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Bad Day At The Range: Thrown Shotgun

We've all had a bad day at the range.  Maybe that middle aged fat white guy wearing the sweaty range master hat yelled at you for not waiting a full second between shots (yea, that's how things go here in Cali).  Or perhaps you keep missing those expensive bleeding zombie targets you purchased on the interwebs.  As a professional gun blogger I have sworn an oath to make fun of people and find safety violations in every video in which a firearm is handled..  Check out this video below:

WTF?!?  That dude really threw his shotgun and cussed at it in Serbian!  Lol, NRA official safety rules state to "always know your target and what is beyond it" and I doubt this guy bothered to check before he tomahawked that expensive ass shotgun.  Seriously, if that were a horde of zombies he would have only taken out one, but even that is no guarantee because I didn't see any confirmed head shots.  Bro, I've seen Walking Dead, you could have butt stroked those walkers and headed back to the safety of your farm when that shotty ran try.  Let's see the explanation for why it is ok to throw a shotgun across the range:

So let me get this straight, you jerked that trigger too fast and the gun malfunctioned?  Yup, that is great reason to toss your weapon and swear.  When the Benelli went skyward he was totally on the business end of the muzzle; thank God it didn't fire when it hit the deck. 

I watched the extended version (teased at the end of the video) which is about 8 minutes long.  The goal was to try to beat another tactical dude's record, but the Benelli kept malfunctioning.  That was actually take number 23 where he goes full retard, and yes there was an unfired round still in the hole.  Just a little tip to this douche bag: if you try the same thing over and over again (literally 47 times) with the same results, it might be time to try something else.  

h/t GunWire


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