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Where To Get An AR15 Lower

I knew AR15s were on back order but I had no idea how bad it really was.  Stag Arms, a brand popular with many Californians, is claiming a two year wait.  Here is the official statement from their website:

We would like to thank all of our customers for your support. Currently we have approximately two years of backorders for rifles, upper halves, and lower receivers. Due to this overwhelming demand most of our office staff have temporarily been pulled from their normal positions to pack and ship orders. This will allow us to get our products into your hands as fast as possible before any potential governmental restriction. Orders will be processed in the order they were received.

I had a buddy text me a few weeks ago asking where he could get a lower and I told him he should have shopped for one before the election.  Where can you get a lower?  Well, I'm thinking the 80% complete lowers will probably come in stock before regular old 100% lowers.  I did a little Googling and found Colfax Tactical who sells 80% lowers.  The website looks like 1999 is a little dated, but they sound like hard working Americans.  They are currently forecasting that if you order today, you can probably have a lower by October of 2013

Tactical Innovations is claiming to have some regular old lowers in stock, but I'm questioning how "in stock" the lowers truly are.  They have a standard lower that comes equipped with a stainless trigger bushing assembly that retails for $329 as well as a billet lower for $399.  Because these are 100% complete lowers you'll need an FFL.  Damn... I remember a time when lowers were going for less than $100 not that long ago. 

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Reader Comments (1)

I'm seeing a lot of retailers selling some lowers (stripped, we're talking a $10 piece of aluminum) that are marked up 200%-300%. I can't tell you how disappointed I am with them for doing that. Most of us reading this are gun/ 2nd amendment lovers and I find it very offensive when a retailer hikes the prices up to get in on the surge in sales. Whats especially disappointing is when a local "small business" whos business was supported by hardworking customers choosing to go local rather than saving the money by ordering online and giving to another city or state, choose to screw the very people who held up that business when this rediculous hoarding of parts wasn't happening. Are there any honest businesses out there who are actually appreciative of their customers (NOT the potential cash cow) and won't make a firearm that was affordable 4 months ago nothing but a dream that will never come true?

I understand that a lot of the fault is on the shoulders of people who aren't thinking about anyone but themselves by buying up every part they can find. I think what's more frustrating is I'm willing to bet, a large percentage of the hoarders, won't ever build a rifle with those parts or the will build it and sell (or attempt to sell) it at an out ravenous price. I would love to build an AR but, I'm afraid it may never happen, especially since manufacturers aren't taking orders at all any longer. I get the fear people have and why you're stock piling 50 rifles, but think of those who have none, if you have enough to equip and army, stop buying up all of the parts!!

February 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGbambam

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