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Tasers Don't Always Work

Tasers have gained a lot of popularity in recent years as a solid mostly non-lethal use of force.  The interwebs are filled with videos of people writhing in pain and becoming utterly incapacitated after being "tased" (don't tase me bro!).  Occasionally Tasers don't work and the results can be... interesting.  Be warned there is some swearing in the vid below, and the action doesn't really pick up until about 30 seconds in.

Wow, this battle started going down hill fast, when the fat cop was slipping and sliding in front of the soda fountain.  First Taser blast didn't work, and then with one cuff on, captain tattoo strikes.  I think he probably got tased several times but it was hard to tell how many connected with the shaky cell cam video.  I think he had to be on some type of drug because he was putting on a hell of a show, but his blows were all over the place and kind of looked like a slap fight.  Bonus points for the ninja sounds!


Sniper Pug Has Got Your Back

The Brits have a few things going for them like tea, some cool old architecture, Churchill, and...  British humor?  Some folks say British Humor is an oxymoron, but occasionally they put together something funny.  Check out this pretty funny sketch comedy bit with a sniper pug working with a not so elite group of British soldiers:

It's all about the PUG LIFE!!!!  Yea, it was a little cheesy but I enjoyed it. 

h/t awesomer


Not So Fully Automatic Trigger: Geissele SD3G

I think it is funny that just like clothing or cars, AR15s have different styles that they go through.  The latest craze to hit the AR15 market are those fake full auto triggers.  The idea is that these triggers have a "rock and roll" mode which takes down the pressure on the trigger to less then four pounds.  If you can pull your finger really fast and make a solid war face it almost feels like you are going full auto.

Geissele is latest company to hop on this "faux auto" bandwagon SD3G trigger which allows you to fire kinda fast.  Check out the video to see how it works.

There is no question that Geissele makes some fantastic triggers, and I'm sure this one will be top notch too.  I'm not entirely sold on the fake full auto triggers yet, but as you can see in the vid, it looks far more accurate than the Slide Fire.  Here is some more info from the Geissele website:

The SD3G trigger has a very short, light pull and reset. We do not recommend it for duty use, bench rest, accuracy work or shooting small groups. It is designed for close course competition use where rapid target engagement with quick follow up shots are required.

At $260, I don't know that I'm sold, but if you're looking for a rapid fire way to take down zombies this might be the best solution.  Would you buy a trigger like this?


When The Battle Drum Beats

Being a proficient shooter isn't some kind of magic skill, it is about training and constantly improving yourself.  There is a group of guys who I've talked about before that rock and roll AR15s at operator level.  These guys are bad asses and make great vids.  Check out their latest production:

h/t TFB


Shotgun Reload: Boss Level

If you can reload like a boss you can ensure your survival during a zombie attack and you might even impress some of the fat guys that hang out at your range.  I've see some fast shotgun reloads, but never any that were like this:

I bet this definitely wasn't the first take that made the video.  Lol, I'm picturing this dude practicing this reload in his bedroom for hours on end.  Not at all practical, but definitely boss level.

h/t ENDO