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    California's Gun Problem
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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

    Check out my book about the GoRuck Challenge and I how I learned I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible!

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Pro 2A Group Simulates Charlie Hebdo Attack But Adds Variable Of An Armed Citizen

I've been pretty quiet about the whole Charlie Hebdo thing.  I try not to bring those kinds of things up on this site because the news tends to promote the hell out of it, and I know you guys need a break from all of that.  While it isn't worth debating that whole situation now, I do think it is interesting that the folks over at Truth About Guns did a reenactment of the event except one of the "journalists" is armed.  Check out this news report:

Well, I guess they proved that one armed guy couldn't stop the terrorists.  Although it isn't a one for one comparison I think it probably would have been a very different situation had one of those folks had a gun.  What do you guys think?  Was this test fair?



Shooting AK47's With Tracers Into The Sky

Shooting guns into the sky as means of celebration has pretty much all but disappeared from the states.  We celebrate in other ways now: blowing bubbles, using sparklers, and those pull string poppers that shoot confetti.  In certain parts of the world, without access to paved roads and sparklers, AK47's with tracers are the only way to congratulate a newlywed couple at their wedding celebration.  I've found two great examples of this via youtube, starting with a dude who shoots a heart into the sky:

Wow, despite the fact that those bullets will rain down from the sky, that was actually kind of impressive.  You know what is really impressive?  A whole bunch of guys shooting their AK's into the air with tracers.  This one vid has more action than the entire movie Jarhead, starring Jake Gyllenhaal.  Be warned, this vid is loud...

Just a friendly reminder, please don't aim your weapon into the air and start firing.  Those bullets eventually do come back to earth...



Mapgul's M60 Drum Mag & Remington 700 Stock

Magpul just keeps cranking out the high quality gear!  With Shot Show just days away, I'm sure there will be  a few other big product announcements coming too.  For starters check out this new stock for the Remington 700:

Damn, high production value.  That stock looks pretty epic, and a great way to put a fresh look on that old school hunting rifle.  Check out this next vid with Magpul's new drum mag:

I've played with these drum mags in the past and most of them were crap.  A few rounds would be fine and then it would double feed or not feed at all.  I've no doubts the D60 will function properly and it looks pretty cool too.

What do you guys think?


AK74 Explodes In Dude's Hands

Guys, I know it should go without saying, but please remember to wear eye and ear protection when you are shooting guns.  Guns do explode from time to time and that is typically because of bad ammunition or some kind of malfunction with the weapon.  If that does happen, a cheap set of safety glasses could save your eyes.  Check out this dude shooting an AK-74 with some headspacing issues:

Alright so this guy's biggest mistake was that awful looking beanie...  Remember "Rule #1" is to always look cool.  Like most exploding rifle videos there is very little information on this incident besides the fact that it was a Century Arms AK-74 (as said in the YouTube description).  As far as I know, everyone was okay.  Remember eye and ear pro bro.

h/t bearing arms


Steve-O Shoots His Nipple Off

As the popular movie The Christmas Story might have told you, using a BB gun can be dangerous.  Shooting your eye out is a tragedy but having your nip shot off by midget is kind of funny.  Check out this video of Wee Man taking a BB gun to Steve-0's nipple.

Damn that looked painful.  I'm sure the nipple shot hurt bad enough, but to get punched in the face after that...  I guess your Monday isn't so bad after all...