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Worst Way To Return Fire From A Vehicle

There are a lot of folks who go out and buy a high quality HD camera and think they are qualified to create a shooting school.  Typically speaking, the more complicated and obscure the instructions, the crappier the school.  A fella named Dallas Lloyd has created the worst way to return fire from a vehicle.  Just watch it...

WTF!?  When would you ever use this technique?  If you were taking fire from the front or the side of the vehicle why would you do any of this?  As a quick tip, the safest places in your car from oncoming fire are behind the engine block, behind the gas tank (they don't explode when you shoot them despite what Hollywood has shown you for years), and behind the tires.  The main reason for all of those spotss is because they are likely to slow or stop the bullet from getting to you. 

Why the hell would you get out of your car and then hang upside down to return fire is beyond me.  Also the door of your truck won't stop bullets worth a damn.  Shooting upside down single handed isn't typically a recipe for accurate fire.  God help you if you have to reload from that position, and don't even think about doing this this with a rifle.

I don't think this video is a parody.  I think this guy is actually attemptintg to teach people something that might get them killed, injured, or cause them to drop their pistol on the ground and then jump out of the truck.  Please don't attempt to recreate this situation.

h/t easy bake gun club (thanks for reposting this vid after the douche pulled it off the interwebs).


Parody Video: Talking About Guns During Christmas Dinner

Are guns a taboo issue with your family?  I got a few lib family members, and we don't typically talk about guns during the 2.5 times per year when we all sit down to gorge on food.  Funny or Die has put together a hilarious video about this very topic.  Just a quick head's up there is some strong language in the vid, so maybe best not to watch this at the office.

Admit it... You laughed!  Best of luck at your Christmas dinner.

h/t & funnyordie


AK47 vs. Twinkie & Onion Rings

By now I'm sure you're familiar with MattV2099 who likes to fill his guns with food, and then try to shoot them.  This time it is an AK47 versus a Twinkie covered in a layer of onion rings.  Feel free to fast forward about 2 mins if you want to skip over him eating and on to the assembly and shooting.

This test might as well be called AK-47 vs. America.  I'm sure if you showed this video to some terrorist overseas they would hate America even more because this is what we do with food and guns.  Yea... It fired.  Those AKs are tough and will even cycle what most American arteries cannot. 

Do you guys think MattV2099 has jumped the shark?

h/t gunwire


LAPD Gun Buy Back: These Guns Serve No Useful Purpose

I talk at great length at my disdain for gun buy backs in my book, but needless to say LAPD hosted another buy back this past weekend.  The total was about 775 firearms, and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck wouldn't miss an opportunity to get some free PR and take credit for something he didn't do.  Check out the vid, and I'll commence with the snark.

Wow, Beck has an interesting view on firearms turned in at his buy backs:  "These are guns that serve no useful purpose in a person’s life or their household and these kind of guns are the kind that fall into the wrong hands and get used for all the wrong reasons."  I suppose home defense is no longer a "useful purpose" but all the folks that turned these firearms did so for their own reasons.  For some of them their reasons meant cashing in Grandpa's hunting rifle in exchange for a $100 gift card to Ralph's grocery store.  For others it was an easy way to dump a stolen gun or one used in a murder.

Yes, you heard that correctly, stolen guns and those used in murders get turned in too.  Those weapons are still eligible for the gift card and the LAPD runs the guns' serial numbers afterwards.  The stolen ones get returned, and the rest get dumped into a big pile.  That pile is then melted down to be turned into rebar for future city building projects.  That isn't a joke, that is actually where the turned in weapons go...

These buy backs upset me because the city is basically burning money, and then will champion this event as a huge PR win and LA is now somehow much safer.  Meh.  What do you guys think?  Does your city conduct gun buy backs?

h/t KTLA via


AR15 Torture Test: 50 Pounds Of Sand

Next time you get into a debate in your buddies garage about which is better an AK47 or an AR15, this video might sway an opinion or two.  These fellas fired 15,000 rounds without cleaning their AR15 and now they took 50 pounds of sand to it.  Just a heads up there is some swearing in the video.

KAC SR-15 MOD2 Sand Dump Test AFTER 15,000 rounds without cleaning... from Ballistic Radio on Vimeo.


Yea, I know the dust cover was closed, but near the end of the video there was quick shot showing how gross that rifle looked.  Also worth noting is they did put a little lube on there too about twelve hundred rounds ago.  Overall I was very impressed with the performance of the rifle under those conditions.

What did you guys think?

h/t TFB