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Shot Show 2012 Round Up Part III

Shot Shot 2012 goodness continues!  In case you missed it, you catch up on Part I and Part II of my Shot Show Round Up.  Here are today's products:

US Palm Fatty AK Mag

US Palm makes some really sweet AK gear!  They have introduced two super fat magazines that are quad stacked and considerably shorter.  Available in 30 and 45 round varieties.  Check out the Travis Haley vid:

Hat Tip: Firearm Blog and RomeoTango Bravo

Heritage Manufacturing .410/.45LC Revolver

Want to look like a boss with a revolver?  Heritage Manufacturing is releasing a .410/.45 Long Colt single action revolver.  I'm sure it kicks like a mule and would probably work for defending yourself against a bear.  At $550 this is the poor man's .454 and/or judge.  Hat Tip: Armory Blog


Zombie Chainsaw Attachment

::Sigh:: When will the zombie firearm accessories cease?  Double Star made this chainsaw attachment for Shot Show, but it could maybe sold for real one day.  It attaches via rail and it is battery powered.  I suppose this would be a great pairing with yesterday's EOTech Biohazard scope.  Hat Tilp: Armory Blog

Act of Valor Screening

For a select few, there was a 5.11 sponsored screening of Act Of Valor.  Truth About Guns had some boots on the ground at the screening and the reviews are good!  Everyone who wears a uniform in this film also wears one in real life.  In order to get that epic firearms look, THEY USED LIVE AMMO during the filming!  Additionally I heard that the whole movie was film on a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 7D HD. 

I had a slight fear that the acting would be a little weak (the guys are heroes, not actors), but it sounds like it is easily forgiven and more than made up for in the action sequences.  The reviewer said it dragged a bit at parts, but once again the epicness of action makes up for all weakness (if I ran an SF unit that last bit might be in Latin on our unit patch).  I believe this drops in February.  I'm going to put together a massive group to go on opening day in the OC area.  Hit me up via contact or comments if you would like to go.

Btw that song in the trailer is The Lightning Strike by Snow Patrol.



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