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Sniper: Dimplomacy From 1 Mile Away

Darpa has developed a new .50 cal round that is "stabilized" for hitting targets up to a mile away.  This accomplished through the EXACTO knife program which creates a bullet which can be controlled, so to speak.  In essence the round is outfitted with fins (and a few other tricks) which keep it on course despite any weather conditions (or rocking seas).  

Pictured above is the M107 which is one of the current issue .50 cal sniper rifles.  I've fired a similar type .50 cal rifle, and to say the very least they are bad ass.  The round is so big and beefy it carries with it a ton of kinetic energy.  If a .50 cal round hits a target at center mass it will literally cause the target to explode. 

I'm putting this warning out there for the squeamish; the above video shows some insurgents getting hit by .50 cal rounds.  You can clearly see the power of the .50 cal in action.  With DARPA's new EXACTO program giving the U.S. an extra edge in the sniping world; I'm hoping Somali Pirates will think twice.

See more info from this article via Time.

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