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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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Barracuda Door Barricade For Active Shooter Situations

There are lots of folks looking for solutions to handle future school shootings.  While I'd prefer armed teachers and or armed security, that doesn't resonate with everyone.  One of the latest solutions is the Barracuda Door Barricade which is designed to keep doors on lock down in active shooter situations.  There are three different models depending on which way the door opens and what kind of hinges it has.  Check out the vid:

In concept it seems like a pretty innovative tool, but I wonder how practical it will be.  Where would these devices be stored throughout the year?  If a teacher or student is in full panic mode would they be able to deploy the device?  I visited Bilco's website, the manufacturer of these products, and there was "call for price" which leads me to believe these things are pretty damned expensive.  I guess if this was the only option versus nothing at all it would be good, but I just don't see one (or several depending on the number of doors in a room) of these in every classroom in America.

h/t TTAG


Viva Noveske!

It isn't often that I do back to back coverage of pinatas being shot, but this new video from Noveske is amazing.  It involves lollipops, luchador masks, beards, blonds, bubbles, and rifles.  Enjoy!

What does it mean!?!  I'm not really sure what is going on and found myself asking "why" through the whole thing.  Oddly enough I enjoyed every minute of it, and my pinata filled with tannerite idea mentioned yesterday was payed off with slow-mo lollipops raining from the sky.

h/t SSD


Democratic Political Ad: Shotgun To The Pinata

Oh Democrats, I know you think us conservatives are so cool, but adding guns to your campaign adds won't win you a ton of street cred.  Congressional hopeful Estakio Beltran, a Democrat from Washington state, is looking to get some of the conservative vote by taking a shotgun to the pinata.  That isn't some kind of strange code phrase, the dude actually shot a pinata.  Check out the 30 second campaign spot:

Not bad, although I've seen an 8 year old with a whiffle ball bat do more damage to a pinata than that bird shot grazing the pinanta's rear.  I would have opted for filling the pinata with tannerite versus the bootleg candy that typically fills the paper animals, but then again I'm not running for office. 

h/t vocativ


Pump AR15

There have been lots of rumors going around about pump AR15's but I've yet to see one at a gun range or in a gun store.  The advantage with the pump AR is that you can still have a detachable magazine, pistol grip, and other "evil features" without having the weapon be considered an assault weapon in the state of CA (as always, I'm not a lawyer; do your own research).

One of the latest companies to hop on the pump bandwagon is Brentwood Gunsmithing out of Nevada.  This kit is called the UMOS (universal manual operation system) and can be retrofitted to most AR15s.  The kit includes a barrel nut, barrel bushing, main tube, operating rod, pump, and pump key (pictured above) all for $350.  The kit will turn your AR15 into a pump action beast, and if you decide to go back to semi-auto in the future you can easily do so.  It sounds like some of you guys could probably do this on your own, but if your not sure of your smithing abilities it would be considered wise to take it to your local gun shop.


The pump seems to be lacking any tacticool rails which is kind of disappointing.  I think you could probably hook up one of those folding stock kits on your pump action AR15 too (be sure to check the overall length is still legal in your state) which could enhance your coolness factor.  I think I'd still prefer a bullet button, but if you are looking for a pump AR15 this looks like a solid option.

h/t TFB by way of LR


Roman Candle Minigun

I think when most dudes look at a box of fireworks, they start trying to find ways to improve them.  That could be as simple as a shooting fireworks into lake, to creating a pile of explosives that all goes off at the time time.  These guys decided to build a minigun out of Roman Candles and it put on a helluva show:

h/t guns.com