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Do You Know About CA's New 2015 Gun Laws?

One of the unique tactics employed by the left, is writing laws and then putting a long lag time on them.  A while back Gov Brown signed a bill into law that would tidy up a poorly written law from years back regarding single shot pistols. 

Part of the long term strategy for eliminating handguns in CA (designed by liberals) is to slowly make handguns illegal and limit which ones can be imported into the state.  It started with a handgun list only allowing certain models based on a bunch of features and really had nothing to do with safety.  The list evolved with more poorly written CA laws to not allow any new guys that didn't have microstamping capabilities (you can read more about that here)

The small glimmer of hope was the single shot exception of these rules.  This basically meant you could take a pistol not on CA's approved list, have your gun store modify the gun so it was only a single shot and then sell it you.  As a customer you'd leave the store and then return, and for a nominal fee, have your pistol turned back into a normal functioning weapon.  The left would call this a "loop hole" but I feel like that term implies a ton of negativity and wrong doing on the part of law abiding gun owners.  Because the law was written that way, that is what CA gun owners followed; no exploitation whatsoever. 

Anyway, that law changed a few days ago, and you learn more in this news report:

I'm sure your shaking your head at this whole thing, and you're right...  Why does CA waste time on crap like this?  Isn't there far bigger problems to solve in CA that a handful of law abiding folks trying to get a handgun (that is legal in almost all the other states) model imported into the state?  It is possible that this law will get overturned in the future, but I can promise you that will take some time. 

In the interim your best bet is to work with the crappy CA approved handgun list, or do a legal private party transfer.  It is still legal for you to own handguns not on the list, it just isn't legal for gun stores to sell them to you.  Confusing?  Yes, that is how we do things here in the golden state.  Btw, be sure to do your homework; I'm not a lawyer.

You can read more about these bad gun laws and more in my book California's Gun Problem.

h/t gunsamerica


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