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Shotgun Reload: Boss Level

If you can reload like a boss you can ensure your survival during a zombie attack and you might even impress some of the fat guys that hang out at your range.  I've see some fast shotgun reloads, but never any that were like this:

I bet this definitely wasn't the first take that made the video.  Lol, I'm picturing this dude practicing this reload in his bedroom for hours on end.  Not at all practical, but definitely boss level.

h/t ENDO


Houdini Hidden Gun Safe

I love hidden compartments and or gun safes, and I hope to one day build an epic hidden room filled with guns and direct access to Narnia.  I'll make that fawn tidy up the place and keep the weapons clean.  Have you heard of Mike's Custom Woodwork?  He is a wood worker who loves guns, and has made some pretty epic stuff.  Check out this massive hidden gun cabinet hidden behind a Texas A&M logo:

That's pretty awesome...  I like that you can't even tell that the back of the book case would be filled with guns, and even the train on the edge of the letter was a nice touch too.  What do you guys think?  Would you own a cabinet/safe like this? 

h/t TFB


BLM Bundy Madness

I've been pretty quiet about the whole Bundy ranch thing...  I'm glad to hear that the BLM backed down and that no one on either side was hurt and it didn't start the next civil war.  I knew things were heating up when local militia groups were rallying, and I saw some intense videos of the crowd yelling at the BLM and dodging some Tazer barbs...

Remember that video I posted about Ares Armor and the ATF raid?  Well, the fella who craeated that one gives an interesting breakdown of the BLM and Bundy family.  Check it out:

Wow, I learned quite a bit in that video!  I actually shoot in BLM land here in California, and I had no idea they had so much authority.  I sincerely hope the Bundys can get this thing sorted out quickly and safely. 

What do you guys think about this whole thing?


AR15 That Is Legal In All 50 States

I can't tell you how many hours I spent over the past 10 years trying to figure out how to get in an AR15 legally into the state of California.  Yes, there are a ton of off list lowers and bullet buttons to choose from now, but in the early 2000's there was nothing.  It took several years for the industry to catch up and I finally saw the rifle that I was looking for back in 2004...

Ares Defense (not to be confused with Ares Armor who got raided by the ATF) has created the AR that I wanted so many years ago...  It is basically an AR15 without a pistol grip that doesn't look like it fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.  Their featureless rifle is a pistol grip-less AR15 with a synthetic traditional looking stock. 

This rifle is dubbed the MSR (modular sporting rifle) and can paired be with any upper and has all the same flexiblility found with standard AR15s.  The trick is that Ares Defense is using a modified bolt carrier group that is similar to what you'd find in semi-auto shotgun.

I like this rifle because you won't have to mess with a bullet button and all that other crap.  It looks incredibly functional and much cooler than a Mini14.  You won't win any tacticool contests at the gun range for best in show, but you'll also be able to reload those detachable magazines much faster.

More details are expected to surface at the NRA show in a few weeks which I'm sure will include price and availability.  I'm thinking this rifle will cost more than your AR15 and will hopefully have options for selling just the lower.  My prediction for price (as pictured above) is going to b $1799, but that is just a wild guess. Here is a video of the rifle firing; it is far less exciting than you would have expected...

What do you think?  If you lived in a free state (e.g. not CA, NY, HI, etc) would get one of these? 

h/t guns.com


1980's Commerical for 20mm Sniper Rifle

I miss the 80's... It was a terrible era for fashion, cars, and hair styles.  The music, films, and firearms of that era were much different than they are today.  Check out this epic 6 minute trailer infomercial commercial for a 20mm rifle:

That looks like it would be really fun to shoot.  So many accessories including different kinds of ammo!  Looks like I missed out on one hell of a deal from the 80's :(

h/t TFB