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  • Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
    by Dan Finkelstein

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What's The Beef With Hunting?

Lol, I love when vegetarians, vegans, and other wierdos complain about how animals are treated and how awful hunters are.  I've heard all the arguments before, and before you choke on that soy chorizo (because that is totally natural) maybe getting a little education on hunting would be beneficial.  Check out this video from Natalie Foster and the NRA about hunting:

h/t ENDO


New AK47 Bullet Button

Just in time for Obama's ban on Russian weapons (funny how other Russian products like vodka or Yakov Smirnoff weren't banned...) there is a brand new AK bullet button.  CA has a bunch of crazy rules regarding weapons with scary names and features like AKs and ARs, which means they typically have to be equipped with a bullet button (as always, I'm not a lawyer; do your own research on CA assault weapons).  Bullet buttons essentially "pin" the magazine in place and a tool, or bullet, is required to remove the magazine.

Strike Industries recently created a very functional AK bullet button pictured above.  No permanent modification is required and it is only $20.  Although the rest of the rifle probably isn't ambidextrous, this little button is! Check out Strike Industries for all the info.

h/t predatorbdu


Tap Rack Training Aid

I've heard a lot of mixed things on whether or not you need to do dry fire practice (note: always double check your weapon is unloaded; the same safety rules your grandfather taught you still apply) with a snap cap or dummy round.  Either way, if you practice ejecting the fake round (such as simulating clearing a jam) you'll be running all over your garage trying to find out which box of crap it rolled under.

Bill Rogers recently developed a new training aid called the Tap Rack, and it fits right in that sweet spot of being functional yet not a pain in the ass. The dummy rounds are a little thinner which means you can still put in a mag with the round loaded but it won't actually seat or eject.  Check out how it works in the vid below:

I like that!  That is a great way to get a little practice in within the comforts of your living room.  At $5 (plus shipping) for a pack of 3, it seems like a pretty fair price.  Currently available in 9mm (same as .40 cal for this product) and .45 ACP.  Visit holster ops for more info.

h/t TFB


Costa Map System

Chris Costa has had several lines of tactical gear manufacturers in the past ranging from silly looking to ridiculously expensive.  Costa's latest system looks to be fairly priced and pretty cool looking.  Check out the vid below:

I really like the whole setup!  The modular design keeps things separate and easy to pack depending on if you are going on an extended zombie hunt or just a quick afternoon at the range.  All the products are made by LBX Tactical and come in a few different colors including that super bad ass wolf grey color (grey is the new mutlicam).  The prices are very fair with the rifle bag at $275, plate carrier at $200, and a whole bunch of smaller accessories.  Head over to LBX to view the whole collection.

h/t SSD


CA Gov. Brown Signs Bill Against Single Shot Handguns

Oh the gun blogosphere is all spun of over CA's Governor Brown signing SB1964.  For those of you not familiar, CA has a list of approved handguns which have been deemed "safe" to be purchased by law abiding citizens in this state.  Don't worry, none of the states that border CA follow this safety list so you know it is complete BS.  The list centers around guns having certain safety features like loaded chamber indicators and a few other minor things, but gun manufacturers must pay the state money to have their weapons tested and continually pay to keep these handguns on the list.  Make no mistake, the whole purpose of this list is limit which handguns are legal here and slowly choke off the flow of new handgun owners in CA.

Now this whole list is centered around safety features, but the irony is that revolvers are not subject to the "safety features" (although still must be approved to be on the list) as semi-autos and these safety features also do not apply to law enforcement.  Additionally if a manufacturer stops paying, the handgun could be removed from the list and deemed "unsafe" to be purchased.  Something smell a little fishy here?

The way the law was originally written (by the democrats) was that single shot pistols weren't subject to the same rules as the rest of the handguns.  Legally speaking (reminder I'm not a lawyer, please do your own homework and consult with an attorney) a semi auto handgun that was not on the list could be converted to a "single shot" and then legally purchased by a CA resident (background check, 10 day wait, etc).  The customer would wait 10 days then take then gun out of the store and return with to be modified back to semi auto all with the constraints of the law.

Left wing politicians in this state have looked at the law that they wrote and have deemed that it is being exploited by loop holes and must be stopped immediately.  The funny part is that folks playing by the rules of the sea of confusing CA gun laws are now looked at as exploiting loop holes.  You have to love that political spin!  As to be expected, the people that wrote these laws would never own up to their own fault, but would rather try to put a stop things ASAP and blame the folks abiding by the law.

Let me pause for a second and say that criminals are not the ones legally purchasing these handguns modified from single shot, law abiding folks are.  Will "fixing" this loop hole have any effect on crime?  Nope, not at all because criminals aren't interested in purchasing handguns legally and going through the extra cash and time mentioned above.  You see all these loop hole handguns actually make money for the state through sales tax and the services rendered through the gun shop.  That kind of thing is good for the economy and has folks spending their money locally on gunsmithing and firearms. 

All that aside, if you were to rank what the most pressing issues are in CA I'd tell you that this is on the bottom of the damned list.  California has some of the worst traffic in the country, issues with immigration, graffiti, jobs, a horrible drought, and businesses leaving for other states.  I'd say let's get those things in order first before you come after law abiding gun owners, but Jerry Brown just can't seem to figure it out.

So what does all this mean for the law abiding CA residents?  Well the CalGuns Foundation and a few others will put up a good fight and sue the state over this.  The wheels of government turn slowly, so don't expect anything to happen soon, but I think this law has good chance of being overturned in court.  That being said, this law goes in effect on January 1st, 2015 which means single shot handguns can only be breach or bolt action from that point forward and you'll be stuck with the state approved handgun list.

As always, remain vigilant and I'll keep you guys updated with more info as it is released.  Be sure to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter, and if you feel like donating financially to the cause you can visit the CalGuns Foundation as well as Firearms Policy.