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Clear 80% Lower From EP Lowers

In a market that it is now saturated with over priced 80% complete lowers, it takes a lot to get my attention.  EP Lowers changed the game by releasing a "jig-less" lower that is polymer which I talked about in a previous post.  EP Lowers recently teased out a photo of a new clear 80% lower, which I think would be an invaluable tool for those completing an 80% lower for the first time. EP has been hush, hush on the exact materials used to make the lower, but hey have made mentions of using "polycarbonate" and "kevlar reinforced nylon66" on their Facebook page.

So how easy are these lowers to make?  If you fast forward about 19 seconds in the video above you'll hear how this guy built his 80% EP lower.  Like their other lowers, the parts that need milling (or dremeling for that matter) are a different color so you know what needs to be removed.  There are also a few holes that need to be drilled which shouldn't be too difficult. 

This lower is schedule to drop on Friday, and I'm guessing should be similar in cost to the rest of their 80% complete lowers which are $100.  As an added bonus, EP lowers is also selling 30 round Magpul "rebuild kits" for $20

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Reader Comments (2)

I have one of EPL's lowers and I milled it using a dremel. i was my 1st time doing something like this and it was a snap to complete. It's light, strong and well worth the price!

July 9, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterChris Arnold

I have purchased 2 EPL lowers and planning for a 3rd . These are the only builds I have done besides putting a LPK in a stripped lower. I have had poly lowers from ATI (omni) and New Frontier Armory and both have worked fine, but the EPL feel stronger and looks better then the others. I have a 8*" bench top drill press and followed the direction that are on the EPL web site and maybe 2 hours of actual work time and it is finished. With the market filled with alum. 80% lowers for $150 + s&h + $100 jig for a non anadized lower and if you have not been working as a millwright or can not afford a cnc it is going to look pretty beat up and you will probably toss it in the recycke bin. Hopefully you did not beat the jig up also or you will be buying anoter plate if not the whole thing. The EPL is the way to go for the beginner or anyone building on a budget.

July 20, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterjames garding

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