AR15 Coke Can Launcher Update
Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 4:00AM
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Shooting bullets is cool, but shooting 12 ounce beverages is cooler... sorta.  Remember that Coke Can AR15 launcher I mentioned a while back? It is now going to be very shortly.  Check out this video of the new AR15 upper that everyone will want for Christmas:

As you can see in the vid a small ported and plugged barrel is the key to the magic of launching a beverage 105 yards.  No word on if you'll be able to shoot tall boy cans or how accurate they will be... At a  suggested retail price of about $400 I think this is a bit of an expensive novelty, but it is still pretty cool.  I think the hot ticket would be to make a version of the "Can Cannon" that was mounted underneath like a 203, but maybe that is a little too much keyboard commando.  Head over to XProducts to reserve yours, and they are expected to be ready in the next month or so.


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