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    Four Bricks: How the GoRuck Challenge taught me that I was capable of so more than I ever thought was possible...
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Supreme Court To Hear Firearms Case

The supreme court has been pretty shy about gun cases since the Heller Decision.  They have the right to turn away cases, and thus haven't really wanted much to do with anything related to guns.  The Supreme Court will be hearing a case in regards to felons and the firearms they owned prior to their conviction. 

As it stands now, felons forgo quite a few rights including the ability to own firearms.  A Border Patrol Agent got into some hot water back in 2007 for some drug charges turned in his weapons to the FBI as he was no longer allowed to own them as a convicted felon.  Check out this news clip via Reuters:

Upon his arrest, Henderson voluntarily gave the FBI his 19 firearms. As federal felons cannot possess firearms, Henderson later sought either to sell the guns to an interested buyer or to transfer ownership to his wife.

A federal judge refused his request, as did the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a ruling this past January.

The legal question is whether the federal prohibition on felons possessing firearms terminates all ownership rights. Lower courts are divided on the issue.

In this case the Supreme Court will decide what happens in similar situations in the future.  Don't hold your breath on this because the wheels of government turn very slowly.  A decision probably won't be made until summer of next year, but I'm sure this case doesn't apply to most of you anyway. 

I'm all about guns being matched with the right owners and if guns that were owned by felons can be given a new life with a law abiding, tax paying, new owner, I say we go for it.  What do you guys think?

h/t Gunssavelives


ISIS Bullets vs. Bullet Proof Windshield

Well it looks like Ebola is the latest thing to populate the fear brought on by the media and ISIS will have to take a back seat until the news gets slow again.  Like most videos of this nature, details are sparse and I don't speak the language.  What I do know is that this bullet proof windshield saved a few lives form an ISIS sniper...

Yikes...  Those folks are lucky they made it out alive.  Looks like that bullet proof resistant glass works!


Machine Gun Night Shoot At Knob Creek

My shooting bucket list has some cool stuff on it, and one of those things is to do a machine gun shoot at Knob Creek.  Here is a little clip of their night shoot.  Be warned it is a little loud:



Painball Get Lodged Under Dude's Skin

Oh internet, you never disappoint in the stupid people department.  Paintball is cool, but I could never really get into it.  It was too expensive and I'd much rather put the cash into real guns.  Two guys and a paintball gun... What could possibly go wrong?  Check out the vid, and be warned there is a little bit of swearing in it:

- Watch More Funny VideosPaintball Gets Lodged Under Idiot's Skin

Wow, that was pretty gross.  He just popped that thing out like it was a zit, and calmly asked for a first aid kit.  The dude hardly even looked bothered.  I'd almost say he took it like a boss, but he more clearly took it like a moron.


Tracking Point Goes Semi Auto & Adds Cool Glasses

Tracking Point makes some really cool rifles which I'm sure you've all heard about by now.  They've really upped their game by adding semi auto rifles in 5.56, 7.62, and 300WM plus the addition of some really cool glasses.  Check out the vid:

The cool glasses have been named "ShotGlass" (seriously, you couldn't think of anything better?) and look a helluva lot cooler than Google glasses.  The glasses are free with purchase of one off their fancy rifles until November 30.  So if you were thinking about a Christmas gift for someone special, don't wait until the last minute.

So the big question is, how much do these semi auto AR15 tracking rifles cost?  The 5.56 model comes with .3mi lock range and a 10 mph target velocity for the low price of $7,495.  The 7.62 model lets you lock range from .5 miles and has a 15 mph target velocity.  The prices goes up substantially to $14,995.  Lastly, there is the 300WM with .5 range and 20 mph target velocity.  That will set you back $18,995.

Truthfully $7500 isn't that bad for the 5.56 model.  I don't have that kind of extra cash (although feel free to pick up a copy of my book or click through on the amazon link on the side of the page to support the site), but it is fun to dream.  For my fellow CA residents, I bet for a few extra bucks they'd be willing to throw in a bullet button or help make arrangements for you to get one.