Mandatroy Microstamping In California
Monday, May 20, 2013 at 5:47AM
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Arnold's ghost is still haunting the state of California.  Besides being a crappy governor he enacted several gun laws such as the ban on .50 cal rifles.  One of the bills Arnold signed into to law was based on microstamping, which would used a modified firing pin that would stamp the primer on spent casings with a unique identifiable number.  The microstamping bill was signed into law in 2007, but the technology wasn't yet available so it didn't really matter.

The state has now determined that microstamping must be mandatory on all new semi automatic handguns to be purchased in this state.  Currently CA has a list of "approved handguns" which gun manufactures have to submit the state for testing, and this testing cost $30k.  That doesn't sound like a shake down to you?  To the best of my knowledge, no gun manufacturers are offering a microstamping option for CA.

Politicians love to do things like this because it fits within the bigger lie that all these laws are based on safety and protecting the people.  The irony is that most crimes committed with a handgun use revolvers which don't eject the spent shells the same way semi autos do.  This law does nothing to make people safer; it punishes law abiding citizens. 

The real point of this law is to squeeze out handguns from the state.  By making impossible requirements for handguns, this will drive away manufacturers and make it damn near impossible to get any new handguns.  Furthermore the firing pins that are used for microstamping wear out quite quickly.  They can easily be grinded down or modified to remove the "unique marker" and they can easily be swapped out for a non microstamped firing pin.  Do you honestly think criminals will use these guns in crimes? 

People, it is time to start contacting your local legislators and the govenor.  This law is BS, and will do nothing to slow or stop crime.  CalGuns Foundation is already it work, but they could also use your financial support.


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