork, and the Phillips family worried that if they got the ammo back further charges could be potentially leveled against them. 

Although the Phillips family are a unique case, I fear there are quite a few folks who may need mental health help but are afraid to get it in fear of losing their firearms.  I also imagine the stigma and embarrassment felt when a handful of armed officers show up at the door ready confiscate weapons must make the situation even worse.  On top of all that is the fact that if you do need some type of metal health services you run the risk of losing your primary means of home and personal defense.

Politicians can't really seem to figure this out so they try to throw a lot of rules at the problem.  I'm sure good intentions abide, but at point what does the second amendment stop applying?  Let's put things into perspective based on an event that happened Venice Beach, CA a few days ago.  A man surveyed the boardwalk in Venice Beach, which if you've never been before is a kinda of a gross dirty place with lots of people hanging out on the beach.  There are a bunch of little shops, eateries, and street performers, all right next the sand and ocean.  After this man walked for a bit, he got in his 2008 Dodge Avenger and started driving down the board walk hitting 17 people and killing one woman who was on her honeymoon.

The media hasn't yet reported on the metal state of this man, but I guaruntee he has some mental health issues.  Even if every firearm was removed from within a mile radius of this dirt bag, that several thousand pound vehicle is still capable of inflicting some serious damage.  So are licenses going to be banned too for those suffering depression?  One of my readers jokingly commented that it will eventually reach a point where fingers and thumbs will have to be banned so that firearms can't be used.

I don't know what the "right" answer is, but when I hear about people like the Phillips family I get angry.  I'm angry because they are trying to do the right thing and obey the law, yet they still get punished for following the rules.  Then I hear about a man who drives down the boardwalk of Venice Beach after knowing that no amount of laws or state sponsored "no warrant confiscation programs" would have made a damn difference.  Something is clearly broken in this system. 

You can read more about the Philips family here, and learn more about the Venice Beach tragedy here.


Waxman's Worst Nightmare: Billet Aluminum

You can't trust a man who looks like a rat... I know Michael Bay is working on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie, and I'm not sure if "Splinter" was cast yet, but I'm just sayin' Henry Waxman fits the bill.  So you may be wondering what our elected leaders are up to, and rest assured they aren't doing anything to make you or your family safer or lower taxes.  Oh no, they are wasting time and money on ridiculous bills with that are so far from reality they don't have a snowball's chance in hell of passing.  Waxman's latest scheme is targeting assault weapons, which I feel is akin to showing up way late to the not-so-cool-kids Democratic birthday party and beating a really dead horse.  This bill is really swinging for the fences and is looking to pass some ridiculous measures.  The Truth About Guns combed through the article and pulled out these gems from the long winded, boring, 54 page official text:

  • “Assault weapons” receivers would be labeled as “hazardous products”
  • Non-complete lower receivers (blanks, sheets, 80% lowers and the like) for “assault weapons” would be banned from sale
  • ANY INDIVIDUAL PARTS for an AR-15 would be BANNED from sale, including upper receiver groups, bolt carrier groups, and the like.
  • Uses a “single feature” test for defining “assault weapons”
  • Eliminates the ban on using federal funds for gun control advocacy

Lol, my favorite one is about non-complete lowers... Rat Waxman is trying to ban hunks of billet aluminum and flat sheets of metal.  Lol, let me know how that goes.  How you define at what point a chunk of metal isn't a firearm?  Oh wait, the ATF already did the leg work, and decided that 80% complete wasn't a weapon.  Individual parts?  Wait, does that mean large nails will be banned because they can be turned into firing pins?  Seriously, I don't even know why Waxman took the time to write this bill.  What I find particularly disturbing is the official language for the bill title which can be found on the official Congress website:

H.R.2910 - To protect American children and their families from the epidemic of gun violence by banning access to certain weapons, strengthening the Nation's mental health infrastructure, and improving the understanding of gun violence.

Can you believe that?  Talk about misconstrued language; did anyone tell this guy more people died from being beat by fists and hammers than with firearms?  The agenda of this moron is astounding... Waxman, when you're done wasting the time and money of the American people, maybe you could get your ass back to working on some solutions to any one of the numerous issues our country is currently facing.  Hell, just try to fix something in your home state of California.


The Battle Mug Upgrade: Cigar Holder

The Battle Mug is no stranger to this snarky blog, and for those of you aren't familiar it is basically the most tactical thing you could drink out of except maybe an actual a canon or actual rifle.  This is the kind of mug you'd bring with you to the bar to let all the drunks patrons know that you only sip the finest $2 PBR on "Thursday Thursdays" in a bad ass mug.  Your ninja, zombie slayer, high speed, tacti-coolness could not be contained in any normal beverage container, you need one that looks like an actual rifle with real rifle accessories.  The slightly overweight and innovative designers at Battle Mug have added a new accessory for holding the mug that also serves double duty as a cigar holder.  They've called this the M65 Tactical Incendiary Travel System and I'll let you spell out the acronym on your own...

The M65 system is made of aluminum and can work on the side of your "light beer sipping device" or as a stand alone vehicle for holding a single cigar.  If you want to take your operator status to 11, you can use the multiple rails on the mug for the M65 system and a regular AR15 carry handle.  Like a boss... sorta.  The M65 is mounted via a 30mm scope ring which is of course sold separately.  Lastly, the cigar holder is equipped with O-rings (not that Irish kid you went to high school with) to ensure that when you're giving that mighty toast at the bar to "another day without zombies" your sloppily sloshed Natty Ice won't ruin your 7-11 cigar.  Although this will a single standard sized cigar, I'm sure you could cram in two Black N' Milds or two cleverly stacked Backwoods.

Just this new cigar holding handle will set you back $89, and the cost of the mug without any high speed accessories is $189 for the billet aluminum and $45 for the polymer.  h/t SoldierSystems