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Shot Show 2014 Day 2: S&W .460 Hand Cannon, Tactical BAR, 4.5 lbs AR15, Segmenting Shotgun Slugs

Be sure to catch up on Day 1 of Shot Show 2014, and here are today's goodies.

Smith and Wesson 460 Revolver

If you are a rich white guy who likes guns, it is mandatory that you must have a large caliber revolver.  The Taurus Judge doesn't carry the swagger it did a few years ago and now people are turning to bigger and better revolvers.  The S&W 460 shoots .45 Long Colt, .454 Casull, and .460 and doesn't look to be too much of a wrist breaker.  The revolver holds five shots, which is the exact amount needed to piss off a large mammal.

Ohio Ordnance Tactical BAR

I shot a BAR once; it was heavy and I felt like boss when I pulled the trigger.  They aren't really around too much any more but Ohio Ordnance is changing that with a more modern take on the old rifle.  As you can see in the pic above they gave it a real pretty paint job and a more modern looking mag.  Weighing in at 12.5 pounds this rifle is still a beast, but due to a hydraulic dampener in the stock the felt recoil is about the same as an AR.  I like the tacticool railing and I guarantee if you show up at a tactical rifle class with one of these you'll definitely be the belle of the ball.  No word on price, but the old school looking BARs from Ohio Ordnance start at $4,300.

Super Light Weight AR15 From Omega Armory

I've got an AR upper that I purchased a few years ago, and it weighs a ton.  I'm not saying that it is heavy because it is covered in tacti-cool stuff that makes me feel cooler, it is just really heavy.  ARs have been getting significantly lighter, and Omega Armory has a rifle that weighs in at 4.5 pounds!  It is geared toward competition shooting, but if I can shave a few pounds off my zombie hunting rifle, that would be awesome.

Winchester Segmenting .20 Gauge Shotgun Slugs

Shotguns are pretty much the preferred defense for zombies and home defense.  I prefer the 12 gauge, but lot of folks use the 20 gauge.  Winchester released a new segmenting slug that slits into three pieces creating some wicked wound channels.  No word on price, but I bet these rounds will be expensive.

h/t: .460 hand canon: kitup, tactical BAR: bearing arms, 4.5 lbs AR: romeo tango bravo, segmenting slug: gun holsters and gear

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